5 Reasons Why Saitama and Genos should be the Top Ranked Heroes

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OPM-2-One-Punch-Man-captcha-700x438 5 Reasons Why Saitama and Genos should be the Top Ranked Heroes

Why Saitama and Genos are the Best Heroes

One Punch Man has definitely been one of 2015’s highlights. It’s a comedy action show and a hero parody which explores the everyday life of an overpowered hero and his apprentice. From the beginning of the show we get an idea of just how strong Saitama is and we desperately hope for a villain that can put up a fight. We also get to meet Genos early on, a young man who has replaced all his body parts for mechanical parts, becoming a very powerful cyborg.

Halfway through the show, our heroes sign up at the Hero Association to become official and recognized heroes. Saitama is a little reluctant at first, since he’s a hero by hobby, but once he’s ranked in the C-class he works hard to do heroic acts and climb up positions. Then, we get to meet some of the highest ranked heroes, and to our surprise, many of them are not nearly as strong as Saitama or even Genos.

We expect that our heroes get enough recognition for their heroic acts soon so they can climb up to the top of the heroes ranking, especially in the case of Saitama, who’s at the bottom half of the list. However, this doesn’t really happen and our heroes struggle to move up one spot at the time. But let me tell you, these two heroes should be at the top of the S-class for several reasons. This is why the Demon Cyborg and the Caped Baldy are the best!

1. Humility

OPM-2-One-Punch-Man-captcha-700x438 5 Reasons Why Saitama and Genos should be the Top Ranked Heroes

Our two heroes have truly heroic personalities. They are really noble and humble, as they care for innocent people the most and they often put their egos aside to do what’s best for others. Most of the S-class heroes are nothing like this. Instead, they tend to be quite vain and self-centered. Such is the case of Tatsumaki, Metal Knight, Superalloy Darkshine and A-Class Rank 1 hero, Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask (who’s as powerful as an S-class hero).

Humility is one of Saitama’s most salient features. We can even see it on his face. He constantly acts like a completely ordinary person when he’s in fact the most powerful being in the universe (as far as we know). He doesn’t boast about his powers like most of his foes and colleagues do. Saitama’s the dog that doesn’t bark; he bites instead. A great example of Saitama’s humility is when he gives credit to the heroes defeated by the Sea King, saying that they had weakened him, when in fact they all had failed miserably. That’s a real hero!

Genos is also quite humble, although a bit less than his sensei. He does like to boast about his powers every time he gets a new upgrade, though he mostly cares for saving people. In the past he only cared for achieving great powers and getting his revenge on the cyborg that destroyed his home town. Since he’s under Saitama’s instruction however, he’s been learning to be a true hero in spirit. Plus, witnessing Saitama’s incredible powers made Genos less proud and more down-to-Earth.

2. Looks

OPM-2-One-Punch-Man-captcha-700x438 5 Reasons Why Saitama and Genos should be the Top Ranked Heroes

Let me tell you who are some of the S-class heroes that stand over Saitama and Genos. A couple bodybuilders, a grown up man in a dog costume, an obese guy, a guy who fights using a bat, a zombie, a child, a samurai and an old man. There are only few heroes left of this class that actually look like heroes. Genos and Saitama definitely look much more like heroes than these people I just listed, so they should be taken more into account by the Hero Association.

Genos has the coolest design as he’s both fearsome and handsome. He’s the ultimate cyborg and his cool looks have quickly ranked him among the most popular heroes. Genos looks a dozen times more powerful than most of the S-class heroes with only few exceptions (namely Tatsumaki, Metal Knight and Drive Knight).

Saitama doesn’t exactly look like the most powerful super hero ever. However, his costume is that of a proper and traditional hero. He wears a mustard yellow jumpsuit with a belt, red gloves and a white cape. He should be the top ranked hero just for being the only hero on the show using a cape. Plus, we should not forget that his costume was custom tailored by a professional, and it’s Saitama’s most treasured possession.

