5 Most Overbearing Characters in Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san (Miss caretaker of Sunohara-sou)

Would you agree to live your school life amongst the prettiest girls in the region but in exchange they can constantly emasculate you and dress you up as a girl? If your name is Shiina Aki, you’d begrudgingly accept those terms. Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san tells the story of a girlish middle school boy who becomes something of a hot commodity in an all-girls dorm after moving in by mistake. While everything seems like it’d be the ideal life for a boy going through puberty, some of the characters can be horrifyingly overbearing, clingy, and downright harassing. Here are our picks for 5 of the most overbearing characters in Miss caretaker of Sunohara-sou.

5. Osonoi Maiko & Uchifuji Mea

The two of them are always on screen together so it only felt right to mention them as a pair. They’re friends of their classmate Sunohara Nana but they met Aki without realizing they were already acquainted. They have a habit of hitting up and playing with boys that they find cute, and Aki was bright on their radar after seeing him at the pool. From there, they constantly tease and mess with him in ways that only older girls can.

4. Sunohara Nana

The younger sister of Kanrinin-san Sunohara Ayaka herself, Nana is a slightly more slender, tanned, gyaru version of everyone’s favorite caretaker. It didn’t take her long at all to warm up to Aki with him being the only male at the dorms, and she constantly uses his presence as an excuse to goof off and shirk off studying. While he is hesitant to follow her whims, he does find her an enjoyable presence in the dorm, despite wishing she’d give him his space every so often.

3. Shiina Matsuri

The number one cause of all of Aki’s troubles, trauma and phobias, his older sister Matsuri is one tough customer. While she may seem small and cute, she is relentless in her desires to dress Aki and have him act in ways that make him the perfect “little sister”. He originally moved to Tokyo just to avoid her, but she followed him and tried to pick up where they left off. She later encounters Ayaka-san and discovers that two can play that game, where she learns what it truly means to become an onee-sama.

2. Sumire Yamanashi

The only girl who isn’t solely focused on Aki, her endless devotion and stalker nature is aimed at anything and everything surrounding Yukimoto Yuzu, the student council president. Obviously, being the vice president means the two would be close, but it doesn’t stop there. Sumire’s number one fear is being separated from Yuzu. Her overbearingness goes as far as wanting to be close to her, spying on her, and even cuddling her in her sleep. She even finds herself paying Yuri to take candid photos of her in private. This one is going places, mainly jail.

1. Sunohara Ayaka

She has a reputation for getting too close regarding skinship with all the residents of the dorm, female and male (only one) alike. On their first meeting, she picked up Aki and dragged him into the bath after seeing him drenched from head to toe from the rain. Even after discovering he was a boy, she didn’t distance herself, and instead playfully nibbled on his ear. She has no qualms with dragging him into her bed, cuddling up beside him, or anything else one might consider only for those in a close relationship. When she gets drunk, however, the dial turns up to 11 with her intimacy!

Final Thoughts

These overbearing characters from Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san would be cute if it wasn’t for the high degree of sexual harassment most of them display. Still, that doesn’t stop them from being entertaining, mainly at the expense of Shiina Aki. Do you have any favorite characters from the series? Let us know in the comments!

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Author: Hercule SSJ

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