[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hitagi Senjougahara Highlights - Bakemonogatari

Hitagi-Senjougahara-Bakemonogatari-wallpaper-603x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hitagi Senjougahara Highlights - Bakemonogatari

My abusive language is...

My abusive language is alchemized through 40 kg copper, 25 kg of zinc, 15 kg of nickel, 5 kg of ice that keeps my cool, and 97 kg of spite.

  • Episodes :15
  • Genre :Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Vampire
  • Airing Date : July 2009 - June 2010
  • Producers :Aniplex, Kodansha

Senjougahara Hitagi Preview (No Spoilers)

Oddities are a common occurrence in this series. When Koyomi Araragi happens to run across a few of them afflicted with these oddities, he tries his best to aid them to free them from the oddities. The first of course being Hitagi, an aloof high school girl who slowly opens up to Araragi.

Senjougahara Hitagi Bio

Extremely sharp and witty, it takes just about two sentences to blow your ego and self esteem off the roof with Hitagi in the room. She is a self-proclaimed tsundere and for all the right reasons too! Although interacting with Hitagi is hard, she is devoted and sincere to Araragi to the end.

Senjougahara Hitagi Highlights

1. She is witty, cynical and sarcastic.

Most of the comedy that ever happens in the relationship between Araragi and Hitagi are the retorts and sharp statements that she makes in order to prove a point. Cutting directly to the point, she holds nothing back and Araragi is often left at her mercy - speechless. Hitagi obviously uses it to her advantage, knowing full well that it is extremely hard to counter her retorts. This is not reserved for Araragi alone, there are many other instances in which she displays her sharp tongue to the other characters such as Mayoi who became intimidated. 

Even though her comments can be harsh sometimes to the other characters, innately Hitagi means well especially when Araragi is concerned. More often than not, her comments adds value to the show and gives you something to think about based on the situation that she is in. As mentioned, not only is Hitagi sarcastic, she is witty as well. Such is Hitagi's way with words that she is also able to make comebacks when threatened. 

The dialogue and comments that Hitagi makes is enough to make a story, there is so much depth and meaning in her conversations particularly when she makes a one liner statement that will even make you question and ponder about them. Most fans argue her wit and sharp tongue as the definition of her character. Those traits alone made her a poignant character that is easily remembered even as the series end. You can even say that Hitagi is the intelligence behind the Monogatari Series! 

2. Despite having a strong front, she is practically a damaged character. 

After the initial introduction of this character, we learn that there may be just a few more things than meets the eye. Sure, as if stapling someone in the mouth is not bad enough (more on that later), it is actually her past story that makes her an iconic character. Oddities are formed from the situation the characters are in. In the case of Hitagi, her oddity, the stone crab, takes away the burdens that she had to face from childhood. The side effects of this phenomenon also includes leaving Hitagi weightless which started the whole adventure in the Monogatari story.

From a young age, she has already been afflicted with a rare disease and almost died as a result from it. Her mother joined a cult in an effort to save Hitagi but it only made the matters worst. The household was broken apart and the Hitagi family are left in debt. It did not end there, as one of the cult members almost had his way with Hitagi before being hit by a shoe. 

From that instance, the stone crab had been the embodiment of her sorrows and suffering. It wasn't until the stone crab physically manifested in front of her that we understood the gigantic crab is the shell for her pains. Towards the end of the arc and the climax of the story, Hitagi eventually assimilated her issues from the past and finally broke down. From the start, we've expected a blunt and direct character to uphold a certain level of confidence. Never did we expect the revelation at the end nor the progression of the story. The development of Hitagi's character is what makes the Monogatari and her, an overwhelming success. 

3. Hitagi is a bona fide and self declared tsundere. 

One of the reasons why the Monogatari series excelled in story telling would have to be its characters breaking the fourth wall. No one does it better than Hitagi however. Declaring off the bat that she is a tsundere, Hitagi was quick to explain her character and quirkiness as being typical of a tsundere character. Her snarky attitude and fast reflexes complements her character as well, adding appropriately to her profile. 

The tsundere trope is already a popular character archetype in the anime world. Given that the Monogatari series is an abstract anime, The inclusion of her character into the anime gives a refreshing outlook of the anime. It is not often that a character would break the fourth wall. It gets even better when they declare themselves to be a popular archetype. It just gives you this sense of satisfaction to know that the tsundere is indeed aware of her character type and openly stating it as well! 

At times, Hitagi will use her snarky personality to mask her traits and her tsundere-ness, or even draw reference to her character type and using it as an excuse to act in a certain way. Although at times, her levels of sarcasm and aggressiveness borders on the lines of yandere, she still makes a good tsundere. Speaking of her the abstractness of the series and her unique character profile, our next point is...

4. Her personality can be described as  - unorthodox

Perhaps the dead giveaway for her... 'special' personality would be her greeting for new people. For the record, we do not introduce ourselves by stapling the mouths of our new acquaintances. This iconic scene is the reason why she is often portrayed in official and fan art alike, with a stapler. Due to her tragic past as mentioned, Hitagi was introduced to be without friends and this could be the reason for her maladaptive social interactions. This could also be the reason why she takes a unique approach in introducing herself. 

While not overbearing to a degree in which we would all find her repulsing, Hitagi's personality is at best, abnormal. It does not end with the stapler. The plot of the Monogatari series is crazy enough as it is with all the oddities roaming around. For some reason, Hitagi s involved in it most of the times. For a normal person, it would be enough for them to shun away from danger but as we've discussed, she is not normal. 

5. The immense loyalty and love between her and Araragi

All it took in the end was for someone to understand her and to help her. To put it in her own words, she doesn't know the reason for dating Araragi, but the fact that she loved him was more than enough for a reason. Despite being the rational and cynical person that she is, it all boils down to Araragi being the first to step up and free her from her worries. That alone, made her committed to him, willing to put her life at stake when he is in danger or getting extremely jealous when he is with the other characters. It gets scary when she turns borderline yandere at certain key moments in the anime.

The confession scene was perhaps one of the best scenes in the series. It was quite a short confession, but it held so much emotions to fill one episode. Knowing her personality by now, it takes a lot for her to say those words and to commit herself to Araragi which was in turn reciprocated. From there on, she switches from being a secondary character to a deuteragonist, appearing whenever Koyomi's life is in danger or even restraining him to prevent him from further danger. Their relationship is the pinnacle for love, committing their whole into the other. And for Hitagi, perhaps even devoting herself with her life.

Final Thoughts

There are so many reasons to love this character even though if a minority may think otherwise. Her uniqueness and unorthodox way of doing things may shock the normal person but that is where she is truly herself. What are your reasons for liking Hitagi? What, in your opinion are her best moments in the anime? Leave a comment and we will see you next time!

Hitagi-Senjougahara-Bakemonogatari-wallpaper-603x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hitagi Senjougahara Highlights - Bakemonogatari


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