5 Funny Scenes in Squid Girl

One anime which seems to go under appreciated for its ridiculous humour and consistently forgotten overarching premise is Squid Girl. The anime follows Squid Girl, a girl from the depths of the ocean who is angry at the human race for the sheer amount of pollution that is currently in the ocean. She comes to the surface in order to enslave humanity, starting with the beachside Lemon Beach House, a restaurant run by the Aizawa family. Her plan falls to the wayside when she causes damage to the place and the scary Aizawa sisters convince Squid Girl that she needs to work as a waitress in order to cover her debt. Thus begins her life living with the three Aizawa siblings, meeting many strange characters during her stay! These are some of the funniest moments from the Squid Girl series.

“It’s easier than speaking Japanese-degeso”

In the first season of Squid Girl, many of Squid Girl’s amazing abilities are made common knowledge. This includes her ability to sneeze ink, her super strength and also… her incredible learning ability which sees her coming to speak and understand the English language fluently not long after expressing her inability to speak it. She haughtily laughs, saying, “It’s easier to speak than Japanese-degeso! They say the one who masters English is to become the master of all! Now the world invasion will be a piece of cake!” To add insult to injury, Squid Girl is capable of grasping mathematical concepts of high difficulty with ease after a single glance at the various rules. Scary!

Sanae takes photos of Squid Girl

One of the many eccentric characters Squid Girl meets upon coming to the surface is Sanae, a polite girl, at least before she meets Squid Girl and falls in love with her cuteness. Sanae becomes obsessed with Squid Girl and it makes Squid Girl visibly uncomfortable to be in the same space as Sanae. One moment in the series has Sanae trying to take photos of a non-compliant Squid Girl, who tries her hardest to smash the camera in Sanae’s hands, but to no avail – Sanae’s ninja-quick reflexes and inhuman speed leave her unscathed, with an impressive gallery of shots of her favourite little invader.

4th Wall Break

4th wall breaks aren’t always comical; however, this particular one is hilarious. The youngest Aizawa, Takeru, has art homework he needs to complete and in order to do so, he needs a subject. He then settles on drawing Squid Girl for his artwork, which turns out looking exactly like her. He then says, “I don’t know about this. It looks like she’s a manga character” – which is exactly what she is. Takeru’s sisters, Eiko and Chizuru, both comment, saying that it’s great and looks just like her. It did.

Scary Teru Bouzu

A common practice in anime which reflects some element of Japanese culture is the crafting and placement of teru teru bouzu. These are ghost-like dolls which are placed outside the window on a piece of string in order to bring good weather. Having done this and gone to bed, the Aizawas are fast asleep, except for Takeru, who wakes up in the middle of the stormy night to the eerily contorted form of one of the teru teru bouzu they’d hung up. He was so scared the animation style changed in order to accommodate all of his terror.

Squid Dog Girl

After seeing how people were completely preoccupied doting on a dog, Squid Girl is jealous and demands to be treated the same way. So the Aizawas get her a leash and collar and teach her to sit, to shake and to roll over. During all of this, Squid Girl’s biggest fan, Sanae, is having her heart melted by the sheer cuteness that is the dazed and somewhat confused Squid Girl acting like a dog.

Final Thoughts

Squid Girl is a great watch when you’re looking for something that will entertain you and make you laugh a lot. The protagonist, Squid Girl, is adorable and her various adventures with the Aizawa siblings and frequent customers of the Lemon Beach House are quite hilarious. These have been only five moments of comedic brilliance in the show; there is much more to choose from. If you’ve watched the show and enjoyed it, drop a comment below about your funniest moment from the anime!

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