5 Truly Brilliant Detectives in ID:INVADED

Those who use the device known as the Mizuhanome System in the world of ID:INVADED often call themselves “brilliant detectives”. Maybe due to their own egos or their own desire to be seen as such, these brilliant detectives can deduce the mindsets of serial killers and psychos when they dive in their id wells to reveal their next move before they even do it. ID:INVADED has some truly amazing characters but only a handful of them can be considered strong enough to be brilliant detectives. Today, we look at those chosen few characters worthy of being brilliant detectives In ID:INVADED!

5. Tamotsu Fukuda (Anaido)

Serial killer Tamotsu Fukuda earned the nickname “The Perforator” due to drilling a hole into his victims’ heads to free them. When he was finally brought to justice thanks to Sakaido’s id well investigation—and the moves of Koharu—Fukuda was taken down and his killings ended. However, Fukuda wouldn’t find his jail time to be what he thought as he becomes a candidate for id well diving and ends up becoming a brilliant detective due to his intelligence and quick wit.

Anaido—as he goes by in the id wells—might not be as smart or quick as Sakaido or Miyo but that doesn’t mean he’s any less deserving of the brilliant detective moniker. In the more recent episodes of ID:INVADED, while in the id well of an unknown mind, Anaido awakens and realizes he is really Fukuda despite that being thought to be impossible! Can Fukuda help the team and save others instead of killing them? That we don’t know yet but there is hope in our hearts that Anaido is as trustworthy as a brilliant detective should be.

4. Sarina Tougou

In a specific part of ID:INVADED, Funetarou is unable to lead the Kura Team, but that doesn’t mean the team shuts down. Originally acting as a second in command, Sarina Tougou takes up the mantle as leader and helps those still within the id wells as she observes their every move/action. While not as tactful as Funetarou—and a bit more colder than him as well—Sarina isn’t one to play around with! Her skills have been paramount as of the recent episodes of ID:INVADED helping to finally figure out who John Walker is and to help keep the Kura Team organized and efficient. Sarina we could see as a brilliant detective even if she hasn’t dived into an id well herself yet.

3. Funetarou Momoki

Acting as the main leader of the Kura Team, Funetarou is calm, smart, and all too ready to take action when he feels his skills are needed. Funetarou Momoki might not have the ability to dive into id wells using the Mizuhanome but that doesn’t change his cool headedness when a situation arises. As we learn from flashbacks, Funetarou was once friends with Akihito prior to the latter’s actions but even now he seems to care about him and watches over each dive to ensure he doesn’t fall victim to insanity. In our minds, Funetarou is deserving of a brilliant detective title as he’s a great officer already in the real world and has the skills necessary to lead a very unique team of individuals.

2. Koharu Hondoumachi (Miyo Hijirido)

Despite having the appearance of a grade-schooler, Koharu Hondoumachi was a quick-witted field officer for the Kura Team. Even after Koharu had a drill jabbed into her forehead—by her own desire to be found—her skills didn’t wane and she seemed even more skilled than before! When her partner—Kokuryuu Matsuoka—saw serial killer potential in Koharu—which is how you can even dive into id wells—he recommended her to join the team Akihito is part of. Inside the id wells Koharu becomes Miyo Hijirido whose tact and skill seems on par with Sakaido’s. We definitely saw her talents in the more recent episodes where Miyo went into id well deeper than ever thought possible and still retains her identity, unlike Sakaido who thought he was living his real world’s life when he did the same move.

1. Akihito Narihisago (Sakaido)

In the real world, Akihito Narihisago was a mediocre homicide detective who tried his best nonetheless but didn’t make waves in the police force. However, when fate caused his family to suffer, Akihito took the law into his own hands and made waves of a different kind. Now considered a serial killer, Akihito uses the Mizuhanome to enter id wells and assume the guise of Sakaido the brilliant detective. While this might be a persona of sorts—seeing as how he always loses his memories of his real self when in a well, Sakaido still solves crimes and is quite adept at doing so.

Unlike his affiliates in the Kura Team, when Akihito becomes Sakaido, his mind embraces the brilliant detective persona. Capable of thinking outside the box when it comes to strange puzzles, Sakaido is truly remarkable at seeing the bigger picture. In the first few episodes, Sakaido takes a broken world—within an id well—and reconnects the pieces like a giant puzzle to solve a pretty odd crime. Sakaido also shows several times that he’s willing to dive headlong into a bad situation if it means solving the crime. Akihito and Sakaido are ultimately two sides of the same coin which proves that as his real-world self, Akihito is a brilliant detective indeed.

Final Thoughts

ID:INVADED has a ton of smart characters—some of which don’t get enough screen time, sadly—worthy of being called brilliant detectives. Did our list nail the best of them or did we miss someone? Comment below to let us know! Be sure to keep stuck to our hive for even more top 5 articles done by us here at Honey’s Anime!

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