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  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen, Slice of Life, Supernatural
  • Airing Date: Jul 9, 2017- Present
  • Studio: Haoliners Animation League

Centaur no Nayami Preview (No Spoilers)

In Himeno Kimihara’s world, most of her friends and even Himeno herself isn’t what you would call normal. In this world all beings are some type of monster race, in the case of Himeno, she is a centaur and her friends have things like horns and wings. Despite their odd natures that doesn’t make Himeno any less of your typical high school girl and alongside her friends, she has a bunch of fun days at school. What adventures await Himeno and her friends today? Find out in Centaur no Nayami, a story about monster people living normal lives.

Himeno Kimihara Bio

Seiyuu Name: Fukagawa, Seria (Sutton, Kristin)

Himeno Kimihara is a centaur girl with a lot of great traits even if she isn’t aware of all of those. It’s why Himeno has so many friends who gravitate to her as Centaur no Nayami introduces new monsters both female and male. She may not be the smartest girl around—Himeno can be a bit of a goofball and slightly naive—but that doesn’t stop Himeno from trying her best in any event she partakes at school. Himeno even has her cousin who looks up to her as a role model not only in looks—because Himeno does indeed have some impressive looks—but in the way she holds herself as a centaur. Without question, out of all the girls in Centaur no Nayami, Himeno Kimihara stands proud as being better than them all.

Himeno Kimihara Highlights

1. Super Cute

First and foremost, we wanted to start this discussion with how cute Himeno Kimihara is. Not only does she have beautiful features but Himeno isn’t about trying to prove her cuteness. In fact, Himeno quite often, in Centaur no Nayami, tells others that she wishes she was better in some way. In one episode, Himeno wishes she had better hair—this was mentioned in episode 6—and even in episode 2 when Himeno was discovered modeling for a magazine to help her mom’s friend, she wasn’t overly proud. Even outed by her friends, Himeno was still humble about her looks.

If this isn’t enough to prove to you that Himeno is cute, let’s look at other sources. In episode 4, Himeno is actually given a love letter by a boy from her class. Aside from the reasons why Himeno was afraid to acknowledge the letter—we will just say it involves some womanly parts—it goes to show you that she’s popular with other people in her world as well as our own. If you need another piece of evidence, episode 8 during the archery game, Himeno’s opponent Ayaka Wakamaki actually gets flustered when she thinks of going on a date with Himeno. This goes to show you that Himeno attracts not only guy monsters but female ones as well.

2. Extremely Fast

While Himeno may have a large frame because she is part centaur, that also gives her a huge advantage over others. Himeno is a fast monster girl. It should be obvious seeing that indeed she has a horse like body but we don’t blame you if you didn’t realize her speed. There are only several times so far in Centaur no Nayami where we see Himeno go at her fastest. Let’s us talk about a few of those moments.

In the very first episode, Himeno and her friends are running for gym class. It is here Nozomi—one of Himeno’s close friends—asks miss centaur how fast she can go. According to Himeno, she can run 100 meters in about nine seconds, which she proves though a bit dangerously. Equally in episode 8 during the archery sections—which we will soon talk about more in depth—Himeno runs pretty fast all while aiming a bow. It’s safe to assume that if you had to race Himeno and you aren’t a centaur, you’re probably going to lose. Though we won’t mention that even Himeno claims she isn’t that fast compared to others from her race, in fact let’s all pretend that we didn’t mention this.

3. Archery Wizard

Speaking of archery, Himeno showed the world in episode 8 of Centaur no Nayami that she has a hidden talent for shooting a bow. Himeno was up against some tough opponents and while at first she seemed to be terrible at archery, after a bit of practice her skill gradually improved. Does this mean Himeno will be the next competitor at a future Olympics? We won’t say she couldn’t but we do feel that Himeno will have to keep up her practices to ensure she can do as well as the pros. Imagine for a minute if we did have centaurs in the Olympics…that would be kind of cool.

However, regardless if Himeno is ready for the Olympics or not, at least she showed us that she has a talent for archery. Himeno has only continued to show us as Centaur no Nayami has progressed that our cute centaur protagonist has a lot of hidden skills. We do wonder what’s next. Will Himeno show a proficiency for sword play? Honestly it seems that no matter what, Himeno will continue to blow us away with some hidden skills and that only strengthens our love for her.

4. Caring and kind

One of the best aspects that Himeno has over some of the other girls in Centaur no Nayami is the fact that she is very caring. Not only does she care about her friends but she also cares about her family. There are several episodes where you can see how kind and caring Himeno can be seen. Now then let us see make sure any of you naysayers are convinced of the kindness and compassion inside of our girl Himeno.

Episode 1 during the run for gym class, Himeno could have easily blasted past everyone who wasn’t like her, something we briefly talked about when mentioning her speed. However, Himeno instead decided to stay by her friends Nozomi and Kyouko—especially Kyouko who was struggling—and that shows how much she cares about her friends. Then we could look at episode 5, where a new type of monster girl is introduced who initially scares poor Himeno with her looks, but after getting more introduced with this new monster girl, Himeno befriends her. Finally let us examine episode 3 where we are met by Himeno’s small centaur cousin. During the majority of this episode Himeno watches out for her cousin and makes sure the girl is safe and happy. We here at Honey’s Anime love kind and compassionate girls and thus why we love this trait of Himeno.

5. Willing to face her fears

One of the hardest things for anyone to do is face their own fears. It might seem like a heroic or brave thing to accomplish but the execution of facing something that scares you is quite daunting in the long run. However, Himeno tends to do this not once but several times in Centaur no Nayami. Don’t believe us? Well, don’t worry, we here at Honey’s Anime always have proof to back up any of our statements.

If we talk about episode 5 again—don’t worry we won’t spoil much in case you’re still watching Centaur no Nayami yourself—we can see the introduction of a monster girl who has been stigmatized a bit. Thanks to movies and rumors that this type of monster girl is actually fearsome, she has always had a hard time getting along with others. The same can be said of Himeno who fainted when seeing this girl smile. However, together, both girls saw one of the movies that puts our new monster girl in such a bad light and she explains that it is completely a work of fiction which leads to Himeno realizing her fears were unwarranted. Himeno had to not only watch a scary movie that traumatized her as a kid but also watch it alongside the movie’s supposed villain…that takes courage to say the least. Himeno is a brave girl and while we could also point out episode 1’s play that the girls had we figured our main example was enough to convince you all of how brave Himeno is to face her fears.

Himeno Kimihara is a very interesting take on the monster girl concept. While she may be very cute and have a lot of assets that she could flaunt around, Himeno instead is polite and quiet. This is why at the end of the day, you’ll be hard pressed to find any other monster girl of Centaur no Nayami to be even close to her in terms of greatness. Now then folks, what are your thoughts on Himeno Kimihara? Comment down below to tell us if we could have used any better examples and as always keep coming back to our site if you love articles like this. Here at Honey’s Anime work hard for you beautiful people and we know you appreciate it.

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