6 Games Like Dino Crisis [Recommendations]

When most people think of survival horror games, they have a usual theme in mind. The idea of fighting zombies or facing off against demons is usually the picture most paint in their minds. Though one title that shatters these perceptions of survival horror comes in the form of a Capcom game released on the PS1 back in 1999 called Dino Crisis. Players would ultimately control a female protagonist named Regina and would fight against a horror not seen too often in games, dinosaurs.

That being said, Dino Crisis wasn’t just an original idea in the survival horror world but a really awesome one that let the series last for several years and gave us plenty of titles to enjoy. Now, you may have been a fan of the series yourself but like us wished there were more games centered around similar ideas found in Dino Crisis. Well, don’t worry folks, we here at Honey’s Anime have crafted a list in the form of 6 Games Like Dino Crisis which will show you some great games just like it. Now if you’re ready for a truly exciting trip of nostalgia into some truly fantastic games, take your mouse and scroll on down so we can begin this games like Dino Crisis list properly.

Similar Game to Dino Crisis

1. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

  • System: Sega Genesis
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Appaloosa Interactive
  • Release Dates: Sept 16, 1997

Hunter, you’re about to enter a dangerous situation. On the island of Isla Sorna, InGen needs to capture a specific type of animal. These aren’t normal dangerous beasts however, what you’ll be capturing is prehistoric dinosaurs. Though you aren’t alone as other hunters have their own plans of capturing these deadly creatures. Survive against both man and dinosaur to accomplish your mission and make it back home safely.

A list of 6 Games Like Dino Crisis wouldn’t start off right if we didn’t mention one of the best dinosaur hunting games ever. Known as The Lost World: Jurassic Park—loosely based off the movie—players will control a hunter and kill other hunters and dinosaurs all while capturing some as well. What was great about The Lost World: Jurassic Park was that players could even team up with a friend for two player co-op gameplay, and take down various enemies together rather than alone. Like Dino Crisis, survival takes priority in The Lost World: Jurassic Park and you’ll have to rely on quick movement and using various weapons to survive in a tough world filled with peril. If you still have a Sega Genesis then you need to pick up The Lost World: Jurassic Park to see dinosaur gameplay done right despite its classic styling.

2. Resident Evil 2

  • System: PS1, PC, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, GameCube, PSN
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Dates: Jan 21, 1998

In the town of Raccoon City, a deadly virus has spread like wildfire and has begun killing off its victims. However, the dead don’t stay deceased but reanimate and become flesh craving zombies. Rookie cop Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield have ended up locked in the hellish nightmare that is Raccoon City and must work together to survive this all too real nightmare. Though little do the pair know that while the zombie infestation might be terrifying there are deadlier creatures lurking behind the shadows…

Capcom is obviously known for survival horror games and while Resident Evil 2 may not be about blood thirsty dinosaurs, the gameplay mirrors Dino Crisis in a multitude of ways. Players choose either Leon or Claire and begin their adventures through the decaying streets of Raccoon City each with their own goals. With third person tank controls—which we adore here at Honey’s Anime—players will have to maneuver in tight corridors and run from sometimes overwhelming odds. That’s why you definitely need to play Resident Evil 2 if you want a game similar to Dino Crisis. Here’s hoping the rumors of a remake for Resident Evil 2 aren’t false, we so want a remake of this amazing title.

3. Parasite Eve

  • System: PS1, PSN
  • Publisher: Square, Square Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Square
  • Release Dates: Mar 29, 1998

NYPD rookie cop Aya Brea has finally gotten a break from work and is heading for Carnegie Hall on Christmas Eve. While in the theater, during an opera performance the audience begins to catch on fire and explode randomly. Aya is shocked that she’s okay as well as one of the actresses on stage named Melissa Pearce. After an ominous and confusing warning the opera actress flees and Aya is forced to chase her. Though what Aya finds in the backstage isn’t the actress but weird mutated creatures. Now, Aya must find out what is going on and somehow save NYC from something that seems almost impossible.

One of the best elements of Dino Crisis is the strong female lead Regina who doesn’t fear her situation but goes into it guns blazing. The same can be said of Aya Brea from Parasite Eve who takes her horrific situation and struggles against it. While Parasite Eve may not mirror the gameplay style of Dino Crisis—Parasite Eve is more of a turn based action title than third person survival horror—the survival elements and horror themes are similar. Parasite Eve has had two other games release but here at Honey’s Anime we still believe the very first entry was the best of the series, which ironically is the same with the first Dino Crisis title. Thus, if you want a strong female character and equally want to fight dangerous creatures, you’ll find Parasite Eve a good title to put your gaming time into.

