5 Uncomfortably Creepy Anime Characters We Wouldn't Want to Be Left Alone With

Halloween is long gone but for some anime, spooky isn’t seasonal, it’s personal! Anime has a plethora of character archetypes and subtypes, but there is a certain air about some characters that elevates them from flat cookie-cutter concepts to fleshed-out individuals! Some of the best characters have been on the creepier side, but there are definitely levels to everything, so, here goes: 5 uncomfortably creepy anime characters.

5. Tsukiyama Shuu – Tokyo Ghoul

Fans of Tokyo Ghoul will know all about the Gourmand, Tsukiyama Shuu. His eccentric personality, speech patterns, tastes, and his unsettling obsession over cannibalizing Kaneki make him one of the more avant-garde of the characters on this list; however, he is as lethal as he is eccentric, sometimes sniffing a handkerchief stained with Kaneki’s blood to get him through stressful days. While he is uncomfortably creepy, Tsukiyama has a layered and interesting back story, developing into one of the most fleshed-out characters of the bunch.

4. Kurono Yuichiro – Fire Force Season 2

Guardian of the Sixth Pillar and chief of Haijima Industries, Kurono Yuichiro is a third-generation pyrokinetic with angular, pale yellow eyes reminiscent of that of a snake. His right arm is charred from overheating his body, so he normally keeps it wrapped in bandages when he isn’t in combat. Kurono is obsessed with strength and weakness, fixating on the idea that the strong crush the weak. He bullies and torments his opponents, always fixing his eyes on the weaker prey. His moniker is “The Maddest”, and this is especially evident when Kurono fights. His ignition ability is Black Smoke, which is very ominous considering Kurono’s somewhat sadistic proclivities.

3. Hisoka Morow – Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka is a powerful Hunter in the Hunter x Hunter universe whose Transmuters Nen abilities and physical strength make him one of the strongest characters. What makes Hisoka particularly creepy is his sociopathic, sadomasochistic relationship with the thrill of combat. He craves dangerous battles against powerful opponents, a fixation that is largely a sexual arousal based on the opponent’s current or projected ability, which brings us to the creepiest thing about Hisoka: his open sexual interest in 12-year-old protagonist Gon Freecss.

2. Seryu Ubiquitous – Akame ga KILL!

Seryu’s creepiness is off the charts mostly because she doesn’t show any signs of being untoward at first. As we are acquainted with Seryu and her unimposing, rather adorable doggo, we see her as a kind defender of all things good and just; however, Seryu’s darkness comes forth from her light as she has a twisted sense of justice and she uses this to justify all of her atrocious acts done for the sake of the empire.

1. Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti – Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World

A disciple of Echidna, Witch of Greed, Petelgeuse is the creepiest character on this list for so many unsettling, disturbing reasons we’d rather not remember. First of all, the faint green tint in his skin and his deep-set eyes already make him seem a little unstable but his personality is sadistic, sardonic, and deeply twisted.

Fans of the series will recall Petelgeuse’s heinous maiming of Rem in one of Subaru’s multiple Returns By Death. He twisted the poor Rem’s limbs into grotesque angles while forcing Subaru to watch, before carelessly tossing her on the cave floor, laughing heartily at his victims. His whimsical manner of speaking creates a strange contrast between his playful, almost childish side and his sadistic piety, especially his catchphrase: “My brain is trembling!”

Final Thoughts

Some of the best characters stand out in ways that others do not, and this creepy bunch has that down to a science! Bringing in sadistic, twisted and delightfully colourful personalities to the table, there are many characters who give us the heebie-jeebies. Honourable mentions go to Nobuyuki from Sword Art Online and Rena from Higurashi, but who are the characters you think are the creepiest? Drop a comment below and tell us every gory detail!

Tsukiyama-Shuu-Tokyo-Ghoul-wallpaper-583x500 5 Uncomfortably Creepy Anime Characters We Wouldn't Want to Be Left Alone With


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