5 Best Weddings in Anime - Ring Those Wedding Bells!

Wedding season may be winding down, but we can never resist a good romantic celebration – especially when it comes to anime! Seeing our favorite characters dressed to the nines (usually in Western-style outfits, since that’s how the majority of ceremonies are performed in Japan) and professing their undying love for each other isn’t something we see often, so it’s extra special when a show tenderly confirms a long-standing ship or creates havoc with a wacky matrimony gone wrong. Let’s take a look at the best weddings in anime!

5. Izumi and Ryouma’s Wedding Commercial from Love Stage!! – Episode 1

Despite Love Stage essentially being “First World Problems: The Anime”, it does have its cute moments at times. One of the best comes in the very first episode, when famous actor Ryouma and not-so-famous struggling artist Izumi star in a commercial for a wedding company together. Ryouma falls in love with the gorgeous woman playing his bride, but he freaks out when he realizes that Izumi is actually a boy who’s been roped into dressing in drag. Thankfully, this show doesn’t go down the transphobic route that it seems like it’s going to, since Ryouma eventually accepts his own queerness and learns to love Izumi for who he is. Maybe they’ll recreate the commercial again when they get married for real!

4. Hyakkimaru and Okowa’s Wedding from Dororo – Episode 19

Dororo can be a very emotionally intense anime, especially in its second half. That’s why this breather episode, taking place right before the finale, is such a necessary addition to the storyline. Our two wanderers stumble upon a village where everyone is cursed to say the exact opposite of what they mean, so instead of Hyakkimaru getting his swords repaired, he accidentally ends up agreeing to marry the blacksmith’s daughter Okowa! The entire episode is anime-only, but features some spot-on references to Osamu Tezuka’s slapstick humor and gets a lot of mileage out of Hyakkimaru saying ridiculous things with his trademark stone-cold stoicism. Luckily, Okowa herself is a good sport about the whole thing when she finally finds out the truth.

3. Kukui and Burnet’s Wedding from Pokémon Sun & Moon (Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon) – Episode 55

Professors Kukui and Burnet were already married in the games, but the Pokémon anime allows us to see them tie the knot ourselves! After Kukui proposes to Burnet (with a ring inside a Poké Ball, naturally), Ash and the rest of the group plan a ceremony for them in secret to celebrate the happy occasion. Everyone dresses up, there’s a “cake” made out of Alolan pancakes, Samson Oak serves as the officiant, and it’s just all around adorable. Best of all, even though Team Rocket passes by, they’re polite enough not to interrupt this time!

2. Simon and Nia’s Wedding from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (
Gurren Lagann) – Episode 27

The world has been saved, everything is back to normal, and Simon can finally follow through on his proposal from before the war and marry the girl of his dreams. He and Nia say their vows at a small ceremony near a gazebo, but as they kiss, Yoko notices that Nia is slowly dissolving away. It turns out that, since she’s an artificial lifeform created by the Anti-Spiral, she isn’t able to exist for much longer after their defeat. Simon knew this all along, though, and professes his love for Nia as she disappears forever. It’s a bittersweet way to end such a long journey, but he knows that their feelings for each other will persist across all universes for the rest of time.

1. Naruto and Hinata’s Wedding from The Last: Naruto the Movie

Say what you will about the Naruto franchise – they really came through for the NaruHina shippers. At the end of the movie, Naruto and Hinata get married in a traditional ceremony with all of their friends in attendance, preceded by a positively heartwarming compilation of well wishes from everyone they care about (including the ramen chef, Neji’s ghost, Orochimaru, and even a written message from Sasuke). Naruto gazes up at his father’s face carved into the mountain, having at last overcome the hardships that had beaten him down since he was a child, and then turns to his new wife with so much love in his eyes that it’s hard not to choke up a bit. We’re so happy for them!

Final Thoughts

We also loved Mira’s fake wedding from The God of High School, as well as Yuri and Victor’s engagement from Yuri on Ice (which was technically not a wedding, but it felt like one). But what about you? What are your favorite weddings in anime? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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