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If you’ve ever played any first person shooter title in the gaming world then you’ve heard of Doom. Created back in 1993, Doom has continued being relevant even as two decades have passed. Doom has blown up in the world of not just games but even books and a movie and thus has become a franchise. There are tons of games that pay homage in some way and some of those games aren’t even first person shooters. This just goes to show you that Doom is respected by many game developers. That is why we here at Honey’s Anime decided it would be a good time to make a list of games like Doom. That’s right folks today we are looking at 6 Games like Doom.

What makes Doom so great though? We need to ask that question before we make a good list paying respect to this titan of a game. Doom has always aimed to be a fun and brutal action packed first person shooter game. Thus if any game is to stand on the same level as Doom, it needs to incorporate those elements all while not just being a mindless clone. Here at Honey’s Anime we entered alien pig worlds and even some places with Dinosaurs to find the best of the best in the ocean that is the first person shooting library. We’re sure you’ll like this list of games like Doom and thus we won’t keep you any longer, let’s begin this list shall we?

Similar Games to Doom

1. Marathon

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Bungie Software
  • Developer: Bungie Software
  • Release Date: Dec 21, 1994

During the year 2794, the colony ship UESC Marathon is navigating the stars. Our main character, a security guard, receives a message from the ship’s artificial intelligence named Durandal. For some odd reason Durandal goes rogue and tries to kill the guard, but fortunately the guard is able to put on an armored suit that saves him. Then more trouble comes into focus when an alien ship fires at the UESC Marathon causing the guard to abandon the ship. Durandal knows the player has lived but allows him to live, little does he know though that the guard comes back to the ship ready to fight against the aliens that invaded.

Before Bungie Software would just become Bungie and make one of the most legendary games ever by the name of Halo, they created Marathon. Similar to Doom, Marathon has players battling enemies in a first person experience with loads of guns the player can use and plenty of action. Marathon may not have become as popular as Halo or Doom, but it had a few sequels and a recent remastered edition. The reason we don’t recommend the remastered version however is because it has been known to make people motion sick so we advise sticking to the original. Regardless the original is still a lot of fun and we feel it’s indeed the best game to start with on a list of games like Doom.

2. Serious Sam

  • System/Platform: PC, Xbox, Xbox 360
  • Publisher: Gathering of Developers, Gotham Games, Global Star Software, Devolver Digital
  • Developer: Croteam
  • Release Date: Mar 21, 2001

The Earth is facing a major crisis. An alien race named Mental has decided to rule the world by using their evil armies to take over. Luckily humans have one hope left in the form of ancient Sirians technology they found years ago. When humanity faces its final breath they use a machine from the ancient technology to send Sam Stone, a fighter of the Mental race, to the past before their invasion became unstoppable. Sam now has to get serious if he wants to stop the Mental invasion from occurring.

Serious Sam is probably one of the most fun experiences we’ve ever had playing a FPS. Playing as Sam all you do is run around shooting alien in wave after wave formats using dozens of guns and weapons. It doesn’t try to go for anything but just a fun game. Serious Sam has found a lot of success spanning several games and definitely keeps the veracity and speed Doom has in each alliteration. Overall, if you just want a game that is all about shooting aliens and watching them explode based on what weapon you’re using, then Serious Sam will be there for your desire.

3. Duke Nukem 3D

  • System/Platform: Xbox 360
  • Publisher: GT Interactive
  • Developer: 3D Realms
  • Release Date: Sept 24, 2008

What do you get when you take space aliens and mix in a man who loves to trash talk every two seconds? You get Duke Nukem 3D that’s what. Taking place after the events of Duke Nukem II, Duke has finally started heading home on a stolen alien ship after a lot of alien butt kicking. Suddenly, Duke is shot out of the sky and learns that his home city of Los Angeles has been invaded by the aliens, mutating the LAPD into monstrous pig cops. Duke is now really ticked off, he was hoping to relax but now he has to re arm himself and kick some more alien tail.

In Doom, you play as a silent protagonist as he fights demons from hell, in Duke Nukem 3D you play as Duke Nukem who doesn’t ever shut up. While this may seem like an eventually annoying concept, Duke’s wisecracks are what makes Duke Nukem 3D fun and mature. While you’re killing aliens and various enemies in FPS gameplay like Doom, you won’t have to wonder what Duke’s thinking as he says it out loud. Honestly, Duke Nukem 3D is like Doom’s younger brother, hell bent on being less serious in terms of story but just as serious in terms of gameplay. We here at Honey’s Anime love Duke Nukem 3D and while we may have mixed opinions on the newer releases of games, we will say this stands as the best of all of Duke’s adventures and trust us he’s had a lot of adventures.

