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  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural
  • Airing Date: Jan 2018 - Mar 2018
  • Producers: Geno Studio

Kokkoku Preview (No Spoilers)

Anime Preview (No Spoilers)
Geno Studio is really trying hard to make a name for itself in the anime world. While Kokkoku was nowhere near a bad anime, it was nowhere near the top as well. Rather, it settled somewhere comfortably around the middle. Juri Yukawa is trying to be the responsible one in her family, but after failing 19 job interviews all in the same day, she has to stay living at home which is less than desirable. In fact, she is the self-proclaimed responsible member of her family. Her father is boring and has been laid-off, her older brother is a shut in, and her sister is trying to turn her mess of a life around after having a child f her own Makoto. In fact, Juri is pushing herself because she wants Makoto to grow up and become a great adult.
When her older brother picks up Makoto one day from preschool, they are both kidnapped and the criminals demand 5 million yen (about 50k USD). At a loss, Juri’s grandfather, who normally spends his days drinking and being retired, shows her a stone. With a drop of his blood, he freezes time and that single moment becomes the moment, or stasis, that they live in. This way, they can get Makoto and her older brother back, and be safe. When they arrive at the scene though, they are not the only ones who can move freely in a world otherwise frozen in time. Suddenly, moment by moment, their actions could potentially have an effect on reality.

Juri Yukawa Bio

Character Bio
Seiyuu Name: Chika Anzai
Juri is, above all else, an extremely responsible adult. Trying to get a job and move out on her own, she pushes herself to try and get that dream job she has always wanted. When those are dashed, the young girl decides to put her nephew, Makoto, ahead of her in hopes that he will become the upstanding member of the family. Juri possesses a strong sense of justice and is willing to go the distance and make the tough calls necessary to survive. This is all put to the test when she and her family enter the stasis.

Juri Yukawa Highlights

1. Juri Is a Natural Born Leader

Juri, before anything else, is a take charge, natural born leader. Before we even get a glimpse of how strange and tense this anime is going to be, she is already out in her city. Pounding the pavement, she wants a job for herself. Why? Because she wants to move out, of course. Juri pushes herself to go to 19 different interviews in one day! That takes a lot of work.

Within Stasis, while her grandfather, Jii-san, does help her, she is the forefront strategist. It is through her careful planning that they try to not only reduce the damage done to them when returning to reality, but also she tries to assure that people do not die in the stasis world. Juri also knows when to recognize foes as allies as she does with Shouko Majima and Sako.

2. Juri Is the Responsible Family Member

She says it over and over again throughout the beginning and it’s true. She is the one who is working the hardest to not only achieve her dreams, but also make sure that Makoto grows up. Rather than being able to rely on her father or her older brother Tsubasa, Juri is the one who tries to make sure that Makoto is not being influenced negatively by other family member's actions. This is further demonstrated in the stasis where she is not trying to kill anyone and is the first to not only prevent her grandfather from being hurt, but also hatch plans on how to get out as well as initial plans on how to deal with Sagawa.

Even though Tsubasa is useless–and her father, too, for that matter–Juri still makes sure that they are looked after. You know this from when she ejects the jellyfish from their bodies in order to prevent them from dying or turning into heralds in the stasis..

3. Juri Is Dedicated to Her Family

Juri makes an earnest effort to support all of her family members in different ways. She is probably closest with her grandfather now, due to everything that happened in the stasis, but she also make sure to be very careful that he was not hurt ever. She also sends him home ahead of her in order to let him live in reality with the family. Juri pushes Tsubasa to get out and pick up Makoto thus forcing him to confront his shut-in ways. Her father is probably the most difficult as he wants only to serve himself and has an inner darkness that comes out later, but she still saves his life after his fingers are cut off.

Makoto has to be the next one as she takes a lot of care to make sure that zero harm befalls him. In fact, the whole reason they are in stasis in the first place is to rescue him… and Tsubasa being saved is just a bonus. Finally, there is the one character you don’t really see too much, and that is Makoto’s mother and Juri’s older sister, Sanae. Sanae is working multiple jobs to ensure that Makoto has a bright future and Juri is there behind her sister 100% by looking after Makoto when she can and coordinating other family members to help as well.

4. Juri Is Compassionate

Above all else that Juri is, she is quite compassionate. This comes not only from her caring for the wellbeing of her family members before and during stasis, Juri also cares for those that she is able to discern are not their foes. This goes a step further when Sagawa turns himself into that weird brain thing from Persona. You know, Omoikane? Anyway, after she blasts the last jellyfish out of him, he’s basically a baby reborn in a disgusting fashion. Juri is the one who embraces he who would have had her dead, and raises him.

Spending their days of nothingness inside stasis, Juri does everything to try to accommodate him as well as ensure that he too grows up to be an upright individual like she hopes Makoto would be. In this moment, and when she sends her grandfather, we truly see how she is the definition of compassionate and would do anything for those that she deems are worthy. She was willing to send everyone that she knew back home to reality and just spend her days in solitude. Can you imagine what that would be like and what the thought process would have been like for her to reach that point? She’s so incredibly selfless and while doing all this, she isn’t some weeping mess which is a stereotype that female anime characters can fall into. No, Juri is her own savior.

5. Juri Is Nothing Like The Other Members of Her Family

Finally, the last reason that you really ought to like Juri is that she is nothing like the family that she lives with that we can see. Now her sister is someone to learn from in that she is working hard to ensure that Makoto has a bright future. And while her grandfather does have cool powers and can randomly come in handy, he’s stubborn and can hold her back from time to time.

Honestly, Tsubasa is forgettable up till he almost becomes a Guardian and then he is relevant for about two seconds; a lot like the role he plays in everyday life in the Yukawa household. And the father is just a mess. He was laid off, so he doesn’t look for work but rather sits at home all day complaining about things and shoving activities onto Juri. The guy seriously needs to take notes from his daughters because his son is a trainwreck and he is, too. As if he wasn’t disliked enough, he also had that spell where he tried to kill someone with a murderous intent, and mooched off of everyone, and deceived them using Makoto’s powers instead of actually having his own. The man is a mess and honestly it’s a miracle that Juri is such a moral compass for the family and Makoto isn’t messed up. Just in case though, have CPS on standby in case we need to step in and protect him.

Final Thoughts

Kokkoku might have not been the heart-stopping thriller that we believed would be published and it definitely took hard left turns into weird town sometimes, but it always managed to make the story come back the central issue at hand. Meanwhile, we have laughed, been on the edge of our seats through some scenes, surprised at others, and been just plain weirded out by the cocoon moment. Thankfully though, Juri is there to make sense of the situation and ensure that we are moving forward towards a world of peace.

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