5 Sexy Anime Bad-Boys from 2018

With the last anime season of the year more than halfway through, we can start looking back at all the gifts anime brought us in 2018. One noticeable highlight for this Honey’s Anime bee was the number of attractive men in a wide range of genres! And today, we’re focusing on those hard-as-nails-until-they-meet-the-MC-who-changes-their-lives type of guys. These bullies with a heart of gold, converted criminals, and even those just putting up a bad-body front, all had one thing in common... they’re all pretty hot!! Let’s count down our top 5 sexy anime bad-boys of 2018!

5. Yoshifumi Nitta from Hinamatsuri

Nitta is literally a criminal. A current and proud member of the Ashikawa-gumi Yakuza syndicate, the blond gangster is actually very well-behaved compared to most in his position, as he collects vases and doesn’t favor violence, visibly disliking that part of his job. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at him! Nitta carries himself like a proud Yakuza member, is still wild about women and thoroughly enjoys partying.

That is… Until our lovely Hina crashes into his apartment and becomes his ward. This is when the handsome Nitta shines even brighter, cooking, cleaning, and generally caring for Hina and even Anzu. Nitta may not be the hottest guy on this list but he makes up for it with his cool attitude, charisma, and heart of gold.

4. Kuusuke Saiki from Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan Second Season (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. 2nd Season)

Kusuo’s older brother Kuusuke is a genious mad scientist. And like others on this list, he cares very little about what others feel or think as long as he can run his experiments and test out his inventions. In the second season, he had all of us fooled thinking he had turned a new leaf and was truly using his genius for good by coming up with helpful contraptions for the elderly. We swooned thinking “Now he’s the whole package! Smart, wealthy, cretive, beautiful, and now, a charitable member of society!”

But we were wrong… it was all a ploy to use these poor unsuspecting elderly people as test subjects for an anti-Kusuo suit! He’s still absolutely gorgeous, though. We forgive him, Kuusuke can do no wrong in our eyes. Look at that face, that sense of style, that brain! We’re all about the sexy mad scientists here at Honey’s.

3. Gojou Yuuma from Hinomaruzumou (Hinomaru Sumo)

Not the only reformed bully on this list, Yuuma is known as the biggest baddest bully in Odachi High School. He bullied Ozeki out of the school dojo, which was then turned into a delinquent lair for all his cronies. Yuuma even destroyed Ozeki’s dohyo when he heard him getting excited about gaining sumo club members.

But then, things change after he gets his butt kicked by the new “shrimp” in school which knocks him down a peg. Joining the sumo club changes Yuuma into a caring and disciplined senpai who wants to make amends for his past actions and become a better sumo wrestler and human being altogether. This tall, dark and handsome bad-boy had our attention from the beginning, but it’s hard to love a bully. We’re glad he decided to change his ways because that gorgeous body and chiseled face were meant to be admired, and it’s so much easier to love a nice guy with bad-boy looks!

2. Diablo from Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord)

Hardcore gamer Takuma Sakamoto is anything but a cool bad-boy. He’s an amazing player but he’s alone, unhappy, and even takes out his jealousy on couples in-game by destroying them to make himself feel better. Insecure much? Well, that’s the complete opposite of his persona in Cross Reverie; the incredibly powerful, self-confident, and very sexy Diablo.

When he realizes he’s been summoned, Takuma unsurprisingly decides to keep Diablo’s personality, which is that of a conceited, arrogant demon lord who looks down on everybody, assumes he’s the best at everything and can do anything. (Though he’s not totally wrong). This—albeit fake—attitude along with his OP status and his two slave girls make him the ultimate bad-boy in his world. And to top it off, he’s tall, muscular, handsome, has a sexy, deep voice, and rocks a white shaggy hairdo with horns that just screams “sexy demon”. Eventually, Diablo is able to show his true self more and more, becoming another converted bad-boy but keeping his devilish good looks. It’s also kind of lovable that he’s actually a big insecure nerd under that bad-boy facade.

1. Bakugo from Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season (My Hero Academia 3)

Like many bad-boys, Bakugo has a LOT of issues; he struggles with anger management, is antisocial, and most certainly is not a team player. He’s too cool for school and has zero f***s to give—the very definition of a bad-boy. On top of that, he’s a ruthless bully towards his no-longer-quirkless childhood frienemy Deku. Until the 3rd season!

Now a bit more mature and with a new friend, Bakugo has toned down his abuse towards Deku and respects him instead of hating him. He’s come a long way and that makes us feel better about finding him so sexy! Those shoulders, those biceps, that fiery passion! And now that he’s becoming a well-rounded person, he’s becoming even sexier. Bakugo is the kind of bad-boy you want even though you know it’s all going up in spectacular flames! We can only see him better with time.

Final Thoughts

Seems like sexy bad-boys turning good was a trend this year! Lucky us! And we have to admit, they do become more attractive when they turn over a new leaf. There’s something about having both the bad-boy and the caring lover in one that makes them so desirable.

Shout-out goes to Gajeel from Fairy Tail: Final Series who looks like a hot rockstar even in uniform. *sigh* Unfortunately, he tunred good a long time ago so he doesn’t qualify for this list. But he’ll always be a bad-boy in our hearts, and Levy’s!

Do you agree with our picks? Who were your favorite anime bad-boys from this year? Tell us all about it in the comments!


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Author: Lizzy Nyanko

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