[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Angela Highlights - Carole & Tuesday 1st Cours

Moving Mountains

  • Episodes: 24
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Music, Drama, Romance
  • Airing Date: April 11, 2019 -Ongoing
  • Studio: Bones

In this hit by Shinichiro Watanabe, he not only emphasizes the soundtrack but makes it one of the main focuses/gimmicks of this series as the titular co-leads wish to become hit musicians. However, that road isn’t going to be easy as they encounter numerous rivals in their road to the top. One of their main rivals is Angela Carpenter, who’s already a celebrity due to being a child actress and model. However, despite Angela’s pre-existing fame, she has her own struggles to deal with and is willing to pay her dues, which is why she’s a great addition to Honey’s Crush Wednesday.

Angela Carpenter Highlights

1. Angela has a Cool Hidden Hobby

While this isn’t exactly highlighted in the series, but many official bios say her hobby is watching pro wrestling. Considering the stigma that enjoying professional wrestling can have on a person, let alone a teenage young lady can have, it’s pretty cool to see Angela enjoy wrestling though the anime hasn’t done anything with it as of yet. It just shows that she wants some form of excitement in her busy life and nothing can be more exciting than the world of sports entertainment. Yes, wrestling is “entertainment” (a more fancy way of acknowledging it’s a performance), but if you’re familiar with wrestling, it’s not all that fake it’s made out to be, and wrestling could be a reflection to Angela’s life in entertainment of blurring the lines between reality and performance.

2. Angela’s Fair

What’s also great about Angela is that she’s willing to give other people a fair shot. When Carole & Tuesday were disqualified due to a technicality (with circumstances beyond their control), Angela wouldn’t accept that. Instead, she pleaded with the judges to let them sing because she felt it was fair for them to perform (of course she did have her ulterior motives, but they came from a pure place). While her motivations mostly came from her competitive nature, the fact that she was willing to get Carole & Tuesday to perform to let the audience decide as opposed to the judges shows not only she knows the entertainment industry, but she also acknowledges them as worthy rivals and is willing to engage them in fair play.

3. Angela Doesn’t Take the Easy Way Out

This pretty much extends to that she’s fair, but Angela’s not the type of person who wants to take the easy way out. She was already famous to begin with and with her pre-existing fame, Angela and most around her would assume everything would be handed to her on a silver platter. However, she doesn’t want to do that. Angela wants to prove that she can succeed as a singer based on her own merit and hard work. And she’s not doing it for the attention of the public, she genuinely wants to be a singer and she demonstrates that she’s willing to put in the hard work and not take any shortcuts. She technically won Mars’ Brightest, but she doesn’t acknowledge a technicality as a win and the fact Angela wants to prove her talents to herself and those around her based on her own merit demonstrates her resolve in this aspect of her long entertainment career.

4. Her Songs Really Do Reflect Her Inner Thoughts

Thanks to Alisa, the singer who does Angela’s singing voice, she can convey the character’s inner feelings. With “Light a Fire,” it’s a great reflection to her life as a celebrity that despite being in the spotlight, she’s really lonely due to the restrictions placed on her but that she’s breaking through them to prove her worth. Through “Breathe Again,” audiences can understand Angela’s re-birth as a singer but also acknowledge the hardships that come along the way. With “Move Mountains,” her (probably) most popular song, audiences get the ultimate idea that she wants to make her dreams come true by working hard and putting herself out there. Thanks to the performance, audiences can get an actual feel that her not only her goals, but the effort she’s willing to put in, are genuine.

5. Angela’s Not a Screw Up

If you know anything about child celebrities, many of them don’t grow up to have happy adult lives or leave the industry before they’re 18. Jackie Coogan is probably the first example of a child celebrity who lost everything due to the mismanagement of his mother and stepfather. Generations later, “Home Alone” star Maculey Culkin had some troubles with the law and his family. Jake Lloyd was overwhelmed after appearing in Star Wars. However, fame hasn’t screwed up Angela as of yet. Like Coogan and Culkin, Angela is managed by a messed up parent, but thankfully, she’s not letting all of that ruin her life and is doing what she can to take control of it.

Final Thoughts

It’s only natural that most people have some idea that people that are famous are stuck up and snobby, and Angela on a surface level presents herself that way, and we get that. Yes, some celebrities can be total douche bags, but there are those that are genuinely cool, like Keanu Reeves. When it comes to Angela, she’s had a lot handed to her but she doesn’t want that. Granted she has a great support group, but if there’s something Angela can do by herself, then she’s willing to do it, which is what makes her admirable as a celebrity and as a character.

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