[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Chibi Usa Tsukino Highlights - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal

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Bishoujo-Senshi-Sailor-Moon-wallpaper-chibiusa-603x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Chibi Usa Tsukino Highlights - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal

We are back reporting from the Silver Millennium. Or better, should we move to Crystal Tokyo? That’s the birthplace of our character today! Apparently Sailor Moon never falls down to oblivion. Created by Naoko Takeuchi back in the nineties, Sailor Moon was highly responsible for the worldwide success of anime in the international market.

It is not surprising that Sailor Moon has had several remakes in stage, live action and again in anime form. Produced by Starchild Records and Kodansha since 2014, the story of Sailor Moon Crystal follows the original manga by Takeuchi in a closer way. This has been reason for fans to either hate the changes or love them. Nevertheless, the overall fan base have received this new version with a positive attitude. So, while we keep waiting for future releases of Crystal, let’s remember one of its most important characters.

  • Episodes :39
  • Genre :Demons, Magic, Romance,Shoujo
  • Airing Date :Jul 5, 2014 to Jul 18, 2015
  • Producers :Starchild Records,Kodansha

Chibi Usa Tsukino Preview (No Spoilers)

Sailor Moon tells the story of Usagi Tsukino and her comrades. Usagi is a rather clumsy Middle School student with a heart of gold and an undying love for food and manga. But when evil comes to Tokyo, she transforms into Sailor Moon, who fights for the sake of love and justice. Together with the other Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Kamen, she makes sure the Earth’s peace is kept.

Chibi Usa makes her first appearance in the second Arc of Sailor Moon Crystal. One day, the girl falls from the sky over Usagi and Mamoru (Tuxedo Kamen’s civilian identity) during their meeting at the local park. The mysterious child does not only look a lot like Usagi, she also shares her name and certain personality traits. Before Usagi knows what’s going on, Chibi Usa installs herself on the Sailor Senshi’s house.

If you want to watch Sailor Moon Crystal and find out more about Chibi Usa by yourself, you can stop now. If not, let’s proceed!

Chibi Usa Tsukino’s Bio

For starters, the complete name of Chibi Usa is Usagi Small Lady Serenity Tsukino. Now we understand why everyone calls her different names, right? Chibi Usa is the daughter of King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity, the future forms of Usagi and Mamoru. In the second arc of Sailor Moon Crystal, she went to the past to find a way to save Crystal Tokyo, the Tokyo of the future. By the end of the season, Chibi Usa comes back to train her Sailor Senshi powers. She has a guardian ball called Luna-P and a gray cat called Diana. Chibi Usa later has a brooch to store her own Silver Crystal (pretty much like Usagi does with hers). She uses the crystal to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon, a Sailor Senshi in training.
Chibi Usa Tsukino’s Highlights

Chibi Usa Tsukino Highlights

1. She is cute and childish

When Chibi Usa is in her civilian form in the second arc of Sailor Moon Crystal, she is shown as a 6 years girl with pink hair. Her hairstyle is also unique, as she sports cone like buns ended in fluffy pigtails. During everyday life, Chibi Usa behaves as any child her age. She enjoys sweets and to play with other children.

Nevertheless, when the villains from Black Moon attack, Chibi Usa is shown to be fearful and traumatized. Neither Mamoru nor Usagi are oblivious to this and tend to try to protect her, although Chibi Usa prefers Mamoru at first. All in all, war is not something easy to handle, and its impact is shown in Chibi Usa. When the palace where she was born and raised up is attacked and everyone she knows hurt, the only thing she could think of was to get help from Sailor Moon, the heroine of the past. That was a brave thing to do, but as she hides her part of responsibility on the attack, she is shown to be still childish.

2. Her dark side

As you could expect, Chibi Usa’s mixed feelings on the attack are pointing towards a darker side of her. Back in Crystal Tokyo, this girl grew up with a heavy pressure to one day emulate her mother. She was bullied when it was evident she was not manifesting any magical power. Plus, Chibi Usa’s physical growth stopped. Her true age is 900!