Any Game Like Dino Crisis ?

4. Eternal Darkness

  • System: GameCube
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Silicon Knights
  • Release Dates: Jun 23, 2002

University student Alexandra Roivas is forced back home upon learning that her grandfather—Edward Roivas—was murdered. Despite extensive investigations, the police are unable to determine what happened leaving Alexandra confused as well. Though upon finding a hidden room within Edward’s home, Alexandra discovers a book made up of human parts dubbed the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Once Alexandra reads it her life changes and she begins to understand what might have happened to her grandfather. However, if Alexandra wants to solve this mystery she will have to dabble in a world filled with darkness and insanity…

When players entered the world of Dino Crisis, they were taken from a land of normality and thrown head first into a world straight out of fiction. Though the disturbing element came from the fact that a lot of the themes found in Dino Crisis weren’t that farfetched. That’s what makes Eternal Darkness so interesting and similar to Dino Crisis is that one minute you’re in what seems like a calm situation and then seconds later something either attacks you or surprises you making your heart speed up. Eternal Darkness keeps players tense and very rarely lets up thanks to its psychological gameplay themes and third person exploration/combat. That’s why while it may seem Eternal Darkness and Dino Crisis are too radically different titles, they share a lot of the same gameplay elements and will both keep your adrenaline pumping as well as making you question when thing will be safe or when danger will pop up.

5. Fear Effect

  • System: PS1
  • Publisher: Eidos Interactive
  • Developer: Kronos Digital Entertainment
  • Release Dates: Feb 24, 2000

Plans never seem to go according to plan, this is something Hana Tsu-Vachel could attest to. When hired to capture Wee Ming—a daughter to a powerful Triad boss—Hana along with her team quickly find this seemingly simple plan is far from simple. Hana’s world will go from normal mercenary life to one of a supernatural and demonic forces when Hana learns that the Triad boss had actually made pacts with demons. Now Hana and her team must battle both human foes and ones from another world. What was originally a mission for money is now a mission for survival.

When we play Dino Crisis here at Honey’s Anime—which we do from time to time—we love the action heavy gameplay melding perfectly with the survival horror concepts. That’s why another similar game perfect for our list of 6 Games Like Dino Crisis is developer Krono Digital Entertainment’s Fear Effect. Taking control of three characters, players will have to solve puzzles and shoot various creatures as they try to survive their odd situation. With beautiful graphics—even though it’s now 17 years old—and smooth gameplay, Fear Effect is a game that even today is an impressive title. Plus, Square Enix recently announced a remake of Fear Effect that will be released possibly by 2018 which means now is the perfect time to try out the original Fear Effect if you loved Dino Crisis.

6. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

  • System: PC, Nintendo 64
  • Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
  • Developer: Iguana Entertainment
  • Release Dates: Mar 4, 1997

Very few are given the title of Turok but recently this was given to a young man named Tal’Set. As a Turok, Tal’Set now must protect a powerful barrier that keeps Earth and the so called Lost Lands safe. However, when an evil being known as the Campaigner ventures into the Lost Land to find an artifact called the Chronoscepter, Turok must also enter the dangerous land and stop him by all costs. In a land filled with aliens and dinosaur-like creatures, Turok will have to use all of his skills as a powerful warrior if he wants to stop the Chronoscepter from falling into the wrong hands. If Turok should fail, the Campaigner will seize a power that will allow him to control both lands and become an unstoppable force.

Ending our 6 Games Like Dino Crisis comes the Nintendo 64 popular first-person title known as Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Filled with various beings—aside from just dinosaurs—players will be constantly shooting and killing beats to survive through an alien planet filled with beauty and danger in equal measure. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter isn’t as scary as Dino Crisis but that doesn’t stop us from occasionally jumping when a large T-rex comes straight at us with the intentions of making us a meal. That’s why if you’re looking for a game where you can shoot tons of dinosaurs you absolutely must try out Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. We now only hope that if Nintendo decides to make a rumored Nintendo 64 Classic they will include Turok: Dinosaur Hunter so more people can enjoy this amazing title.

Final Thoughts

Dino Crisis might be an older survival horror game but truly it was one of Capcom’s best gaming series out there in the world of gaming. While we patiently wait and pray for a new Dino Crisis one day to bless our gaming consoles, for now we at least have other games to play just as amazing as Dino Crisis which are all conveniently located above on our list of 6 Games Like Dino Crisis. Now we’d love to hear from you brilliant people of the internet in the comments below to let us know if our list was a great one or if we could have chosen other similar games to Dino Crisis. Comment in the box down below and remember to keep returning to our hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more content and articles like this one!

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