[Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Sailor Neptune and Uranus Are Our Favorite Couple

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Sailor-Moon-s-wallpaper-700x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Sailor Neptune and Uranus Are Our Favorite Couple

Sailor Neptune and Uranus is Our Favorite Couple

Warning: if you are anxiously waiting for the release of Sailor Moon Crystal S3 and do not wish to read SPOILERS, please pick another article to read.

Is there someone who doesn’t know Sailor Moon? The creation of a Japanese pharmacy student who also aspired to become a mangaka took the world by storm with its premise of a cast of warrior girls in Sailor suits. Yet, one of the strong points of this anime is that such cast is varied, showing not only defined personalities but also goals beyond being a bride or housewife. This was a novelty when Sailor Moon was released for the first time, back in the 90s.

But let’s analyze a particular couple of characters that defined a considerable portion of the rhythm and environment in the third season of the first version of the anime. We are talking about Haruka and Michiru, a.k.a. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. On its third season (known as Sailor Moon S or Sailor Moon Super), the story parts away from the origins of our heroines powers and the future of the Earth. This time, the menace is more focused in the present, aided by a mad scientist.

Things get darker and more serious with the appearance in present days of the Senshi from the Outer Solar System. We were kinda expecting more adult tones, as we met Sailor Pluto in the second season and she was shown to be older, with a more mature character. Still, Uranus and Neptune had the particularity of being a couple. And a killer couple they are! Beyond the fact that they are girls, their relationship dynamics in an anime targeted to the whole family was interesting to watch. This fact was so controversial in some countries (like the U.S.), that dialogues were changed to give the impression that Haruka and Michiru were cousins. But maybe the world is ready for the truth now that Sailor Moon is coming back with the third season of Crystal.

So, without further ado, let’s give rendition to the relationship of these two iconic characters of Sailor Moon S, and let’s see why Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are our favorite couple.

1. Their Talents

Sailor-Moon-s-wallpaper-700x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Sailor Neptune and Uranus Are Our Favorite Couple

Yes, Haruka and Michiru are middle school students like most of the other Senshi, but they do not attend just any school. Mugen Academy is a massive elite complex founded by the Sailor Moon S antagonist (the scientist Souichi Tomoe), where only genius students are admitted.

In the particular case of Haruka and Michiru, they appear to be from wealthy backgrounds. Haruka is a car and motocross racer, active and cool. She is also shown to play the piano in the last Sailor Moon season from the 90s (Sailor Stars). As for Michiru, she is a talented violinist and painter. Her instrument is even used to attack enemies, and becomes some sort of musical trademark for the duo’s appearances as Sailor Senshi. Now, that’s classy!

2. The Combination of Their Personalities

Faithful reflections of their talents, this pair is an interesting and well balanced combo. Haruka is a tomboy who is pretty much like the wind: easy-going, free and somewhat mischievous. As Sailor Uranus, she also has a protective personality, although sometimes we see her reacting rather strongly.

As for Michiru, she is the ideal complement for Haruka, as she is feminine and kind. Her violin has been described as “the sound of the sea” by Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon’s original creator). When Michiru is angry, she is composed, cold and sharp. She might look frail at first sight, but as Sailor Neptune, she is as effective in battle as Sailor Uranus.

One of the best early examples of how well both girls personalities are combined is shown in episode 93, when Haruka mischievously throws a lemon towards Michiru’s violin and she keeps playing, balancing the fruit.

3. They are Independent and Daring

Sailor-Moon-s-wallpaper-700x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Sailor Neptune and Uranus Are Our Favorite Couple

By now it’s quite clear that this pair is independent. We know that most of the Inner Senshi live with their parents or, in the case of Rei Hino, with her grandfather. But there’s little official information about Haruka and Michiru’s parents. They have lived on their own since we met them, and Haruka even mentioned they had “wealthy patrons” once. Of course that, being famous and having such careers, it’s expected. They even have helicopters to ride to school (as shown in episode 92), which they know how to pilot.

We can only expect that, as Sailor Moon Crystal is more similar to the manga in general, we will see more of those helicopters and other daring scenes both in their daily lives and as Sailor Senshi.

4. They Know How to Flirt but Keep Loyal to Each Other

Sailor-Moon-s-wallpaper-700x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Sailor Neptune and Uranus Are Our Favorite Couple

Throughout Sailor Moon S, this pair is shown to have a peculiar sense of humor. When they were around the Inner Sailor Senshi they made fun of themselves, especially Haruka. In episode 92, the other girls took her for a man, as she usually dresses like one and addresses herself as “boku” (a male form of “I”). Haruka did not make an effort to correct that impression until much later, which led to comical situations.

Haruka also flirts with Usagi, who eventually flirts back, once she understands it’s not a serious business. But when Haruka and Michiru are shown interacting with each other, it is obvious their relationship is strong and positive. In episode 94, they talk about kisses with Usagi and the conversation could have lead to jealousy. Instead of that, Michiru states that people want to make the most of their first kiss and glances at Haruka, who stares back and chuckles. So, flirting is just a game and they know it.

Again, in the case of Crystal, these two girls might be more flirty when they interact with Usagi and her boyfriend Mamoru. That would spice things up a little!

5. Their Maturity

Sailor-Moon-s-wallpaper-700x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Sailor Neptune and Uranus Are Our Favorite Couple

With such stylish personalities and their independent natures we can only expect that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are more into the adult world than the Inner Senshi. The contrast is especially prominent in the first version of the anime, where our five girls are childish practically most of the time. Introducing the Outer Senshi to the story helped to give the female cast more balance.

Also, this pair tend to keep themselves in their private little world. It might look at first sight as a protective shield, away from the fame of their civilian lives. But once we discovered they also were Sailor Senshi, we found out that what they ultimately wanted is to protect their Princess (Sailor Moon) without hurting her or the others. In episode 98, Haruka even states that they made the promise of fulfilling their mission as Sailor Senshi even if one of them dies. These girls take matters on their own hands!

Final Thoughts

Naoko Takeuchi gave us some of the most unforgettable characters in the shoujo anime world, as her girls are more than pretty faces in Sailor uniforms. By giving defined personalities, depth and complex relationships to Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, she created the most wonderful couple ever! Always imitated, never equaled.

Which are your favorite Haruka and Michiru moments? Which are your expectations for our couple in Sailor Moon Crystal S3? We welcome all our comments!

Sailor-Moon-s-wallpaper-700x500 [Throwback Thursday] 5 Reasons Why Sailor Neptune and Uranus Are Our Favorite Couple


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