In order to proof that she truly was a member of the Silver Millennium, she removed her mother’s Silver Crystal from its place in the Palace just before the massive attack from Black Moon. Thus, Chibi Usa was hiding a lot of things throughout her time in the past. Adding to the fact that she didn’t find it easy to deal with her feelings toward Mamoru (who she well knew was her future father), and her constant quarrels with Usagi who demanded the truth from her, she ended up manipulated by the evil Wiseman. Thus, Chibi Usa became Black Lady, and a truly ruthless rival for the Sailor Senshi for a while.

3. She learns to grow up

So, Chibi Usa learns the hard way that being an adult physically doesn’t mean you are an adult by default. Thanks to Wiseman, she looks even older than Usagi. Chibi Usa also received Black Crystal pendants that make her powerful. But in her new evilness, she decides to destroy her own home planet, like any capricious brat.

Usagi tried to reason with her and even surrendered the Silver Crystal to stop the massacre. And yet, what shocked Chibi Usa to the core was Sailor Pluto stopping time and dying as result. It was the ultimate sacrifice of the Senshi who she considered as her only friend that made her wake up. Power by itself does not make a Senshi, but the actions we do for the sake of those we care about. The shock reverted the adult transformation of Chibi Usa and released her very own power, transforming into Sailor Chibi Moon for the first time.

4. She completes the family

After defeating Black Moon, Usagi and Chibi Usa have a sincere talk and tearful conciliation before the late one departs back home. But surprise! Chibi Usa comes back seconds later to train to become a better Sailor Senshi. Contrary to what happens later with this character in the 90’s version of the anime, she does not spend her time fighting with Usagi and competing with her for Mamoru’s attention. Quite the contrary. The three of them rapidly set into a family mood. Usagi and Chibi Usa stay overnight often with him, and they are seen walking hand in hand through the streets of Azabu Juuban on their way to school (aw).

Usagi gets into a more motherlike/mentor vibe with Chibi Usa, especially when the Death Busters start attacking them. And what does Chibi Usa do? She even pulls Usagi and Mamoru together when they have couple issues. Remember when the three of them made the Holy Grail’s sculpture? This side of Chibi Usa was much favored by fans, and we approve too. Children should pull their parents together.

5. She becomes a more powerful Sailor Senshi

Being a Sailor Senshi is much more than having a magical crystal, as Chibi Usa realizes with the death of Pluto. Although the Senshi in training receives her own locket and scepter, Chibi Moon’s attacks are rather weak. But does that stop Chibi Usa from collaborating with the other Senshi? Of course not! She is always in the center of the action. Luna also gives her the mission to watch over the mysterious Hotaru, and although this conflicts with her friendship ties with her, Senshi duties come first. Thus, Chibi Usa agress.

And once again, Chibi Usa loses someone important to her. Hotaru turned out to be a vessel for the evil Mistress Nine, who almost killed Chibi Usa. That is why Hotaru gives up her life, to save Chibi Usa’s and the other Senshis’ souls. But instead of crying over the death of her friend, Chibi Usa hurries up to join the final battle against the Death Busters. Even Mamoru recognizes that she matured when he says that he feels like he gave his daughter in marriage. So yes, Chibi Usa went through the battle, became Super Sailor Chibi Moon and survived to tell the tale. She truly becomes a more powerful Sailor Senshi!


Sailor Moon Crystal has been a faithful and emotionally filled retelling of Sailor Moon. Among the characters who got a better treatment this time, we have the lovely Chibi Usa. Her interaction with the other characters is much more complex and multilayered. We can also see more of her past and the reasons why she got evil, plus her great coming of age. We simply can’t wait to see what happens in the next seasons, as Chibi Usa becomes more central to the plot. But do tell us, which is your favorite scene with Chibi Usa? Don’t forget we are open to all your comments. See you soon!

Bishoujo-Senshi-Sailor-Moon-wallpaper-chibiusa-603x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Chibi Usa Tsukino Highlights - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal


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