[Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Inuyasha and Kagome Should Live in Modern Japan

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inuyasha-wallpaper-1-581x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Inuyasha and Kagome Should Live in Modern Japan

Inuyasha and Kagome Should Live in Modern Japan

Warning: this article is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Rumiko Takahashi has proved continuously that she is known as the Goddess of Manga for good reasons. After her success with the karate comedy, Ranma 1/2, she scored again with more seriously paced InuYasha, and her latest Kyoukai no Rinne. These manga have been adapted to popular anime series that are not so different from the original material.

In InuYasha; a feudal fairy tale, we enjoy the adventures of a half demon from the Sengoku period (roughly 1467 to 1603), and a girl from modern Japan who was transported back to the past due to the magical Shikon Pearl that was hidden inside her body. Inuyasha and Kagome have to team up to defeat the powerful demon mash-up called Naraku, who wants the power of the Shikon Pearl.

After many adventures, defeating all sorts of enemies, and a love triangle with Kagome’s previous incarnation, our couple and their allies defeat Naraku. Our heroine returns to modern Japan (as expected from these type of anime series) and lives a normal life for a while. But in the end, she chooses to live with Inuyasha and the rest of their comrades in the Sengoku era.

Although it was a happy way to finish the story, we as otaku can’t help to imagine how life would have been for these two in modern Japan. Inuyasha was no stranger in the Higurashi’s home, as we can see in about a dozen episodes in the anime.

Kagome is a responsible girl who balances her time between feudal Japan and her duties in the modern era, so she often goes to the present to catch up with her studies. Inuyasha follows her through the well at the Higurashi Shrine that connects both eras, so he meets the whole family and, up for the envy of any son and daughter-in-law, he is warmly accepted by them. Even Buyo, the cat, seems to be ok with the powerful and temperamental half demon (we can’t forget those funny scenes where Inuyasha plays with him).

So, without further ado, let’s take a look to the 5 reasons why Inuyasha and Kagome should end up living in modern Japan.

1. There’s no need for Inuyasha to “disguise” Himself

inuyasha-wallpaper-1-581x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Inuyasha and Kagome Should Live in Modern Japan

When Inuyasha is in the modern world, he is afraid of attracting attention, so he goes in “disguise”. That means he wears a baseball cap to hide his dog ears. Yes, we know it is comical and everything, but… Inuyasha, do us all a favor and drop that baseball cap! You don’t need it in modern Japan!

With most unique and bizarre trends coming and going, people these days are free to wear whatever they like in the streets of Tokyo. Inuyasha and Kagome could easily pass as a normal couple in Akihabara! And, if people in their neighborhood ask, they simply can state that Inu is fan of Chobits, cat people or something. Kagome and Inuyasha would not need costumes to go to anime conventions, that is clear. Even his clothes fit with the Higurashi Shrine! Which bring us to the next point…

2. They Would Run the Coolest Shrine of Modern Japan

inuyasha-wallpaper-1-581x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Inuyasha and Kagome Should Live in Modern Japan

Oh, the legacy! That is an important aspect of feudal and modern Japanese culture. Valuable material possessions pass down to the first son in the family, who is trained since childhood in the subtle art of how to run companies, stores and in this particular case, a shrine.

Enter Souta, Kagome’s younger brother, to fulfill this role. The problem is that he wants to be a football player. So just imagine for a while, how cool would be to have a Priestess with true spiritual powers, and an actual half demon as heads of the Shrine? They could team up as well as they did in the past to run it. There are even a couple of episodes where they have to deal with youkai in modern Japan. In one of them, the Shikon Pearl awoke a vengeful flesh eating Noh Mask. Inuyasha easily sliced it down with his sword Tessaiga, but… what if he wasn't there?!

So… maybe that is why Takahashi sensei is giving us now Kyoukai no Rinne, which happens in the present? Anyway, in an era where Shinto religion is declining, having authentic supernatural power in the Higurashi family would do wonders to revive the old beliefs.

3. Because Kagome Could Have a Career

inuyasha-wallpaper-1-581x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Inuyasha and Kagome Should Live in Modern Japan

Let us be honest, there is not much that Kagome could do in the Sengoku era. Yes, she could still be a youkai hunter with Inuyasha and company, but what about their free time? Technology is also limited there, and although she has done well until the end of the series, well… that is different from being permanently back in the old days!

Inuyasha does not show his emotions easily, but he states several times in the anime that he cares for Kagome and thinks that she should stay in modern Japan. So, what would happen if she becomes an accountant for the Higurashi Temple or a doctor? She could even go back a couple of times to the past to join Lady Kaede, who knows a lot about medicinal plants. The best part of the present and the past would be joined together! Plus, Inuyasha would be spared to have a bored active wife. Maybe that would save him from a couple of “Sit downs” too.

4. Because Interspecies Romance Rules!

inuyasha-wallpaper-1-581x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Inuyasha and Kagome Should Live in Modern Japan

In the past, Inuyasha suffered because he was half-youkai, which meant he did not belong to the human villages or to the great youkai clans. That also complicated his romance with Kikyo, Kagome’s former incarnation. We know how that ended, with Naraku easily tricking the couple into fighting each other, and Kikyo mortally wounded. But (as Kagome herself has stated) she is a different person despite being reincarnated. Inuyasha was a loner with Kikyo, but with Kagome he has friends to protect and trust. Although the half youkai insisted several times that it was safer for Kagome to be with her family, she always went back to the Sengoku era to fight against Naraku, showing she was strong and determined.

Modern Japan is kinda more tolerant to mixed romance, so at least the social environment would be better. We also need more wonderful role models in present days on how to deal with the unavoidable differences such a romance brings to the table. It is not about love at first-sight, that’s just the beginning. Kagome and Inuyasha show us that, if a couple works together and sticks around, they can overcome any obstacle. Even a demon-mashup.

And finally, this leads us to the ultimate reason why Kagome and Inuyasha should live in modern Japan…

5. Because We Want to See the Cute Puppy-babies They Would Have!

inuyasha-wallpaper-1-581x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Inuyasha and Kagome Should Live in Modern Japan

We know that, once the Shikon Pearl was destroyed, Kagome decided to live in Modern Japan for good. But after graduating from high school, she keeps missing Inuyasha and her former comrades. Inuyasha also told her, in the final battle against Naraku, that they belonged together. That from a temperamental and awkward youkai has to count for something, right? So, in the end, they were reunited in the Sengoku era. Naturally she would marry Inuyasha and proceed to have babies with him, but…

Is not fair that we do not get our share of Instagram pics of their offspring! Everyone knows that mixed babies are the best. Inuyasha was a mixed baby himself, and he was cute as a kid, so… And just imagine stopping Kagome on the street while she pushes a baby carriage, so that you can take a selfie with the cute little Inus. I mean, who doesn't like puppies? What would be better than to play with puppy-babies then?

Closing Paragraph

So, as conclusion to this article, we can only say one thing: Let’s all find that old well and drop this list of reasons in it. Perhaps the list will find its way to the Sengoku era, and we can convince Kagome and Inuyasha to come back 😀

Did you like this list of reasons? We welcome your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

inuyasha-wallpaper-1-581x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Inuyasha and Kagome Should Live in Modern Japan


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