[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Kazuya Miyuki Is a Great Captain - Diamond no Ace Act II (Ace of the Diamond Act II)

Ace-of-Diamond-wallpaper-2 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Kazuya Miyuki Is a Great Captain - Diamond no Ace Act II (Ace of the Diamond Act II)

If you can't listen to me, get off the mound.

  • Episodes: 52
  • Genre: Comedy, Sports, School, Shounen
  • Airing Date: April 2019 – ongoing
  • Studio: Madhouse

Diamond no Ace Act II (Ace of the Diamond Act II) Preview (No Spoilers)

After winning the finals at the fall tournament, the Seidou team is preparing for spring koshien. Eijun Sawamura and Satoru Furuya are the main two pitchers along with Kawakami, a third year, there to back them up and add some variety. After participating in that tournament, the team goes onto the spring tournament followed by post-spring matches where Sawamura steadily gains more responsibilities and grows as a player. Will Sawamura finally gain the position of Ace in time for the Tokyo summer regional tournament?

Kazuya Miyuki Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. He’s Reliable.

Miyuki’s not the perfect baseball player. He’s got strengths and weaknesses just like everyone else. However, he’s consistent in his play style and you can rely on him when the team’s in a pinch. Even off the field, Miyuki’s always thinking about the team and wanting to improve everyone. You know that when Miyuki says something, he’s going to make it happen. Even the coaches rely on Miyuki to make the calls during the game, just like in Act II episode 3 when Coach Kataoka comments that Miyuki is making good calls in a difficult game against Komadai Fujimaki.

2. He’s Blunt and Honest.

One strength of Miyuki’s that can also be seen as one of his weaknesses is that he’s at times bluntly honest. He doesn’t care if not everyone likes him and he’ll say things that need to be said regardless of whether it hurts other’s feelings. While he can be sarcastic, you know that when it comes to baseball he’s honest about what the team needs—and you’ll respect him for that. In Act II, he lectures Sawamura after the third round about how important it is to get a strike on the first pitch.

3. He’s Self-sacrificing.

He’s a fighter until the very end. During the finals of the fall tournament, Miyuki plays with a pulled side abdominal the whole game. He doesn’t care if it hurts so much he can’t even tell it hurts anymore. In season 1 episode 18, he tells Kuramochi, "If it means making the pitcher shine, I'll do whatever it takes. I'll lie if I have to, and make myself hated if I have to." Miyuki really exemplifies the captain who will literally give his all for the team.

4. He’s Strategic.

Handsome, conniving, and highly analytical. Miyuki has all the makings of a great captain. His strategicness, in particular, is what makes him famous on and off the field. Unafraid to wait for the perfect moment, Miyuki carefully hashes out his plan of attack and strikes when the iron is hot. In Act II episode 6, he watches the pitcher and his teammates to figure out exactly when to swing, earning his team a two-run homer to the back screen. It’s plays like these that make you fall in love with the Seidou captain!

5. He’s Imperfectly Perfect.

Miyuki can be quite sarcastic, a bit sadistic, and has got a slight mean streak. However, these characteristics give him depth and make us love to watch him. In Act II episode 5, he grins and chuckles at the prospect of having a younger classmate live with him who doesn’t like him. He takes situations that others might find uncomfortable or inopportune and spins them in a way to best suit him. His plans might not always work out, but hey, nobody’s perfect, and that’s all right!

Final Thoughts

Captain Testuya Yuuki is a tough act to follow, but Miyuki does a great job leading the team and can only get better at being a more effective leader as Act II continues. With his superior catching skills, strategic mind, and wit, he’s a character favorite among all Ace of Diamond fans. Is there a favorite Miyuki moment of Act II that you have? Did we miss any other great reasons to love Miyuki? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

Ace-of-Diamond-wallpaper-2 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Kazuya Miyuki Is a Great Captain - Diamond no Ace Act II (Ace of the Diamond Act II)


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