[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Tokita Ouma Highlights - Kengan Ashura

Ashura, The Ultimate Fighting Machine

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Action, Martial Arts
  • Airing Date: July 31, 2019
  • Studio: Larx Entertainment

Kengan Ashura Preview (No Spoilers)

In a world where Oliver Stone’s Wall Street meets Bloodsport, Japan’s biggest corporations ignore the regulations of antitrust laws and monopolies (assuming that they exist in Japan, or in the world of Kengan Ashura altogether), to settle the terms of disputes, mergers, acquisitions and sales through Kengan Bouts. A Kengan Bout is pretty much where corporations such as Nintendo, Panasonic, or McDonald’s (or parodies of them in the anime) choose a fighter to represent them and they fight in an MMA bout where there are no rules. OK, maybe no guns or knives, but in a Kengan Bout, you can eye gouge and go for the balls! Representing Nogi Publications is Ouma Tokita, a young martial arts master who wants to be the very best (like no one ever was)! So for today’s Honey’s Crush Wednesday, we give you our champion if we ever had to compete in a Kengan Bout, Ouma Tokita!

Ouma Tokita Highlights

1. He’s Not in it For the Money

Though the Kengan Bouts can change the course of Japan’s economy, and that Ouma’s victories and/or failures can in turn have a hand in that, he doesn’t care about the money (for other reasons we’re going to get to). This is first demonstrated when you see he lives in a house that should be condemned, and that he hunts his own food. This is further solidified when Kazuo, his manager, won 10% of Penasonic (of course a parody of Panasonic) on a bet. However, Ouma told the President of Penasonic that a true fighter doesn’t fight for money (while under the assumption he was also speaking for Kazuo, who really wanted and needed the money), and that fighting is truly about honor and distinguishing the men from the boys, and that corporate bigwigs will never understand that. The fact that he was able to get Kazuo to cancel the bet is a true testament to his principles as a martial artist.

2. He’s a Badass Fighter

Of course, any list about Ouma can’t overlook that he’s a badass fighter. For those that are martial arts enthusiasts or have experience, the animators do a very excellent job of showcasing his skills. Every punch and kick he throws demonstrates how he rotates his hips, shoulders, and wrists in order to properly execute them for both speed and power. He’s not a one trick pony and everything he dishes out is based on years of training and experience, and every time he fights, it shows. He never underestimates his opponent and does everything he can to exploit a flaw in his opponent in order to win, and that’s what makes him not just a kick ass fighter, but a champion.

3. He’s Celibate

As you know, there’s being a lover and being a fighter, and when Karura tried to force herself on Ouma in the most extreme of ways, he was able to show not only restraint but walk (more like dash) away. Not only is Ouma strong, but he’s good looking and when Karura introduces herself to him, she goes as far as saying she wants to bear his children as she hugs him! When it comes to women hitting on him on a regular level, he just casually brushes it off. Beyond his dedication to martial arts, his resistance to women mostly has to do with his upbringing, and as a result, he doesn’t know how to handle the opposite sex in intimate matters.

4. He Cares About the People Around Him

While Ouma seems to be very focused on fighting, in his own way, he demonstrates that he cares about the people around him. This is demonstrated when Kaede, an administrative assistant of his corporate sponsor, is trapped in the arena where a preliminary battle royale takes place. Despite having to fight a number of qualified martial artists, he partially made her safety his focus. Not only that, his main motivation for fighting in the Kengan Bout is to avenge the loss of his master, and as far as the one-percenters who run the show, he could care less about them.

5. He Made a Great Impact on Kazuo

Though Ouma doesn’t exactly develop as a character in this part of the series, his greatest contribution is that he made Kazuo a better man. Thanks to Kazuo being his manager, he sort of reaps in the rewards of Ouma’s success by gaining more confidence. Prior to meeting Ouma, Kazuo was an unfortunate underachiever but he just made his life better. After Ouma defied the odds, Kazuo started to stand up for himself and become more outgoing, a total 180 from where he started. In a way, you can relate their relationship to that of Johnny and Miguel from Cobra Kai, but flip the script, and you get Ouma and Kazuo.

Final Thoughts

As to Ouma as a human, if there’s any piece that’s missing, it’s probably that he lacks paternal love, and you see this explored on a surface level towards the end of the first season. Hopefully in the coming months or so, we can get a second season (or read the manga?) to further develop this aspect of him and as it relates to his relationship with Kazuo. Other than that, Ouma is still a mystery but within the first season, you get an idea of what makes him tick and how he’s also innocent. Hopefully, as it relates to the series in anime form, we can finally get the whole story behind him.

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