5 Hysterical Characters in Asobi Asobase (Asobi Asobase: A Workshop of Fun)

Asobi Asobase deserves a lot of awards this season. And while it took home the gold in the comedy genre, what really caught us off guard was how misleading the premise was. It appeared to be another friendship slice of life anime that really wouldn’t go anywhere, but ended up being Nichijou 2.0™. That is mostly due in part to the genius director behind the helm of the series, Seiji Kishi, but still, the series did well for itself. With Kasumi, Olivia, and Hanako doing their best to waste time while looking like a club, the three girls are drawn together in a way that we honestly could have never predicted. From the ass slap heard round the world to the shoe kicking contest that would leave a girl heavily injured, Asobi Asobase whipped around corners at breakneck speed while making us cry with laughter. Today we decided to go back and take a look at our top 5 hilarious characters from the series.

5. Tsugumi Aozora

Tsumugi herself might not be the funniest person in the series, but she causes such anguish and suffering to Kasumi that the first time we wept with laughter. Then when it came back again to haunt Kasumi in a way she never expected, we got another round of laughs. The rumor going around the school was that Tsumugi was actually a boy crossdressing as a girl at their all-girls school. Turns out that Kasumi was mistaken and overheard part of a conversation leading to her believing that Tsumugi was in fact a boy. Later in the series after resolving all of this, Kasumi begins to have nightmares again about Tsugumi exposing herself to her and it torments her beyond belief. The girls try again to expose her, but fail miserably, with Hanako ending up in Olivia’s crotch while Tsugumi wheels Kasumi to the nurses office. While she may not have been directly funny herself, she heavily influenced two episodes.

4. Maeda

Two words: Butt lasers. Maeda is the servant to Hanako, who is shockingly rich, and most likely one of the main reasons why Hanako is such an idiot. He constantly lies to her but somehow, his lies become reality when he lies about toilets and has to begin to fire lasers from his butt to avoid letting her down. Maeda is also a complete idiot sometimes in that even when he is trying to help Hanako do things, he also introduced a sex robot he and her grandfather designed as well as a slutty robot version of Olivia that was sentient. Finally in the princess/queens game, Maeda cannot draw to save his life but just keeps drawing parasite looking like creatures and saying that they are the supreme being… to which Hanako explodes.

3. Kasumi Nomura

Kasumi is next on our list. Of the three girls, her timidity holds her back from time to time from being as funny as some of the other girls, but she still makes it happen. If anything, we have learned that you should never tease Kasumi because she will take things seriously like when they played Sugoroku and Hanako teased her so she slapped her butt as hard as she could or when Olivia says that Tsugumi cross dressing, if she were a boy, was the same as writing BL and Kasumi loses it with a pulsing vein and all. An excellent foil to Olivia, Kasumi has done a great job of making us laugh.


Olivia is the walking paradox in that everyone expects her to be smart, but in reality, she is about as bright as a box of rocks. She has her adorable and innocent moments, but sometimes, like with the cute murder game or the Pokemon Go knockoff about bacteria, things get dialed up rather quickly. Still, not to be outdone, she tries her hardest to keep up with the girls and offer advice, even if it is usually terrible. Two things are for sure, do not let her do your makeup and do not smell her armpits. You might just die from the latter!

1. Hanako Honda

Naturally, Hanako takes our top spot. From her outbursts to her screeching, Hanako is equal parts stupid, cute, and outrageous. She has a heart of gold, and oddly while she is a good student, she is horribly ignorant of how the world works and how she should do…. anything really. Still, Hanako did make Maeda create butt lasers just for her, so that is something. Hanako’s always biting off more than she can chew and it shows. Whether it is a game, a scheme, or a discussion, Hanako always gives herself the short end of the stick much to our benefit. For it, we love her.

Final Thoughts

Asobi Asobase may be over, but the series still lives on fresh in our memories and we hope that in a few months, we still can not only fondly remember them, but we can also look back on this show and find that people are getting into it just as we did. It’s certainly worth the watch and we fully endorse it. What are your thoughts on the characters of Asobi Asobase? Who is you favorite? Be sure to let us know! Till next time.

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