Duke Nukem 3D Trailer (Official Trailer)

Any Games Like Doom ?

4. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

  • System/Platform: Nintendo 64, PC, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
  • Developer: Iguana Entertainment
  • Release Date: Mar 4, 1997

Every generation, a new man is chosen to obtain the tank of Turok, a guardian that keeps Earth safe. Safe from what you may ask? Well there just so happens to be another dimension called the Lost Land where aliens, monsters and even Dinosaurs exist. The new Turok, Tal’Set might have his hands full though when an alien known as the Campaigner plans on using an ancient power that could allow him to rule not only the Universe but all of time. Turok vows to keep his past lineage’s honor by stopping this event from occurring.

So our list has had aliens, odd monsters and even mutated pig police officers…now we add dinosaurs; it sounds about right. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter made by–now dissolved–Acclaim Entertainment is a fun game like Doom where players go around various locals fighting large dinosaurs and odd alien like creatures with everything from guns to a simple bow and arrow set up. Releasing on the Nintendo 64, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter gained a lot of praise as being a fun and frenetic FPS experience with a solid single player and fun same screen multiplayer, being compared to games like Doom and Goldeneye 64. There has been several version and even a reboot to the franchise but our love will always be with the original Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. We highly recommend Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for fans of the amazing world of Doom.

5. Painkiller

  • System/Platform: PC, Xbox, Android, iOS
  • Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive, Akella, Sogna, MachineWorks Northwest
  • Developer: People Can Fly
  • Release Date: Apr 12, 2004

Daniel Garner is living a happy life. He’s got a great wife named Catherine and they are about to celebrate Catherine’s birthday. Not paying attention and driving overly fast during a storm, Daniel and Catherine get into a terrible car crash killing both of them on impact. Catherine having lived an honest life goes to Heaven, all while Daniel is sent to purgatory to repent. While Daniel contemplate his failings, an angel named Samael and makes a deal with Daniel. If Daniel can kill Lucifer’s four generals he will give him the purification Daniel wants. Saying yes, Daniel is then transported to do battle with his first general…

Painkiller on our list probably is the more story focused of the group and that’s indeed an element that makes it strong. Don’t get us wrong, the fast paced gameplay Doom has is amped up in Painkiller as players will sometimes be overwhelmed by dozens of forces at one time. That being said Painkiller is a dark story embed in a great FPS game. Painkiller has had multiple sequels all of which are awesome but the first is where it all started and we want to respect that. Painkiller is an amazing title, and you’ll understand why if you give it a try.

6. Wolfenstein 3D

  • System/Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
  • Publisher: Apogee Softwarem FormGen
  • Developer: id Software
  • Release Date: May 5, 1992

William “B.J.” Blazkowicz is a tough as nails American spy with Polish roots, who is trying to destroy the Nazi regime. During an important mission, BJ is captured by the Nazi army and locked away in a castle called Castle Wolfenstein. BJ isn’t about to stand by and rot away in a cell though. Using his wits, BJ escapes and plans to now attack the Nazi internally. Separated into three parts, BJ’s escape starts the game off proper.

Our 6 Games like Doom list ends here with what we feel is the shining example of a game like Doom and that is Wolfenstein 3D done by the same developers of Doom, id Software. Instead of facing demons on Mars like in Doom, Wolfenstein 3D drops the player into an alternative take of WW II where Nazi had a lot more technology and even creatures. Playing exactly like Doom, players of Wolfenstein 3D will find themselves running from area to area with shotguns, pistols and miniguns trying to annihilate the Nazi regime. It’s a ridiculous premise but like Doom, it’s nothing but fun. Wolfenstein 3D is a perfect way to end this explosive list and if you want to play this amazing title than you’re in luck since it’s available on so many consoles. Seriously, it’s actually almost available on every system, we just named the best ones to experience it on.

Wolfenstein 3D Trailer (Official Trailer)

Final Thoughts

Hold on…we need to catch our breaths after such a list like this. You can really tell that a lot of developers wanted to copy the style of Doom but made sure to run with it in different ways. Honestly, there are so many games like Doom that we’re sure we could have mentioned others on this list. That’s why instead of pretending like we’re perfect we would love to know your thoughts down below in the comments. Tell us which of your favorite are on this list or a game you felt should have been on here. Please be sure to continue showing us much needed love by keeping your eyes glued to our amazing website here at Honey’s Anime.

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