5 Ridiculous Activities in Asobi Asobase

Aosbi Asobase brings us the story of three girls: Hanako, Olivia, and Kasumi. Hanako is a fantastic student and rich, but she is horribly dense. Olivia looks foreign, but actually is Japanese, and feigns not knowing the Japanese language. Kasumi is a genius student who is tragically bad at English. Together, these three come together to form the part-timers club where they basically just waste time playing games in order to not have to join a real club. Either way, the hijinks that they get into are some of the funniest we have seen in anime in a long time. Seiji Kishi really knew what he was doing. Let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious activities the trio have done throughout this comedy gold.

1. The Shirt Sewing Challenge

This originally started out with the girls trying to sew things for class. Hanako and Olivia are fine, but Kasumi forgets to add extra material for her bust. Hanako swears up and down that she can help her even though Hanako is bitter about her boob size. Needless to say, Hanako failed miserably, putting fake boobs made from extra material over Kasumi’s bust led to humiliation for Kasumi and rage from Hanako who cannot let go of having a smaller bust. When all else fails, try a fourth time?

2. Sugoroku

Sugoroku is supposed to be a fun game, but what ends up happening is that Hanako has made her own game boards where you have to do humiliating acts until you reach the end. Each one is awful including one made by Hanako’s servant, Maeda. Hanako tries her best, but well... it does not go well. She ends up landing on one where Olivia and Kasumi are supposed to spank her. When she mocks them, Kasumi gives her a spanking so hard, it breaks her ass. Then later, she hits Maeda’s square and has to do the chin chin pose that dogs do. However, with chin chin in Japanese means the male genitalia. Hanako thinks that she has to pose as a dick and has a mental breakdown over it.

3. Princess Game

This was one of the final parts of Asobi Asobase, but boy did it deliver. The game is played in teams where you have to draw something and then convince the other side that whatever you have drawn is more powerful than you opponent’s. If you can convince them and they cannot come up with anything, they lose. So the girls start going back and forth with Olivia and Kasumi on one team and Hanako and Maeda on the other. Maeda should have won, but what happens is this is his flaw! Maeda has no creative skills and cannot draw! Irritated, he draws some weird doodle that looks like a parasite and claims it is some powerful being. It doesn’t work; Kasumi and Olivia counter, and he cannot bring up anything else. He just draws another parasite doodle claiming it is some supreme being. Needless to say, Hanako loses it and then loses the game.

4. Pokemon GO But with Bacteria

Olivia sure loves her phone. Of course rather than bleep out a syllable in Pokemon Go, Olivia describes it as some bacteria discovering game. When she scans things, she can see the bacteria on people and learn about it. Kasumi is average, but Hanako is covered in E.coli. Olivia is trying not to laugh while Hanako recounts how she got there. Hanako tries to scan some things and the phone accidentally scans Olivia’s armpits. An alarm starts going off and Olivia says that is where rare, dangerous bacteria have been found. Hanako dies trying not to tell Olivia where it is due to her past trauma of sniffing armpits.

5. The Fight Against the Shogi Club

Early on in the series, the girls have to fight the shogi club for use of the classroom. Barring the traumatic experience of a teacher licking what should have been pee and was just water, the girls are ready to do whatever it takes to win. When a simple game of shoe kicking is suggested, both clubs agree. What ends up happening is it escalates all the way to the point that the president of the shogi club launches her body off of a full speed bike and into the air to try and win. She doesn’t survive it very well and doesn’t come back till later in the season and even then, she is still maimed.

Final Thoughts

Asobi Asobase brought us a true comedy gem that has surpassed well beyond what we were expecting. Needless to say, it worked out excellently and we really miss this amazing comedy series already. What are your thoughts on this series? What scene did you enjoy the best? Be sure to let us know below. Till next time!

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