5 reasons Why Sakura and Syaoran Deserve to Be Together

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Tsubasa-Chronicle-Wallpaper-5-1-694x500 5 reasons Why Sakura and Syaoran Deserve to Be Together

Sakura and Syaoran Deserve to Be Together

Warning: this article is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk!

If there is something the mangaka quartet CLAMP loves, is to crossover their characters throughout their stories. And why not? If a character is well defined and memorable, anime fans are always eager to see more of his/her adventures. Thus, we met Sakura and Syaoran first in Card Captor Sakura, but a new “version” of the couple was introduced in Tsubasa Chronicles, originally released as manga in 2003. The anime would come in 2005, followed by several OVAs and a movie.

The atmosphere in Tsubasa Chronicles and xxxHOLiC is totally different from the innocent and sweet Card Captor Sakura. We are going to occasionally mention xxxHOLiC here too because both stories are tightly related to each other. Afterall, Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHOLiC grants wishes for the archaeologist Syaoran, the magician Fai and the warrior Kurogane in exchange of high prices. The group’s ultimate goal is to defeat Fei Wong Reed, who has been creating a lot of mess throughout the worlds our heroes travel across. Let’s not forget that the story’s trigger was his attack on Sakura. But in a confusing plot twist that still gives headaches to fans, it’s revealed that there are two Syaorans and two Sakuras. We will call the cloned couple “Sakura” and “Syaoran” in this article. As for the original couple, we will call them “Tsubasa” and “Princess Tsubasa”.

Anyway, going back to the story, we unfortunately never saw if the travelers defeated Fei Wong Reed in the animated version. Sakura died in the middle of a sword duel between Syaoran and Tsubasa in the Shunraiki OVA, in one of the most poetics and tragic deaths of the anime world. And although she states that, as long as the Tsubasas are alive, that’s not the end… we didn’t find out if Sakura and Syaoran got their happy ending. Because that is exactly what they deserve after traveling through so many countries (worlds) and facing so much difficulties! But let’s go little by little, shall we?

So, why Sakura and Syaoran deserve to be together? You might wonder. Well, look no further, here are 5 reasons why.

1. Because Syaoran Does Everything for Sakura’s Sake

Tsubasa-Chronicle-Wallpaper-5-1-694x500 5 reasons Why Sakura and Syaoran Deserve to Be Together

As we mentioned above, the story’s action starts when Fei Wong Reed attacks Sakura and Syaoran interferes. This event provoked the scattering of Sakura’s memories (in the shape of feathers) throughout many worlds. So, in order to travel through dimensions and recover them, Syaoran agrees to give up his relationship with Sakura. As they were childhood friends and, obviously, there was love chemistry between them, we can imagine that was a great sacrifice for him.

But it doesn’t stop there. Recovering the memories of a now dormant Sakura meant a lot of perilous missions and epic bloody battles, because those little delicate looking feathers have strong magical powers. They can even keep people alive, so logically everyone wants them. Thus, living your life permanently on the line and being continuously injured for a girl who does not remember who you are screams how important is such girl to you in all the languages of the universe.

2. Because Sakura Reciprocates Syaoran's Sacrifices

Tsubasa-Chronicle-Wallpaper-5-1-694x500 5 reasons Why Sakura and Syaoran Deserve to Be Together

Sakura also pays an indirect price for being able to travel in order to recover her feathers (her memories with Syaoran). Although she remains as a typical “princess in disgrace” for most of the story, she slowly evolves into an active character. Sakura also creates a new relationship with Syaoran, where they take care of each other as best as they can.

When Syaoran’s seal is broken in the OVA Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations and he becomes a heartless tool for Fei Wong Read to do his dirty work, Sakura singlehandedly recovered one of her feathers. From that point onwards, she is shown with a more serious and dark personality, firmly determined to bring back Syaoran’s heart at any cost… which is exactly what she does by deciding to die in his hands on that sword duel.

3. Because They Keep Faithful to Each Other

Tsubasa-Chronicle-Wallpaper-5-1-694x500 5 reasons Why Sakura and Syaoran Deserve to Be Together

We know that Syaoran can’t have a relationship with Sakura, but nevertheless, we never see any of the two romantically interested in any other character throughout the adventures of Tsubasa Chronicles. Fai and Kurogane are more like surrogate parental figures and they are more interested on each other anyway.

So, with all this business of having two Syaorans and two Sakuras, it would have been simply too easy to cheat, even if by accident, right? Especially because after Syaoran left the group and his place was taken by Tsubasa, everyone thought Sakura was princess Tsubasa, his childhood companion. But no, cheating never happened! This couple deserves an award for their loyalty.

4. Because It Is Unavoidable and They Want It

Tsubasa-Chronicle-Wallpaper-5-1-694x500 5 reasons Why Sakura and Syaoran Deserve to Be Together

One of the repetitive themes on Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHOLiC is “hitsuzen”, which can be loosely translated as “destiny”, “faith”, or “the unavoidable”. It’s clear that hitsuzen operated when Sakura fell in love again with Syaoran on their journey throughout the worlds. But well, how could she not? A brave, handsome, kind and clever guy who risks everything for your sake is someone you simply can’t unsee XD We can imagine that is why Sakura’s body moved in Shura country to kiss him on the cheek.

Anyway, at the same time, there is another force operating in CLAMP’s world, which is mentioned later in xxxHOLiC. This force is “hitsuyou” which can be translated as “need”, “wish”, or “want”. By actively building their relationship from zero at various times and, paying the high prices for each others salvations, Sakura and Syaoran are also showing “hitsuyou”. Which takes us to our final reason...

5. Because They Never Give Up

Sakura and Syaoran were naive teenagers in the beginning of Tsubasa Chronicles, but all the pain and suffering they went throughout their apparently endless journey made them grow up. Still, there were several moments when they could take a break and enjoy being together, just side by side, unlike so many couples nowadays that jump into each others pants without even dating.

The times when they were a waiter and a waitress in a Coffee Shop in Oto country, or when they worked in a circus in Shara country (when Syaoran had to dress up as a girl), are the moments that create great couple memories. Also, when they entered the race in Piffle world and learned how to fly, this pair showed us that despite all the gloomy perspectives, we can always focus on hope and the future. Sakura, who at first was a terrible racer, ended up winning the competition aided by Syaoran’s moral support.

Final Thoughts

Sakura and Syaoran are teenagers, who have lost too much at their young age but keep fighting for what they believe and want. They might have matured throughout their ordeals, but they remain kind and good individuals in the bottom, faithful to each other. So, we just can demand from CLAMP a happy ending for them. They truly deserve it!

Which other reasons can you think about for Sakura and Syaoran to deserve to be together? Share with us all your comments and suggestions!

Tsubasa-Chronicle-Wallpaper-5-1-694x500 5 reasons Why Sakura and Syaoran Deserve to Be Together


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