3. Heroic Motivation

OPM-2-One-Punch-Man-captcha-700x438 5 Reasons Why Saitama and Genos should be the Top Ranked Heroes

The great majority of S-class heroes have very personal motivations, as they are, like we said, extremely self-centered. They only care about their status as heroes, seeking glory and recognition with little concern for people’s well-being. This is why many of them only show up when there’s a Dragon level disaster or even a God level disaster. Saitama and Genos on the other hand are true selfless heroes.

It is true that Genos started his path as a hero driven by personal motivations, mainly revenge upon the cyborg that killed his family and destroyed his home-town. However, as Genos’ character develops throughout the series, he seems to gradually leave his dark past behind him. After meeting Saitama, Genos begins to care more about what it means to be a hero. He’s not driven by his thirst for vengeance anymore but for his will to do justice.

Saitama can be a rather unconventional hero to say the least, but his peculiar ways do not make him any less of a hero. In fact, I am convinced that he’s the most heroic of all the heroes in the show (with the exception of License-less Rider perhaps). Being a hero is Saitama’s hobby, not his job, which means he does it out of love and passion. Unlike the rest of the S-class heroes, Saitama is a hero not because he can, but because he chose to be so. He’s a hero at heart.

4. Timing

OPM-2-One-Punch-Man-captcha-700x438 5 Reasons Why Saitama and Genos should be the Top Ranked Heroes

Halfway through the show we get to know about the existence of the Hero Association. This comes as a bit of a surprise, since so far we got to meet more monsters than heroes. Plus, Saitama got rid of all those giant and threatening monsters without getting any recognition. We can only think that all those heroes have an awful timing for disasters and that they always get too late to the scene, much after our heroes saved the day and headed back home.

Genos must have a sixth sense for disasters or at least a very good timing. He’s pretty much always there when he’s needed to fight a monster or prevent a catastrophe. He was the only hero around to stop the deadly Mosquito Girl (until Saitama showed up of course), he was also there to fight the Sea King and next to our hero when the terrible Carnage Kabuto was about to be set loose. He was also one of the first to attempt to stop the Giant Meteor.

Saitama has such good timing that he almost always defeats his enemies and leaves the place before anyone else gets there. That’s why he never gets any recognition for his deeds. In fact, one of the top S-class heroes often gets the credit for Saitama’s victories. Anyway, he doesn’t really care about recognition, fame or popularity. Saitama’s only concern is to fight evil and save as many people as possible (and if he gets a fierce rival, that’s welcome too).

5. OPness

OPM-2-One-Punch-Man-captcha-700x438 5 Reasons Why Saitama and Genos should be the Top Ranked Heroes

As we mentioned before, many of the S-class heroes aren’t really as strong as we’d expect. We can often see more than one of such heroes struggling to defeat a dragon-level monster or even a demon-level monster like the Sea King. Most of them are miles away of being as powerful as our two heroes.

Genos has proved time and again his great powers. He’s a skilled and resourceful fighter with many aces up his sleeve. He’s incredibly fast and has the strength to break apart the ground. He can also obliterate entire mountains with his massive blasts. What makes him really overpowered though is his heroic will to fight even when the odds are against him. Just kidding, his incineration cannons are his most OP feature!

Well, this part pretty much says it all. Saitama should be the top ranked hero because he’s freaking OP, period. I don’t even need to support this point (though I’ll do it anyway) since the name of the show tells us everything we need to know about him. No other hero has nearly a fraction of Saitama’s power. He can get rid of any threat in just one punch. There are simply no other heroes that can compare to him.

Closing Paragraph

No one questions Saitama and Genos’ powers, but I thought necessary to do this since I believe that being a hero is much more than just being extremely powerful. Being a hero demands dedication and a noble and selfless spirit, which is what I aimed at exploring here. Certainly, our two heroes do have such heroic features, and in loads. I conclude that Saitama should be the #1 hero and Genos should be #2 or at least among the top four heroes (we have yet to meet Blast).

I’d like to know what you guys think of our two heroes and the of the S-class heroes. Let me know if you’d rank them any differently, and what it means to be a true hero to you.

OPM-2-One-Punch-Man-captcha-700x438 5 Reasons Why Saitama and Genos should be the Top Ranked Heroes


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