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Starting out the Spring season on a good note, Carole and Tuesday is a spunky music anime directed by the famous Watanabe Shinichiro. The cast features many interesting individuals, but our focal point is one of our titular characters, Carole. Exuding a refreshing confidence and vibrance that make you sense her total badassery at “hello”. Since Carole and Tuesday is a music anime, we thought it’d be best to explore 5 reasons to STAN the talented singer. In case you don’t know what that means, the term is a portmanteau of the words “stalker” and “fan” and refers to people who are overzealous fans of celebrities. Recent use of the term has often meant something more towards admiration and approval of a person. Now that we’re clued up, let’s get to it!

5 Reasons to STAN Carole Carole and Tuesday

  • Episodes: 24
  • Genre: Music
  • Airing Date: April 2019 – Ongoing
  • Studio: BONES

50 years after the first human migration to Mars, the way in which people create and consume their media is very different to what we’re used to. Carole Stanley is a young woman living in Alba City, a bustling city where she hopes to become a musician. Tuesday Simmons is a young woman born to a rich family in Herschel City. She has similar aspirations to Carole and decides to run away from home to pursue her dream in Alba City. She and Carole meet by chance one day and decide to pursue their dream of becoming musicians together!

1. Musical Talent

After work, Carole heads to the bridge with her keyboard to play a song she composed. The song isn’t quite finished as she doesn’t have the words to go with her keyboard-playing; however, she has the melody and it’s in this moment that Tuesday sees Carole for the first time. The performance, despite its brevity and incompleteness, drives Tuesday to tears. When it comes to singing and working the keys, Carole is a virtuoso and this fact stays relevant throughout the series, especially after meeting Tuesday.

2. Carole is no pushover!

Carole has a flashback of her time living in an orphanage; specifically, a time when she was being bullied by a bigger kid. This other child was harassing Carole and being disrespectful about her hair, which was styled into two adorable buns on top of her little head. She beat up her bully and even threw in a flying kick. We don’t condone violence but… vengeance is a golden blade! Later in the series, after the semi-final of the Mars’ Brightest competition, Tuesday is basically kidnapped by her family and sent home – Carole ran after the car and actually caught up, jumping onto the back of a fast-moving vehicle! The Simmons’ kidnappers shake Carole off, causing her to sustain some minor injuries but in that moment, we see how far she’d go for a friend.

3. She is cute and does cute things

After Tuesday is abducted by her family at the end of the Mars’ Brightest Talent Show semi-finals, she explains what happened to Gus and Roddy. Gus treats her to a meal at a nearby restaurant as he asks her what the next step is. Carole takes a huge bite of her burger and indignantly mouths something in response to Gus. It was cute, okay?! Well, the indignation was Carole’s resolve hardening – they will be performing at the final! Right after, they decide to bust Tuesday out of her family’s house so they can jet off to the finals and arrive in time to perform! They are unfortunately disqualified for not being present at the start of the day as per the talent show’s regulations for the final.

4. Carole’s been through a lot… and doesn’t think much of it

Throughout the series, we are shown flashes of both Carole and Tuesday’s pasts, although we’ve seen more of Carole thus far. On their first audition for the Mars’ Brightest talent show, the judges made a little bit of conversation with Carole, prompting her to explain her Earthly origins, her lack of a family or parental figure, and her childhood in the system. Now standing before those judges aged 17, Carole’s desire to become a musician is unmistakable in that moment. Carole has never lost her drive to become something and this is how she has managed to build the resilience and ambition it takes to survive on your own and still remain in hot pursuit of your dreams. Inspiring.

5. Kindness

The only reason why Carole and Tuesday were able to become a duo in the first place is because of the fact that Carole was willing to house someone she had just met simply because they both had the same dream. It speaks to an inherent benevolence within Carole that you can easily see would go greatly misunderstood or even unnoticed by the other characters. She’s really just good people. What’s not to like?

Final Thoughts

Carole is the type of character who seems to have just enough drive for her to really be inspiring to other dreamers. She has many different qualities, all of which coalesce to give you the spunky talent on keys! We hope that as the series progresses, we’ll be able to see more of Carole’s greatness as she grows alongside Tuesday. Have any reason to STAN Carole? Drop a comment below and tell us why you love this talented Christmas miracle.

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