5 Most Unique Guns in Anime

If we’re talking about weapons in anime, then the swords have to be the most popular ones, especially katanas. However, the second most commonly used weapon that you can find in anime is arguably guns. After all, it is practically the weapon of choice for characters who specialize in medium to long-range attacks.

In order to make the character who wields the gun stand out among similar characters from other anime, the author usually creates unique guns that can only be found in their anime. As more and more authors decided to do the same thing, we ended up with a slew of similar guns on our hands. And interestingly enough, they can be put into certain categories. So here are five of the most unique guns in anime, from five different categories.

5. Customized Gun: The Casull and Jackal from Hellsing

Other than an anime version of real guns, the most common type of unique guns that we can find in anime are customized/heavily modified guns. As the name suggests, this is basically a beefed-up version of real-life guns. And for this category, the most iconic and unique one has to be the twin pistols owned by the world’s most dangerous gunslinger vampire, Alucard from Hellsing.

The names of these deadly pistols are Hellsing ARMS 13 mm Auto Anti-Freak Combat Pistol Jackal (also known as “The Jackal”), and Hellsing ARMS .454 Casull Auto (also known as “Casull”). These pistols look like a modified version of Colt’s early handguns.

The Casull is a semi-automatic giant pistol that weighs around 6kg. It uses the custom explosive .454 Casull rounds with a silver core. It can easily destroy most vampires with one shot. If that is not enough, then there’s the Jackal. With a length of 39cm and a weight of 16kg, the Jackal is one massive pistol. And as the name suggests, it fires 13mm hollow point bullets that can easily blast through any kind of armor. With these two pistols on hand, Alucard can practically shoot through anything he wants.

4. Elaborate Gun: The Punisher from Trigun

If Hellsing’s twin pistols were created with functionality in mind, then this category is the exact opposite. This one is all about over-the-top and extravagant weapons that are actually pretty hard to handle and don't really have that much impact during battle. Yes, it is still quite powerful, but there are usually other options nearby that can give similar if not better results. And that is basically the description of The Punisher from Trigun.

The Punisher itself is actually a series of guns that are given to the top members of an organization called Eye of Michael. However, the most well-known user of this gun is a man named Nicholas D. Wolfwood. As such, we’ll talk about Nicholas' version of the Punisher.

The Punisher takes the shape of a large and bulky cross. When put vertically, it stands almost at the same height as Nicholas, and needless to say, it is extremely heavy as well. The front of the Punisher is actually a high-caliber machine gun, while the back is a rocket launcher. The side of the Punisher can be extended to expose 8 custom handguns, 4 on each side. This is basically mobile artillery, and while it is extremely cumbersome to use, it is certainly incredibly fun to watch.

3. Futuristic Gun: The Dominator from Psycho-Pass

Futuristic Gun is the category for any kind of high-tech gun that looks like it is made in the future. These types of guns usually pop up in cyberpunk anime. Out of all the futuristic guns that have graced the world of anime, the most iconic one has to be The Dominator from Psycho-Pass.

The Dominator is a standard firearm issued by The Public Security Bureau, and it has three distinct features, which are user identification, a Crime Coefficient detector, and three different modes of attack. The user identification features ensure that only the registered user can use the gun. The crime coefficient detector automatically connects the gun to the Sybil System in order to determine the threat level of the target, and that is when the three attack modes come in.

For low-coefficient targets, the Non-Lethal Paralyzer is used to knock them unconscious. If the coefficient is larger than 300, then the Lethal Eliminator mode is used and the gun will shoot beams that can destroy any biological matter. Finally, for extra solid targets, such as armor or vehicles, the Destroy Decomposer mode is used so that it can blast high-powered energy beams that can instantly decompose the target.

2. Magic Gun: Gundo Sniper Rifle from Hitsugi no Chaika (Chaika: The Coffin Princess)

After guns from the future, now we head to the other direction and look into guns that use magic instead. This type of gun comes in different shapes and forms. Some look similar to the guns from real life, while others look totally unique and out of this world. The Silver Horns used by Tatsuya from The Irregular in Magic High School is actually a contender for this category, however, the Gundo Sniper Rifle from Chaika: The Coffin Princess ended up taking this spot.

There are several reasons why the Gundo is one of the most iconic magic guns in anime. The first reason is that it looks like the steampunk version of the real-life Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle, and the fact that it is used by cute gothic lolita makes it look even better. The second reason is because of the elaborate animation with multiple layers of magic circles that appear whenever the Gundo is being used.

Chaika has different long-range shooting spells, each with its own distinct purposes. There’s the Ripper that can slash through magic, the Burner for some explosive fire, and the Breaker that can break through magic shields, just to name a few. And the magic circle design and animation are noticeably different for every single one of them. That is why it is always exciting to see Chaika use her trusted Gundo Sniper Rifle.

1. Living Gun: Patty and Liz from Soul Eater

We’ve talked about a heavily modified gun, an over-the-top gun, a futuristic gun, and a magic gun, so it’s time to talk about the most unique one of them all, which is a living gun. Bear in mind that it is not a gun that can talk or has personality due to A.I. or magical effects. No, this pair of guns are actually living beings who lead their own personal lives. Their names are Liz and Patty Thompson, and they are the personal weapons of Death the Kid from Soul Eater.

To be fair, every Demon Weapons in Soul eater is actually a human who can transform into a weapon. So Liz and Patty are not unique in the series. That being said, compared to the guns from other anime, their existence as living guns is still strange and unique.

Anyway, the Thompson sisters are orphans who used to be petty criminals who roam the streets of New York. That is until they meet their future Meister, Death the Kid. After becoming Kid’s weapons, Liz and Patty finally get to enjoy a normal life as students at Death Weapon Meister Academy.

When transformed, Liz and Patty take the form of Twin Silver Beretta M9 Pistols, and Kid is always dual wielding them. When in gun form, Liz and Patty will shoot condensed soul wavelengths, rather than regular bullets. The speed and intensity of these shots are customizable. That means the power ranges from a simple stun gun to something that can destroy brick walls, and he can either shoot it one at a time or blast rapid fire on the enemies. There are other ways that Kid has used the guns throughout the series, but varying the speed and intensity of the condensed wave length is his go-to technique.

Final Thoughts

Although all of them are basically guns, they couldn’t be more different than each other. There’s a 16kg handgun, there’s one that shoots magic bullets, and then there’s a gun that determines on its own how powerful the shots should be. This unique approach to fictional guns is why they are so iconic, and therefore the best in their respective categories.

Do you know any other cool guns that deserve to be in any of these categories? Or maybe you know other gun categories that haven't been mentioned in this list yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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