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  • Episodes: Season 1 (13 episodes)-Season 2 (25 episodes)
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen, Super Power
  • Airing Date: Season 1 (Apr, 2016- Jun, 2016)- Season 2 (Apr, 2017- Present)
  • Producers: Bones

Boku no Hero Academia Preview (No Spoilers)

Anime Preview (No Spoilers)
For no explainable reason one day, humanity found themselves able to harness superhuman-like powers. Later these powers would be known as Quirks. As the years passed, over 80% of the world’s population was born with a Quirk. However, for young hero admirer Izuku Midoriya, he would unfortunately belong to the 20% who were born Quirkless. Despite this fact, Midoriya still wishes to be a hero and tries his best to learn all about different heroes and villains. Though no matter what hero arose in the world, Midoriya was always fond of one of the strongest heroes ever, All Might. Then when a chance encounter has Midoriya meeting this legendary hero he would be chosen to gain the same power that All Might has known as All for One.

Tenya Iida Bio

Character Bio
Seiyuu Name: Ishikawa, Kaito (J Michael Tatum)
At first glance Tenya Iida might come off as a stiff, no nonsense student, but there is more to his character then just that. Kind, hardworking and smart, Tenya is what most would call the perfect model student. Though, don’t think that Tenya can’t be a strong fighter in the hero world as his Quirk—dubbed Engine—gives Tenya extreme speed in the form of exhaust pipes that appear on his lower legs. While he can’t run at super speeds forever, Tenya uses his quick decision making and analytic ability to use his Quirk in the best situations. Tenya is a proud hero and wants to show the world that you can be a strong hero all while adhering to the rules set by society.

Tenya Iida Highlights

1. Tenya’s Quirk is the best

Tenya Iida’s Quirk Engine is what gives Tenya’s his great speed. While it has limitations obviously, it has more pros to it then negatives. Tenya’s power, throughout Boku no Hero Academia, is put to the test and he shows time and time again that it can save lives and protect his fellow classmates as well himself. That’s why we think it’s one of the best Quirks and we have the means of proving it.

There are tons of episodes that show Tenya’s Quirk being used for various reasons but we picked two of the best examples to show why his speed is amazing. During episode 11 of season 1 of Boku no Hero Academia, Tenya escapes the villains who have attacked the class. Using his speed, Tenya is able to rush back to the school to warn the other hero teachers so they can provide assistance which in turn saves the day. Another great example is episode 17 of season 2 when Tenya, Deku and Todoroki are facing Hero Killer Stain, Tenya—who was once immobilized—is able to regain his speed and help take down Stain. It’s safe to say that Tenya’s Quirk can be used offensively and defensively making it one of the best—if not the best—Quirks shown in Boku no Hero Academia.

2. Diligent Student

Being a hero is awesome yes but we have to wonder here at Honey’s Anime if people forget that Tenya and most of his friends are still students. That means that studying for tests and being diligent students is an all too important reality in Boku no Hero Academia for Tenya and his classmates. While the classes of UA might be different in comparison to other schools, grades are still a part of the curriculum. Now, how do we know Tenya is such a student? Well, glad you asked!

Season 1 episode 5 shows how diligent Tenya is. When Bakugo is being overly lax in class by having his feet up on the table, Tenya is right away scolding him for not being more aware of his student position. Then in season 2 episode 21, we are shown the various rankings for the final exam scores for the written portion. While Tenya wasn’t in first place, he did rank second in a class of 20 students showing he doesn’t slouch on his studies. Tenya is the ideal class representative because he shows what a student should be like in both actions and studies.

3. Great decision maker

When you’re in a tough spot there will be situations where time is of the essence and making a choice needs to be done quickly. Time won’t stop and that means if you take too long, things can go quite bad. That’s why in scenarios like these, you need to have someone like Tenya on your side. Tenya’s quick wit allows him to make on the spot decisions. You may not believe us without proof though. Luckily here at Honey’s Anime, we always have a means of backing up what we say.

One example of Tenya’s quick decision making can be seen in season 1 episode 9. Here, the students are in a panic when the alarms of the school sound off and they wish to escape. Using his quick decision making, Tenya speeds across the panicked students to reach up above them and command them to calm down. If you need a more recent example of Tenya’s ability look at season 2 episode 22. Here, Tenya and his chosen partner Ojiro are tasked with either arresting their hero teacher or escaping the battlefield during the final exams. Tenya uses his speed and cunning to launch Ojiro through the escape point and thus nabbing them both a passing mark. Tenya is a smart hero in training and we here at Honey’s Anime could provide even more examples of it but we feel these two should suffice.

4. A Caring Hero

Tenya is someone who has the heart of a hero through and through. This can be seen thanks to his selfless attitude and hero etiquette. Multiple times in Boku no Hero Academia, Tenya and his friends are thrown into some dark situations that could result in loss of life. Despite this, Tenya always tries to throw himself into a situation where he could help out the most to avoid anyone getting hurt. Here are some great examples of Tenya’s caring hero persona.

During season 1 episode 10, Tenya is able to escape but is hesitant to do so. While others would relish that they could escape the battle, Tenya wants to immediately rush back into the fray to save his friends from danger. However, Tenya also knows that he alone can’t save them and thus why he rushes to the aid of the other teacher heroes. The same selfless nature of Tenya’s can be seen during the fight with Stain when he wishes Deku would run away leaving him to take of Stain himself. Todoroki and Deku both convince him that they need to rely on each other and he comes to realize that this is the best way to approach the situation so no one is hurt. Tenya is caring and that right there proves he is indeed a great example of what a hero should be.

5. Coolest outfit hands down

While we won’t attack the other students of Boku no Hero Academia for their choice in uniforms, we will say this without hesitation. Tenya Iida’s costume is the coolest without question. We know that this many might consider this highly opinionated—which we here at Honey’s Anime try not to be—let us just examine Tenya’s outfit. The only way to do this is to think up the episode where all the students get their outfits for the first time. Thus we need to go back to the first season.

In season 1 episode 6, Tenya’s class are put to one of their biggest tests yet. This comes in the form of teaming up in teams of two and taking the role of heroes and villains. This in turn makes All Might—the teacher in charge of this mock scenario—to tell the students to wear their costumes for protection and to stimulate the actual concept of being in an event like this. Here we see 20 different outfits consisting of some being handmade—such as Deku’s outfit—while others were made by those in charge of the hero association. This can clearly be seen in Tenya’s outfit which almost looks like a suit of armor, fitting for his gallant and honorable attitude. Thus we think if you look at all the other outfits, you’ll realize that Tenya’s is easily the coolest one of the bunch.

Final Thoughts

Tenya Iida is one of the coolest heroes in training in Boku no Hero Academia. Unlike most of the characters, Tenya may not have a super fancy Quirk, but it’s one that really allows all of Tenya’s abilities to shine. Now, what do you think about Tenya? Let us know in the comments down below to shout out your love for him or for his awesome Quirk. If you thought this article was great be sure to keep coming back to us here at Honey’s Anime for more articles just like this one!

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