3 Rom-Com Manga to Drop Everything for and Read

We read a lot of manga here at Honey’s Anime, but there are some that get way more of our attention than others. There’s just something about seeing a couple’s interactions change over the course of a series. It’s enjoyable watching them go from animosity or apprehension towards each other to being soft and less reserved. These next series have couples we feel for, laugh at, and enjoy reading quite a bit. Here are three romantic comedy manga you need to drop what you’re doing for and read right this second!

1. Imamade Ichido mo Onnaatsukai sareta Koto ga Nai Onna Kishi wo Onnaatsukai suru Manga

  • Authors: Matsumoto, Kengo
  • Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published: March 2018 - Ongoing

This manga’s long title roughly translates to “A story about treating a female knight who has never been treated as a woman as a woman”. The unapproachable Leo Cornelia is the most powerful knight throughout the land, known as the Sacred Sword for her might in combat. She has never thought of herself as a woman and only knows the pursuit of strength in her goal of eradicating evil. However, a chance confession by simple mage Fooly Dent throws her completely off balance.

Fooly has admired her from afar and finally worked up the courage to tell her how he feels. He admires her abs, her scars, her personality, everything that makes her who she is. Everything that makes her traditionally unlady-like simply gets him going. Initially against having anything to do with him, she relents in forming a party of just the two of them. Now they can spend every day being as lovey-dovey as they want, or as much as she doesn’t want.

2. Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san

  • Authors: 774
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 4
  • Published: November 2017 - Ongoing

“Please don't bully me, Nagatoro-san!” is what Senpai thinks every day painting by himself in the art club, only to be disturbed by the rambunctious Nagatoro. She has it out for him. She abuses him verbally, makes fun of him at every turn, and doesn’t treat him as a human, let alone a man. At least that’s how it appears on the surface.

This manga takes teasing the person you like to the next level, with a girl who can only really be herself around the guy she likes, but distancing herself from everyone else. Although Senpai would probably prefer quite a bit of distance from her at times, he starts to feel lonely without someone filling his days with endless annoyance. While this series did have the intensity up quite a bit initially, later chapters have a more mellow feel now that they’ve gotten used to each other. You’ll probably get more than a little frustrated at them both, but we as the audience are seemingly changing along with the characters.

3. Kuzumi-kun, Kuuki Yometemasu ka? (Kuzumi-kun, Can't You Read the Room?)

  • Authors: Mosco
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: August 2015 - Ongoing

Erika Sakura is even the model of perfection’s model of perfection, that’s just how perfect she is. In both her studies and her looks, she is simply unapproachable for anyone at school. Yet, for some reason, this impossible-not-to-notice girl is the only one focused on the class weirdo Kuzumi-kun who no one notices at all. He confuses her with his behavior, aloofness and general habits. She can’t stand not knowing what he’s doing, why he’s doing it and when he’s doing it. She is obsessed, and her friends can tell.

Kuzumi, for better or worse, seems pretty oblivious to her attention, yet on the rarest of occasions, he’ll say or do something that perfectly matches the situation. We’ve been reading this series for a while and are very happy with the progress in it. It feels rewarding to see the multiple relationships building and coming to fruition, whereas most romance manga come to an end once the passion has reached its peak. This series shows no signs of ending, and we’ll happily read it for as long as it goes on.

Final Thoughts

What are you still doing here? You should be reading these manga, not this! Whatever, we’re wrapping up. Tell us if you’ve read these and can attest to how good they are or if you hate them and hate us too. It doesn’t matter, just speak up!

Imamade-Ichidomo-Onna-Atsukai-Saretakotoganai-Onna-Kishi-wo-Onnaatsukaisuru-Manga-manga 3 Rom-Com Manga to Drop Everything for and Read


Author: Hercule SSJ

What happens when you give a Crunchyroll trial to a former Toonami kid who hasn't watched anime since Cowboy Bebop got dubbed? You get Hercule SSJ. Thanks to that, he's spent the last two years catching up on dozens of shows and manga he's neglected over the years. Has probably watched 60% of all harem ecchi in existence. Currently seeking series to fill the void left by Konosuba and One-Punch Man. Accepts NisiOisiN quotes as payment.

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