5 Reasons Why Usui and Misaki are More than a Master and His Maid

Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama-wallpaper-700x483 5 Reasons Why Usui and Misaki are More than a Master and His Maid

Usui and Misaki are More than a Master and His Maid

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Beware: this article will contain spoilers. Please proceed with caution.
There are few shoujo anime from the past decade that really excite fans as much as Kaichou wa Maid-sama. What makes Kaichou wa Maid-sama so great have to be the main couple, Usui x Misaki! Misaki has such an explosive personality while Usui tends to be more withdrawn, yet they work so well together. While their back and forth adds humor to Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Usui and Misaki do have some of the cutest moments! Is it any wonder that so many people love this anime?

Usui x Misaki are one of the best couples, but why? They may appear to be just a maid and a student, but they are so much more. And we want to explore the reasons! So here we are, 5 reasons why Usui and Misaki are more than a master and his maid!

1. Usui was Never Interested in Girls

Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama-wallpaper-700x483 5 Reasons Why Usui and Misaki are More than a Master and His Maid

As stated by one of the boys in the beginning of Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Usui Takumi never expresses an interest in girls. Usui had no interest before, but when he comes across Misaki, Usui finds himself drawn to her. Usui spends his time teasing Misaki, talking to her, and haunting her at work. For a man not interested in girls, Usui sure seems interested in Misaki!

So much so that Usui tends to get into Misaki’s business. In episode 1, when Misaki works herself ill, Usui actually notices all the stress that Misaki is under. In the same episode, Misaki gets caught by the idiot trio at work, but Usui protects Misaki and convinces the idiot trio to keep Misaki’s job a secret. Heck, we cannot forget that moment in episode 2, when Misaki accidentally calls her customer “master” at the school festival, Usui stepped in wearing a naval officer uniform to save Misaki! These are moments that show how much Usui really pays attention to Misaki.

No matter where or when Usui is always aware of Misaki. It is Misaki who draws out this side of Usui and makes him a normal high school boy. Although Usui teases Misaki about wanting her as his personal maid, it just shows clearly how Usui actually notices Misaki above other girls. Misaki is special to Usui.

2. Misaki is a Man-Hater

Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama-wallpaper-700x483 5 Reasons Why Usui and Misaki are More than a Master and His Maid

When we first see Ayuzawa Misaki, she presents herself as a man-hater. Due to issues with her father, Misaki does not trust men and continually treats them as they are the lower gender. Misaki constantly antagonizes the boys at school to the point that they grew tired of her. However, amongst the boys, it is Usui who teaches Misaki that boys are not all scum. It is Usui who changes Misaki all for the better.

On the day of the school festival, in episode 2, Misaki finally breaks the final straw when she scolds the boys for harassing the girls at the cafe, after a series of constantly rejecting the boys. The boys then abandon the cafe, tired of Misaki’s mistreatment of them. Usui had warned Misaki previously it is in this moment that she realizes that Usui was right, she was treating the boys unfairly. However, Misaki needs Usui’s help, even more, to convince the boys to forgive, which they do after Usui shows how hard Misaki is working in the cafe by herself.

Without Usui, Misaki would not have been able to fully understand the error of her ways. She is a stubborn girl who needs someone to tell her the truth. Due to the fact that Misaki is a man-hater, Misaki needs Usui in her life to set her straight. Ultimately, without Usui, Misaki would continue to be a man-hater and no one wants that.

3. Usui will do Anything for Misaki

Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama-wallpaper-700x483 5 Reasons Why Usui and Misaki are More than a Master and His Maid

Misaki has a past of being betrayed by her father so of course she does not trust men. Who can blame her? Misaki’s father abandoned her family leaving them with a massive debt that Misaki is trying to pay off despite being in high school In her life, Misaki has dealt with selfish decisions that usually leave her with nothing. However, Usui is so much different.

For Misaki, Usui is willing to do anything. In episode 6, when Misaki is debating on revealing her identity as a maid to the Yumeyama, she gets into an argument with Usui and accidentally makes him drop a picture of them both at Maid Latte off the roof. When Misaki panics, Usui kisses Misaki and then jumps off the roof to grab the photo. Who does that? Usui does.

This just shows how Usui is willing to do anything for Misaki. Usui is willing to jump off the school roof to keep Misaki’s secret. Usui may spend a lot of the anime teasing Misaki to get a rise out of her, but when it really counts, Usui springs into action, even if it puts his life in peril. Even when Misaki feels unsure about whether or not she wants to keep her secret, Usui does not hesitate to jump for that photo. This is the type of person Misaki needs. Misaki needs someone to restore her faith in men and in humanity. Misaki needs someone who is willing to do something for her for once.

4. Usui can Make Misaki Feel Weak

Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama-wallpaper-700x483 5 Reasons Why Usui and Misaki are More than a Master and His Maid

Misaki is one of those shoujo heroines who acts strong, regardless of what is going on with her. When she’s sick, Misaki will act like she is fine and goes on with her life. Misaki does not want to show weakness. However, when it is in front of Usui, Misaki can’t help but show weakness. Usui causes Misaki to break her facade and be real for once.

Misaki is constantly yelling at Usui, but that doesn’t reflect her true feelings. When it was Imouto Day at Maid Latte in episode 3, Misaki drives Usui to leave the cafe after he teased her so much. In that moment, Misaki is driven to beg him to stay, staying in imouto mode, but was it really just an act? Misaki didn’t want Usui to leave so she was able to express herself when she was in imouto mode. Only Usui can make Misaki feel this way.

After getting injured during the footman auditions, Misaki goes to Usui’s to take care of him. It is in this moment when Misaki reveals how helpless she feels and how she is dependent on Usui. It is in this moment when Usui also reveals how dependent he is on Misaki. This is such a perfect Usui and Misaki moment; you really feel how much these two care about each other without having to say so. Weakness does not mean you are weak, but here, it means that you are in love.

5. Misaki is the Only One who Can Anger Usui

Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama-wallpaper-700x483 5 Reasons Why Usui and Misaki are More than a Master and His Maid

For much of the anime, Usui has shown just how carefree and relaxed he is. Usui spends most of Kaichou wa Maid-sama just teasing Misaki. That’s how their relationship works! Despite being so relaxed, anything related to Misaki has the power to bring out Usui’s darker side.

In episode 5, Misaki is warned about stalkers who are targeting maid cafes. When Misaki disregards the warnings, Usui takes them seriously and even pretends to be a stalker to prove his point that Misaki needs to be careful. Misaki’s carelessness drives Usui to do desperate things. Usui loses his cool when it comes to Misaki, which is evident when Usui is willing to feign being a stalker to prove a point.

Then in episode 17, Usui antagonizes Misaki and goes up against her in the volleyball tournament. Although, Misaki did not know why Usui spent the entire tournament fiercely competing against Misaki. What she didn’t know was that Usui wanted to prevent people from taking advantage of Misaki if she won and became Beach Princess. Usui has shown several times that he is willing to play the antagonist to steer Misaki in a better direction. Does this make Usui a bad guy or a good guy? Either way, he does it all for Misaki.

Final Thoughts

Usui and Misaki may appear to be just a maid and her master, but they are so much more. They compliment each other in many ways, acting more as partners in most situations. Misaki needs Usui and Usui needs Misaki. They are a couple perfect for each other. Can you deny that?

For all Usui x Misaki fans out there, what are you favorite moments? Why do they belong together? Let’s share the love of Usui x Misaki!

Kaichou-wa-Maid-sama-wallpaper-700x483 5 Reasons Why Usui and Misaki are More than a Master and His Maid


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