5 Closet Cosplays from Fall 2021 Anime for Your Next Convention

Every anime season brings with it new characters to shower with love, so why not express that adoration through the medium of cosplay? Even if you aren’t very experienced with sewing or crafting, you can still join in the fun by making a closet cosplay! This kind of cosplay is assembled from pre-existing clothes, although a few adjustments or accessories can go a long way for those willing to dip their toes into the crafting world. Now then, let’s get started with five closet cosplay ideas from Fall 2021 anime that you can use at your next convention!

1. Yatora Yaguchi from Blue Period

Passionate art student Yatora Yaguchi’s outfit is pretty simple – just a black gakuran uniform with a white shirt, navy tie, and athletic shoes. You can find gakurans on Amazon or pretty much any anime costume site, but if you want to keep the look as low-cost as possible, why not forego the jacket entirely and roll up your sleeves to recreate his painting attire? Don’t forget a splatter of blue paint on your face and some messy paintbrushes to complete the image. You can even bring along an easel and a replica of one of his artworks for a stunning photo op!

2. Shouko Komi from Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. (Komi Can’t Communicate)

From another of Fall 2021’s most highly anticipated anime comes Shouko Komi, everyone’s favorite gorgeous waifu with crippling social anxiety. Her uniform consists of a striped skirt and bow (though if you can only find them in solid red, nobody will complain), a blue blazer, loafers, and the all-important sheer black pantyhose. You can even add little cat ears to the ensemble for extra adorability points! This cosplay is perfect for introverted or hearing-impaired congoers since Komi herself is so shy that she barely speaks. Carrying around a notebook or small chalkboard with some of her most famous quotes scribbled on it would also be a nice touch and could also save you from long-winded interactions with boisterous strangers.

3. Anna Schneider from Takt Op. Destiny

This statuesque stateside sweetheart is more than just a pretty face – she’s also one of the few people alive who can handle Takt and Destiny’s antics on a daily basis. The most important parts of her outfit are her green bomber jacket, frayed bell-bottom jeans, black choker, and single gold earring. If you want a small craft project as well, try recreating her rose-shaped belt buckle out of polymer clay or resin! For her hair, you’ll want to add a wavy ponytail clip to a shorter orange wig, since specially made ponytail wigs can get very top-heavy with longer ponytails like Anna’s. And if you’re worried about showing your stomach, you can always wear a longer black tank top or high-waisted jeans. All that really matters is that you embody the spirit of this long-suffering beauty as best you can!

4. Lugh Tuatha Dé from Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru (The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat)

Yes, the assassin/aristocrat/harem daddy known as Lugh Tuatha Dé is a bit of a wish-fulfillment edgelord, but who said there was anything wrong with that? If you’re in the mood for some overpowered isekai anime goodness at your next convention, Lugh is a great choice for a beginner cosplayer because his clothes are refreshingly simple (especially compared to his more fantasy-flavored co-stars). Add the extra belts and buckles to his duster coat for authenticity, along with a few prop knives or guns that are appropriately marked according to your convention’s security guidelines. The world’s finest assassin must look the part, after all.

5. Ronaldo from Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu (The Vampire Dies in No Time)

Ronaldo’s vampire hunter look does require a bit of sewing knowledge to get his caped jacket exactly right, but considering that he already looks like he gave up halfway through making a Hellsing cosplay, you can get away with a lot of corner-cutting and still channel the character perfectly. Cover a book with a fake cover to turn it into one of his memoirs, carry an armadillo plushie under your arm, or just pretend to spray some “Vambreeze” on any Draluc cosplayers you see walk by. Don’t be surprised if they threaten you with some of Ronaldo’s much-reviled celery, though!

Final Thoughts

You could also go full retro with Muteki’s ‘80s-inspired look from Muteking the Dancing Hero or do a cute couple’s cosplay with Futaba and Takeda from My Senpai is Annoying. But are there any other Fall 2021 characters who you think would be perfect for closet cosplays? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Kyuuketsuki-Sugu-Shinu-Wallpaper-700x394 5 Closet Cosplays from Fall 2021 Anime for Your Next Convention


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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