5 Overpowered Scenes in Overlord III

Is there anything more satisfying than a good, wholesome, overpowered protagonist? Season 1 of Overlord gave us a glimpse at the lonely life of one of the world’s best, most dedicated gamers, with season 3 showing us how his life has continued after being sent to another world. While he himself has not changed, his role in the world and the balance of global power is shifting. Overlord III showed us more of why Momonga is called the Supreme One by those who know him best. Here are 5 of our favorite overpowered scenes.

5. Rulers of the Forest - Episode 4

After Momon took Hamsuke the wise king of the forest as his pet, balance in the forest shifted. To set things right, Ainz set forth to put a stop to the tyranny of a great ogre and lamia that had once rivaled Hamsuke in strength. They were unfamiliar with the lich king and assumed he was little threat to them. However, just like everyone else, they quickly realized that if they weren’t with him they were as good as dead.

4. Adventurers vs Ainz Ooal Gown - Episode 8

A large number of adventurers were requested by the Adventurers Guild to uncover the secrets of the Tomb of Nazarick. However, they failed to realize that the great adventurer Momon who was leading them was ruler of the very dungeon they were paid to investigate. Momon quickly whisked away, and in his place, Ainz Ooal Gown greeted a group of adventurers. They tried to persuade him that they weren’t thieves, but it was to no avail. He dismantled the group swiftly, even after a lengthy backstory introducing them had been established. It’s clear that no one is safe in this story unless they’re on Team Ainz.

3. Goblins vs Knights - Episode 11

Prince Barbo thought to investigate Carne village’s link with Ainz, fearing the kingdom’s territory had fallen into foreign hands. While this was the case, he underestimated their resolve and dedication to Ainz, marching on them with an army and threatening to slaughter them. Instead, Enri managed to use her remaining horn to summon an army of goblins that routed the invading warriors. Even Ainz’s weakest troops show no mercy towards his enemies.

2. Ainz vs Gazef - Episode 13

Gazef Stronoff had warned his king not to go to war with Ainz, but he was helpless to stop the ensuing bloodshed. After offering to cease his attack if Gazef became his retainer instead, the proud warrior refused. Instead, he and Ainz engaged in a pointless duel of which both men knew the outcome. In the blink of an eye, Ainz killed the strongest human warrior in the Re-Estize Kingdom, but his sacrifice secured momentary peace for the weary armies.

1. March of the Baby Goats - Episode 12

The Re-Estize Kingdom decided to go to war with Ainz Ooal Gown, and it was a mistake that nearly cost them everything. The humans sent a massive army to subjugate the magician king. However, Ainz slaughtered a great number of them in an instant, but that was only the beginning. Using their deaths as the catalyst, Ainz summoned several enormous horrifying goat-like creatures. Even Ainz was amazed at how expertly he executed his summoning. It was so terrifying, even his own allies fled in terror at the Supreme One’s ferocity.

Final Thoughts

Overlord III had many overpowered scenes which finally gave us a taste of the excitement season one brought years ago. This is one sequel we’re glad Madhouse decided to adapt! Did you have any favorite moments? Let us know in the comments!

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