[Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Misaki Takasaki Highlights – Koi to Uso (Love and Lies)

We Love the Way You Lie


  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, School
  • Airing Date: Jul 2017 – Sep 2017
  • Producers: Lidenfilms

Koi to Uso Preview (No Spoilers)

Yukari Nejima is in love with the most beautiful girl at his school and has been content for years to watch her from afar. Despite all the obstacles, he wants to be honest about his feelings for her. It's not just Misaki's feelings he has to worry about either, as Japan has implemented a government system that pairs young people for the purpose of marriage. Despite knowing just how hopeless the situation is, he gathers his courage and confesses only to find she too is in love with him. Their joy is short-lived when only moments later, Yukari is given his government notice... and his arranged partner is a Ririna Sanada. When forced to meet, the two don't get along at all. Yet Ririna finds herself moved by the romantic story between Misaki and Yukari and decides she is going to support their love story as she has no feelings for Yukari herself. Through love and lies, these three young students' lives will be forever intertwined.

Misaki Takasaki Bio

Seiyuu Name: Kana Hanazawa

Misaki has harbored secret feelings for her childhood crush for years. Bordering on obsession, her love has spurred her to secretly follow him and peek at him in class. Wanting nothing more than to witness moments of his happiness, she vows to keep her love for Yukari a secret. She has medium length black hair and huge dark blue eyes surrounded by long eyelashes. She's exceedingly beautiful with a womanly figure and catches the eye of many students at her school. Despite this, she has eyes only for Yukari. She can get along well with anyone and hold her own against those that harass her. Despite being easygoing and good at lying to keep the peace, the one thing she can't lie about is how much she loves Yukari.

Misaki Takasaki Highlights (Spoilers beyond this point)

1. Not too prude, not too lewd

Many anime girls tend to be either very against physical affection or immediately want to get it on. Misaki is a blessed middle ground. She not only expresses her affection for her friends with hugs and hand-holding, but with her romantic interest. In fact, it's usually Misaki who initiates physical closeness with Yukari. She asks to kiss him or is the first to go along with Ririna's plans to make them intimate. At the same time, even when the two of them are alone, Misaki is content to hold him close rather than trying to get in his pants. When Misaki and Yukari find themselves alone at the bottom of a cliff with Yukari having fallen on top of Misaki, she simply clings to him with her legs wrapped around him. It's not so much that anything huge is happening, but that's definitely no school-girl shyness! She's aggressive in her approach but it's clear sex isn't the only thing on her mind. Not that there's anything wrong with forward girls, but sometimes trying to go at it in any situation is just too much for some! Misaki is bold enough for the horny boy yet reserved enough for the shy boy.

2. Quick thinker

The events in Koi to Uso are constantly changing, and new information threatens to lead our characters down new paths. Yukari often finds himself stuck, wondering what he should do when his resolve is so easily shaken. Even though Misaki is not always convinced she should follow the path that will make her happiest, she takes each blow as it comes and is resolved to follow through with the best choice for everyone. When Yukari confesses to her and she realizes her keeping her feelings a secret won't help him, she decides to be honest. Only 30 minutes later, when Yukari is given his marriage assignment, Misaki is ready to accept her happiness is short lived, and encourages Yukari to go the path with least resistance. Even as he clings to her and begs, Misaki knows how much suffering they would endure and is strong in her stance to treat everything like a beautiful memory. She takes stock of the situation and isn't easily swayed by emotion, but will respond quickly to new information. She's not one to be trapped by indecisiveness!

3. Doesn't let love get in the way of friendship

We can pretty safely say that Misaki is obsessed with Yukari, so perhaps it's not terribly surprising that her closest friends are the ones that she can share her secret feelings with. While her friendship with Shuu is not so unlikely, the fact that Misaki can care about Ririna so much seems counter-intuitive. Most girls would find it hard to be friends with someone who likes the same guy she does, but it's because of Ririna's relationship with Yukari that Misaki is so drawn to her. We learn that this isn't just a facade to try to worm her way between Yukari and Ririna either when she tells Yukari all the little things she loves about Ririna. You can tell she really cares about and pays attention to her friend, and earnestly wishes that both Ririna and Yukari can find happiness. While it pains her greatly that she can't be with Yukari, Misaki tries hard to hide her feelings and support the two of them.

4. Hot as either a guy or a girl

Misaki is so beautiful that despite living in a society of arranged partners, Misaki is confessed to nearly every day. Not only is her face gorgeous, but she has an amazing curvy body and huge boobs so it's no wonder she tends to catch people's eyes. She even gets asked to model along with Ririna due to her good looks. She has a good sense of style for casual wear and can even rock her normal school uniform.What's super special is that Misaki also makes a dashing man. When Misaki's class does a gender-swapped rendition of Romeo and Juliet, Misaki is cast as Romeo and she looks amazing! It's no wonder she gets followed around by giggling girls when Misaki is in her costume. Whether she's accentuating her figure in a bikini or short skirt or dressing as a rich nobleman, Misaki's big eyes and sweet smile can captivate anyone's heart!

5. Air of mystery

Misaki appears bright and cheerful on the outside but as the title Love and Lies implies, there is another side to Misaki that not everyone sees. The 'true' Misaki and the secret she refuses to tell anyone remain a mystery throughout the show but we get to see hints here and there as to what she is really like. She's known to be a model student and seems to treat everyone with kindness. However, this kindness towards all masks a desire to keep most people at arm's length. Shuu is perhaps the first person to know of Misaki's somewhat deceiving appearance, but once she tells Misaki she knows about Yukari, Misaki is too happy to admit all of her feelings and actions regarding Yukari. We learn that it isn't a simple crush either, with her basically stalking him and watching him when he's not looking. We can't always tell what Misaki is thinking, and she mentions several times that she cant lie to herself. Just what she's lying about, perhaps no one knows. Ririna is able to tell Misaki is lying about something and asks if Misaki will tell her the reason she lies, but Misaki keeps this information to herself. Ririna knows her friend well enough to tell Misaki isn't being completely honest, but neither Ririna nor Yukari can ever seem to figure out what Misaki is thinking. Her mysterious air certainly draws you in, making you want to learn even more about the inner workings of her mind.

Final Thoughts

Misaki Takasaki is the kind of girl you root for. Not only is she earnest and good, but she's aware of her feelings and her motivations. She's not the type to be caught off-guard by her crush; instead, she's more likely to surprise her love interest. While she may not be entirely innocent, it's clear that Misaki truly wants Yukari to be happy, the same wish she's had for 5 years. Gorgeous, mysterious, and almost freakishly loving, it's no lie that that there's a lot to love about her!

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