[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Nayuta Kani Highlights [Imouto Sae Ireba Ii (A Sister's All You Need)]

The Girl Who Loves You More Than You Might Deserve


  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Airing Date: October 2017 – December 2017
  • Producers: Silver Link

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Preview (No Spoilers)

Hashima Itsuki is a light novel author whose only care in life is little sisters. Except, he doesn’t actually have a little sister. Instead, Itsuki has a rather colorful cast of friends who surround him and tolerate his siscon. Each day, Itsuki spends his time writing his light novel and doing research for his light novel with his friends. Each one of his friends has their own issues and stories, but in the end, they are all friends. Imouto Sae Ireba Ii is a siscon anime all about Itsuki his love of little sisters, and the friends who make life bearable without one!

Nayuta Kani Bio

Seiyuu Name: Kanemoto Hisako

Kani Nayuta is one of our favorite characters, especially when she is first introduced in Imouto Sae Ireba Ii. She has long silver hair with a cat ear hairstyle (?!) that adds to her innocent facade. Nayuta can often be seen wearing a short black dress and long socks. Kani Nayuta is a pen name, but no one, not even Itsuki, knows what Nayuta’s real name is.

Nayuta is the youngest one of the group and is so young that she cannot consume alcohol. Despite her age, Nayuta is considered a genius when it comes to writing. You might be surprised considering the way Nayuta behaves and how much her life seems to be oriented around her love of Itsuki. Nayuta might just be Itsuki’s #1 fan!

Nayuta Kani Highlights

1. Moe

Right off the bat, you know Kani Nayuta is going to be a moe character thanks to her rather cute facade and cat ear-like hair. She giggles and tilts her head in that way that reminds us of any moe character, too! Let’s not forget that her character’s outfit really puts an emphasis on her legs even though it is quite clear that she is the shortest one in the bunch. Despite Imouto Sae Ireba ii being another siscon anime, Nayuta is really the one character with the cutest personality! Even despite her lack of a censor.

Adding to the lack of a little sister in the anime, Nayuta is actually rather sister-like, even if Itsuki doesn’t think so in any manner. Nayuta dotes on her friend, Miyako and acts more like a little sister who really idolizes her older sister in this regard. This may be due to Nayuta’s inexperience with friends but it adds to how adorable she is. That and how devoted she appears to be towards Itsuki. Nayuta is just plain designed to be cute!

2. No Censor

One of the main reasons to love Kani Nayuta has to be her lack of a censor. Like quite clearly, her mind is in the gutter. Why? We don’t know but she references sex all of the time and has asked Itsuki to have sex with her in almost every episode. And in lewder words than those. That and she has no problem doing things around her friends that would make a catholic school girl blush.

There’s always the scene of Nayuta masturbating underneath the kotatsu just to entice Itsuki, though to no avail, but there is one recent scene that we wish to discuss that really brought Nayuta over the top. It’s quite clear that her lewd side does not stop with just Itsuki as shown in episode 7. The gang is playing a TRPG and Nayuta opts to have her ability involves powering up by exchanging body fluids with others. Rather than describing any indecency with Itsuki, Nayuta describes indecent acts with none other than Miyako! And with a straight face, too. Multiple times! This causes Nayuta and the gang to be locked up in the TRPG for public indecency. Isn’t that just one of the reasons why we love Kani Nayuta?

3. Love for Itsuki

One of Kani Nayuta’s most admirable qualities is her devotion towards Itsuki. While her love of Itsuki appears to be one sided and quite forceful compared to that of Miyako, Nayuta’s love is purer than the words that come out of her mouth. As we’ve seen in the anime, Nayuta first fell in love with Itsuki upon reading his works. It was his words that saved Nayuta from the horror of her everyday life. This is how Nayuta’s love starts.

As seen in the first episode, it is clear how pure Nayuta’s love is when we see her first meeting with Itsuki. Unlike the rather confident individual we see in the present-day portion of the anime, Nayuta was very nervous and anxious before she met Itsuki. She had felt so much love for him that she was not sure what to say. Then, when Nayuta meets Itsuki, instead of confessing or admitting how much she loves him, Nayuta throws up. This just shows how anxious she was and how Itsuki makes Nayuta feels. While Itsuki was a bit disgusted, we felt that this side of Nayuta was completely endearing since it really speaks volumes about her feelings for Itsuki more so than her constant sexual harassment does.

4. Past

Then there’s Kani Nayuta’s past that really defines who Nayuta is. When she was younger, Nayuta was bullied by her schoolmates. While not much has been revealed about the bullying or the cause of it, it is clear that her schoolmates were quite merciless and tended to destroy her property and threaten her. There are brief flashbacks that show the dark place that Nayuta had been placed in after her schoolmates began their torment. It became so bad that at some point, Nayuta refused to go to school.

However, in the present day, Nayuta is no longer a NEET who avoids people. Nayuta has managed to befriend Miyako and Itsuki despite her previous fear of people. She does not even let her past hold her back. Nayuta constantly makes comments about her past in a calm manner like how she states she has never had any friends before when she was preparing for Miyako’s birthday party. You absolutely cannot help but want to cuddle with Nayuta for all that she has endured and overcome!

5. Work

Lastly, one of the top reasons to love Kani Nayuta is her work. By that, we mean that Nayuta’s talent as well as her work ethic. Nayuta has quite an amazing ability when it comes to her work. She even blows away Miyako with the novel that Nayuta wrote for her birthday, which appeared to start off similar to an erotic novel and then quickly transitioned to a great work of literary art! As the others have stated, Miyako’s work is greatly sought after by her editors.

And let’s not forget that unlike Itsuki, Nayuta is quite serious about her deadlines and puts a lot of effort into her work. So much so that her publishing company is more than happy to put Nayuta up in a hotel so that she can focus on her work, unlike Itsuki whom they lock up in a dungeon to get his novel done. Nayuta will even go so far as to ask for Miyako’s help with her work. Plus, Nayuta cannot even write without stripping naked so give her points for her fan service while working! Nonetheless, it is Nayuta’s talent and genius as a writer that rounds out her personality and makes her amazing.

Final Thoughts

If there is one character that we love this fall anime season, it has to be Kani Nayuta for her colorful personality, adorable looks, and endearing traits! Kani Nayuta is our favorite character this season and for good reason! Are there any people out there who absolutely love her as much as we do? Do you wanna share why? Is there another character this season who has stolen your heart instead? Please share in the comments below!

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