Top 5 of the Best Battles in Anime

We’ve seen the most badass characters, but what about the best fights? The moments when you sit just a bit further in your seat just to be a little closer to the full range of beat downs displayed right before our eyes. From the swordfights to the magical or even fists and guns, these are some of the best fights you’ll see coming from anime! Be careful though, there are some MAJOR spoilers ahead!

Hunter x Hunter: Netero vs. Meruem

Netero is the Chairman of the Hunters Committee, and such a badass that everyone follows his order without so much as a quip. When challenged by the main characters, he playfully just swats them away. So you can bet your money when he actually fights, something incredible is going to happen.

Meruem is the king of the Chimera Ants, merciless and violent he is shown to be a highly powerful enemy. He doesn’t even show remorse when his own mother dies because he sees himself as superior to all other life. Eventually he desires to create a whole new world where only a select few humans are allowed to live; those strong enough.

Their fight is beautifully choreographed, with Netero’s opening move bringing out a giant Shiva statue to rain down blows on Meruem. Even this isn’t enough to beat him however; causing Netero to detonate the Miniature Rose inside his body as a last ditch effort to take Meruem out with him. If you haven’t seen this fight, or this show for that matter, I highly suggest picking it up! This fight scene alone is worth the entirety of the show, let alone all the others that are present.

Bakemonogatari: Araragi vs. Kanbaru

Araragi is part Vampire. He’s more human than he is vamp anymore, though he still retains traits of the deadly hunters of the night. He has the ability to heal at a highly accelerated rate, see in the dark and his eyes glow red when he gets angry. He’s also got an awesome vampire sidekick who is forever tied to him thanks to the original attack.

Kanbaru is in love with Araragi’s new girlfriend, Hitagi Senjougahara. She’s a basketball star and unbeknownst to most others, her left arm is possessed by a monkey spirit due to her use of a monkeys paw. Due to her jealousy of Araragi, she decides she wants him gone and the monkey spirit takes over to kill him.
The fight is beautiful, colors and styles in only a way that the monogatari series has shown. Araragi takes a real beating, so much so that Kanbaru uses his entrails as a rope to slam him into a pile of desks at one point. Their battle is one to remember, especially since most fans of the show recall it still as one of their favorites!

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya: Archer Illya vs. Saber Alter

Saber is evil!? She’s not; this is just the dark version of her that was found in a class card. If any Fate series has taught us anything however, she’s nothing to mess with by any means. With a Noble Phantasm that can take out most (if not all) other Heroes and the sword skills only acquired by millennia of knowledge she is one of the most dangerous of the entire classes.

Archer is another fan favorite, showing his incredible prowess through not only his skills with a bow, but the precise striking with his daggers as well. His Noble Phantasm creating a miniature nuke when it hits being his biggest attack, it’s not anything to scoff at either. When Illya uses his class card she against the power of Archer himself and the fight begins.

If you’ve never picked up a Fate series, you’re severely lacking some incredible action. The fight itself is just badass, with Saber Alter and Archer Illya going all out to get rid of each other and claim victory. Swords, bows and magic all intertwined to create a visually pleasing scene of light versus darkness!

Kill la Kill: Ryuuko vs. Satsuki

Ryuuko has a Kamui named Senketsu, that is to say: she has a school uniform imbued with “life fibers” to increase her power, speed and reaction rates. With the surprise of in doing so, she’s practically naked. She’s got half of a giant pair of scissors that she uses as a sword, the only weapon that can cut the life fibers.

Satsuki is the leader of the entire school, the president of the student council and proprietor of the establishment. She earned the right to be leader because she is the strongest one there, the one that got the others to follow and the one that rarely, if ever, loses. She possesses a sword and knows how to use it better than anything else but also wears her own Kamui, Junketsu.

The first fight of the sisters is my own personal favorite, when Ryuuko finally realizes how to wear Senketsu properly and without being afraid of showing some skin (sounds weird right?). It’s the first moment in the show when you’re really “wowed” with how the fighting can go and definitely worth a watch or two!

Akame Ga Kill: Sheele & Mine vs. Seryuu

Sheele and Mine are part of the assassination group known as Night Raid. Sheele possesses a scissor-sword that can cut through anything and Mine has a laser-sniper rifle that gets more powerful the more of a pinch she’s in. They’re both high quality assassins that are amazing when working together, since Mine has a gun for the long range and Sheele has her scissor-sword for the close range, they make the perfect team.

Seryuu is one of the characters in the show that you absolutely hate. Most of her body has been outfitted with modifications (guns, swords and knives, you name it) and possesses a biological weapon-dog named Koro. Koro is overpowered if I ever saw it, and proves it. Seryuu believes in justice, but her view on what justice is happens to be warped beyond all hope of repair.

The fight is one of my favorites from Akame Ga Kill, mainly because of all the emotions tied to it. I can say if it wasn’t for Seryuu in the first place, the show may have ended entirely different. Full on crazy killer Seryuu versus the Night Raid girls, and she manages to kill Sheele, forcing Mine to flee but barely living herself. All in all, this is an amazing fight tied to a great show.

That wraps us up for now! If you have any opinions on another badass fight leave it in the comments below! We love to see them and believe me, I’ve takes some recommendations before to decide my next series to watch!

by Nathaniel Loomis