5 Anime For College Students

Genshiken22 5 Anime For College Students

What You Need to Know:

  • My Navi reported on some of the anime that college students would probably enjoy watching. So a list of 5 anime recommendations were prepared, and they all share the fact of having a college student(s) as the protagonist.
  • While most anime feature high school or middle school students as protagonists, these anime have interesting college student protagonists which are more relatable to a more mature audience.
  • Check out the list below.
Genshiken22 5 Anime For College Students

1. Moyashimon
Episodes: 11

Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture (also spelled Moyashimon) is an ongoing manga series, adapted to anime by TMS Entertainment in 2007 (with a second season in 2012) and live-action in 2010, which tells the account of Tadayasu Sawaki. The son of a yeast maker and a first-year college student at an agricultural university, Tadayasu has the ability to see, touch and talk with all sorts of micro-organisms and bacteria. These microbes appear to him as bug-sized creatures that come in all sorts of shapes with whom Tadayasu can interact.
(Source: TV Tropes)

Genshiken22 5 Anime For College Students

2. Nodame Cantabile
Episodes: 23

Nodame Cantabile tells the story of Chiaki and Nodame, as they not only learn to deal with each other, but learn lessons from one another as they strive for the top of the musical world.
(Source: MAL)

Genshiken22 5 Anime For College Students

3. The Tatami Galaxy
Episodes: 11

Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei (A Compendium of 4.5 Tatami Mythology) is a 2004 novel by Tomihiko Morimi, narrated by an unnamed third-year agriculture student at Kyoto University. After getting dumped by a crush his first year, he's become convinced the idealised, lovey-dovey campus life he expected will never become reality, and as a result, has wasted the last two years ruining the love lives of others at every opportunity with his partner in crime, Ozu. Despite this, the narrator has taken a liking to Akashi, a girl one year his junior.
(Source: TV Tropes)

Genshiken22 5 Anime For College Students

4. Honey and Clover
Episodes: 24

Takemoto Yuuta, Mayama Takumi, and Morita Shinobu are college students who share the small apartment. Even though they live in poverty, the three of them are able to obtain pleasure through small things in life. The story follows these characters' life stories as poor college students, as well as their love lives when a short but talented 18 year old girl called Hanamoto Hagumi appears.
(Source: ANN)

Genshiken22 5 Anime For College Students

5. Maison Ikkoku
Episodes: 96

The story takes place in Maison Ikkoku, a worn and aging boarding house where Godai Yuusaku, a 20 year old college applicant, lives. Though honest and good-natured, he is weak willed and often taken advantage of by the offbeat and mischievous tenants who live with him. As he is about to move out, he is stopped at the door by the young and beautiful Otonashi Kyouko, who announces she will be taking over as landlord. Godai immediately falls in love with her and decides to stay.
(Source: AniDB)

Source: My Navi

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"What about Genshiken?"
"Golden Time too (though it's probably not worth watching)."
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Genshiken22 5 Anime For College Students
It's a good list, but I wonder why Genshiken wasn't mentioned.
Genshiken22 5 Anime For College Students
Yeah... That anime is all about college club life.

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