6 Games Like Call of Duty [Recommendations]

Back in 2003 when Call of Duty was first released, no one could have predicted how popular the game would come to be. Even though there were plenty of other first-person shooters on the market, Call of Duty stood out above the rest. And that ability to stand out from other games is what propelled Call of Duty to becoming such a well-known franchise, with about 13 main story games, several spinoffs and another new game on the way in November of this year.

So where does Call of Duty gain all of its success? It seems to be a combination of two main things. The gritty single-player campaign gave many people the sort of rich story they had been looking for in a war game. But the multiplayer aspect is a huge part of Call of Duty’s continued success – without the ongoing development of great maps/game modes, a great majority of players probably would have lost interest long ago.

The original Call of Duty was where it all began. Many diehard fans have been following the series since its first installation, but due to drastic changes in recent years’ games, you might be looking for a similar FPS to occupy your time. Well, not to worry! We here at Honey’s Anime have a few suggestions on games similar to Call of Duty.

Similar Games to Call of Duty

1. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publishers: Aspyr, EA Games
  • Developer: 2015 Games, LLC
  • Release Date: Jan. 20th, 2002

Medal of Honor is another FPS series that stands out. Set in WWII, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is the closest example to the original Call of Duty game. Allied Assault has a bit less story than Call of Duty, in that there are no attention-grabbing characters or a real cohesive plot. Rather, the game lets you fight through different missions/levels, which are each unique in some way. Being able to switch through various vehicles and weapon sets is something that is particularly unique for Allied Assault. While it is a rather short game, there is quite a lot of unexpected content for players to run through in each level.

Call of Duty and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault both focus on the same kind of gritty FPS style that many players love. Arguably, Call of Duty came out after Allied Assault, which means Call of Duty tried to improve upon areas where Medal of Honor had fallen short. Yet, while Allied Assault doesn’t have quite as much narrative or character focus as Call of Duty, it’s still a great game to play through.

2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  • System/Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: EA DICE
  • Release Date: Mar. 2nd, 2010

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is one of the most realistic FPS games, mostly due to its improvements in environmental destruction. This aspect alone made the game more unique, allowing for every scenario to be different. It enhanced the already excellent single-player campaign and the immense multiplayer competition already known in the Battlefield series.

Bad Company 2 boasts much better graphics than the original Call of Duty, which allows players to enjoy the game even more. Combined with the tactical destruction of buildings and other objects in the warzone, Bad Company 2 gives people a much more realistic taste of an FPS war game. That being said, it still embodies the same two main aspects that made Call of Duty popular in the first place – a strong campaign and multiplayer options – and it follows basically the same formula, ensuring that you will enjoy Bad Company 2 if you like Call of Duty.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Single-player Trailer

3. Titanfall 2

  • System/Platform: PS4, XBO, PC
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Respawn Entertainment
  • Release Date: Oct. 28th, 2016

The newest game on our list, Titanfall 2 is also the only to include anything other than just straight warzone combat. This game takes the same formula and ideas from Call of Duty, and adds a mecha element! Pilots and titans fight together to give players the opportunity for large-scale warfare. Titanfall 2 is the result of taking two different ideas and combining them into one big, beautiful, adrenaline-packed game. With a variety of different characters, a gripping single-player campaign, and active multiplayer modes, Titanfall 2 is an excellent take on the original Call of Duty’s systems.

Although Titanfall 2 seems quite different from Call of Duty, it actually only differs in setting and the scale of fighting. As much fun as commanding a giant titan is, when it comes down to it, Titanfall 2 has the same basic mechanics and ideas that Call of Duty is known for. So if you’re looking for a more futuristic Call of Duty on a larger mecha scale, Titanfall 2 is for you!

Titanfall 2: Become One Official Launch Trailer

Any Games Like Call of Duty ?

4. Killzone 3

  • System/Platform: PS3
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Developer: Guerrilla Games
  • Release Date: Feb. 22nd, 2011

In another venture into sci-fi warfare, Killzone 3 offers a unique experience for an FPS game. Players fight against the Helghast army in an emotional single-player campaign, or join in on the multiplayer fun with their friends. This is yet another gritty shooter with a twist to interest fans of FPS.

Killzone 3 is another game closely linked with Call of Duty because of its main systems of single-player/multiplayer setup. However, Killzone 3 takes place in a different setting, and also is geared toward more mature players than Call of Duty. That being said, if you get the chance to play Killzone 3, you definitely should! Although the multiplayer servers have died down quite a bit since the game’s release, you can still get a good feel for what this game is all about by playing the campaign!

Killzone 3 Launch Trailer

5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

  • System/Platform: PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, PC
  • Publishers: Ubisoft, Gameloft
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Release Date: Nov. 20th, 2006

For fans of Call of Duty’s storyline, any of Tom Clancy’s games are sure to peak your interest! In particular, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas is one of the most interesting games to play, with a competitive level setting in Las Vegas. Rainbow Six: Vegas stands out because of its realism, setting the game in a place many people might be familiar with. In addition, as is true of all Tom Clancy games, the weapons are accurate to real life and require more skill than just point and shoot.

Rainbow Six: Vegas does have a lot more realistic content to offer than Call of Duty, especially in terms of weapon options. However, this also makes it more of a challenge than Call of Duty. While Rainbow Six: Vegas offers the same kind of warzone feeling with similar modes of combat, it contains more of a mature and hardcore feeling than Call of Duty. For fans seeking a fun challenge, this game is for you!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas PlayStation 3 Trailer

6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • System/Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
  • Publisher: Valve Software
  • Developer: Valve Software
  • Release Date: Aug. 21st, 2012

If Call of Duty’s multiplayer modes were your thing, then Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the game you should be looking at! Commonly known as CS:GO, this game was created by Valve to be a teamwork-building FPS mostly played online. The weapon mechanics are balanced to perfection (with occasional updates helping immensely), and the gameplay is insanely fun. CS:GO is arguably the best competitive FPS games out there today, with its tournament viewership frequently comparable with that of the infamous League of Legends. While CS:GO doesn’t offer much in the way of story or character interest, it can give you a great multiplayer experience, if you’re willing to work at it.

Despite not having the in-depth campaign storyline that Call of Duty offers, CS:GO’s multiplayer games more than make up for any losses. CS:GO is a difficult game, but it can be made easier through the right teammates, weapons suited for your play style, and plenty of practice. Players who found Call of Duty’s multiplayer fights too easy will love the challenge, and the ease of pairing up with your friends in CS:GO is far ahead Call of Duty’s servers. However, no amount of balanced weapons in game will make up for skill level – in this, Call of Duty is infinitely more forgiving. CS:GO is for those who love to play at a hardcore skill level, or for those willing to devote the hours to it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer

Final Thoughts

Call of Duty has been an inspiration and molding point for FPS games since its initial release. While it has spawned quite the franchise of its own, it has also brought about ideas for countless other quality games, including those on this list, and many others on the market. So, what do you think? Did we miss any great FPS on our list? Have you played any of the ones we included? Let us know in the comments below!

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