[Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Goku and Chichi are the Most Powerful Couple in Dragon Ball

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Goku and Chichi are the most powerful couple in Dragon Ball

Warning:this article is full of Dragon Balls, I mean, spoilers. Read at your own risk or chose another article to read.

Akira Toriyama started his professional career as a mangaka in the seventies, but it took him a decade to score his first big success with Dr. Slump. Few years later, he published Dragon Ball and from that point on, nothing was the same again for us, proud otakus.

Wonder if there is someone out there that has never heard of or seen Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ball. Akira Toriyama created him and his friends based on one of the most legendary stories collection from China, known as The Monkey King or Journey to the West. Yet, if there is an interesting difference between the original Chinese collection of stories and Akira Toriyama’s work, it is that the characters create relationships with members of the opposite sex.

In the case of Goku, we know he was an adorable, innocent, glutton and positive boy who became a somewhat naïve and powerful adult warrior, always fighting for the sake of the Earth, but Goku also had time to have his own love story, even when he did not realize it at first. We are talking about Goku relationship with Chichi, the cute amazon who had her eye on our hero since childhood. What can be better than flying on the golden cloud to defeat the bad guys and save people together? Of course the relationship progressed too, and although this couple quarreled, and was separated often due to external circumstances, Goku and Chichi proved again and again that they are perfect for each other. Only a strong lady can be by a strong man’s side.

So, without further ado, let us review the relationship of the all-powerful Saiyan Son Goku and his powerful wife, Chichi!

Here are our 5 reasons why Goku and Chichi are the most powerful couple in Dragon Ball.

1. Because Goku is invincible

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So yes, all the food our protagonist consumes is not in vain. Everytime Goku is defeated, he just trains and comes back stronger than ever. Originally a Saiyan (warrior from outer space) with the mission of destroying the Earth, Goku grew up pure of heart under the care of Grandpa Gohan, becoming the most dedicated guardian of our planet. To the point that Goku dies like… many times. But don’t worry, Goku always returns!

With such a happy and decisive character, of course Goku helped Chichi and her family on those good old childhood days where they met. Although he originally arrived to her hometown, the Fire Mountain village, to find a Dragon Ball in episode 7. Anyway, it turns out that the Fire in the village is out of control and the only thing that can help is the Bansho fan, which is in possession of Master Roshi (Goku’s master). Goku has also saved Chichi’s father (the Ox-King) on several occasions. Great way to get on his future father-in-law’s good side, right? It also helps that Grandpa Gohan and the Ox-King were as close as brothers.

Goku should also be careful in controlling his super abilities, though. For example, he hit Chichi accidentally in episode 123 and had to cover her head in bandages ☹

2. Because Chichi is tough too

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Then enters in Chichi, the perfect match for Goku. As the daughter of the Ox-King, she was trained in combat since her early days. It is funny how she was introduced in episode 7, as the classical lady in distress running away from a dinosaur, but while wearing a bikini (probably a reference to Star Wars?). BUT, Chichi suddenly confronts the dinosaur and cuts its head rather easily. So guys, do not cross her. It is true Chichi starts off as a shy girl constantly crying in battle, but by the time Chichi becomes a teenager, she is strong enough to participate in The World Martial Arts Tournament.

In Episode 134, an opponent called Anonymous fought against Goku in the Tournament. Enraged because he did not remember her, Chichi released her fury in the combat! She also can go Kaioken and it is implied that she learned the technique faster than Goku. Now, that is a strong woman, but of course, that is just who Goku needs by his side.

3. Because Goku and Chichi keep their relationship going on

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So, brutal strength alone is not the only thing we need in a battle or when we are in love. People also have to negotiate their relationships. Let us remember that Goku did not know at first how to treat the flirty Chichi, but he got used to her. Goku also thought a bride was a type of food when Chichi asked him if they would get married when they became adults, so of course, Goku agreed. Yet, even when he realized his mistake in Episode 134, Goku proposes to Chichi in public and married her, keeping his childhood promise.

Throughout the Dragon Ball saga, it is evident that Chichi and Goku stick together through both good times and bad times. And that is some commitment, being the wife of a warrior who is constantly in danger. For example, in Episode 132, Chichi is shown caring for Goku when he contracted the Heart virus. Also, during the Majin Buu saga, Goku reassures her he is going to miss her when he leaves in order to master the Fusion dance.

Yes, keeping relationships together is tough, but it also has its good side, as we will see in the next reason…

4. Because Goku and Chichi also share sweet, happy moments

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No relationship is complete without the good, happy moments. In the case of Goku and Chichi, they have had their share since childhood. That is when Goku and Chichi started their adventures together. After marriage, Chichi bore Goku two children who would eventually grow and become as great in battle as their father. However, let us not forget Dragon Ball Z episode 146, where Goku gets cured of the Heart virus and the first thing he does before properly going back to fight is meet Chichi. He is so happy that he picks her up into the air ☺

You can’t forget that in episode 287 of Dragon Ball Z, Goku revives and asks whether he can live together with his wife again? Chichi is so happy to have her family complete again that she cries surrounded by the Z warriors. Chichi and Goku are a couple who truly love each other, which takes us to our last reason…

5. Because Goku and Chichi bring balance to their children´s rise

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Goku and Chichi are shown fighting in a comical way for most of the anime. The main reason is their offspring, as Chichi does not want them to be only devoted to Martial Arts. For example, in Dragon Ball Z episode 123, it is clear that Chichi pushes Gohan towards studying while Goku is more inclined to train him. Goku and Chichi both have different ways to ensure Gohan grows up well. That is why Chichi wonders whether her husband is feeling alright when he agrees that Gohan should be giving attention to his studies… only to find out that it was only in order for him to going out to camp.

In the end, Chichi properly plays her role of the devoted wife and mother, always worried for her family but also proud of their accomplishments. Chichi supports her family no matter what. She is married to the most powerful warrior in the universe, after all! Much later in life, Chichi een joins the battle against Syn Shenron in the DRagon Ball GT Shadow Dragon Saga. In this part of the story, Chichi makes an inspirational speech about fighting as a family by Goku’s side. So, here we can see how Chichi helps to support Goku, even in battle.

Closing Paragraph

Dragon Ball has marked the otaku lives of too many around the world, and, for the looks of it, it will keep doing it. We could take a leaf out of Goku and Chichi’s book, who although they had a hard life as warriors, were able to bond, grow together, and raise a good family. Couples like this one leave a great legend and example behind that serves as inspiration for future generations. So, let us keep a positive mind, and let us train and eat well. Remember, food is important ☺

So, do tell us, which are your favorite moments of Goku and Chichi? Now that Dragon Ball Super is being released, which adventures with them would you like to see? Which other couples from Dragon Ball would you like us to revise? We are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

by Sakura_Moonprincess