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Slender Man has to be one of the strangest success stories we here at Honey’s Anime have ever heard of. Based off an internet created horror story, Slender Man would then rise up in popularity quickly. Not only has it had several games released but filmmakers have tried their hands with it as well. Slender Man boils down to a franchise that is both scary as well as intriguing. Obviously you know where we’re going with these statements. That’s right it’s time to look at 6 Games Like Slender Man.

For this article we wanted to focus on the games that are widely accepted such as Slenderman: The Eight Pages. The concept of this game had players running around looking for eight pages, thus the name, all while in a dark forest. As the player collects the pages, Slender Man appears and begins chasing the player using his supernatural powers. Thus we searched for games that capture the exploration element as well as the flight to survive method of gaming, a truly terrifying concept indeed. Now then folks, let’s enter our list of 6 games like Slender Man together.

Similar Games to Slender Man

1. Outlast

  • System/Platform:
  • Publisher: Red Barrels
  • Developer: Red Barrels
  • Release Date: Sept 4, 2013

Miles Upshur has gotten a scoop that apparently something horrible is going on at Mount Massive Asylum. Apparently according to this anonymous source, patients of the asylum are being subjected to inhuman experimentations. Miles decides to head towards the Asylum well aware of the possible dangers that he faces upon arrival. However, Miles has no idea that the horrors in Mount Massive Asylum are significantly worse than what he could imagine. Now trapped in the building, Miles must somehow survive in a world that only knows madness.

We begin our games like Slender Man list with Outlast. Similar to nearly every Slender Man title, Outlast is a first person exploration survival horror title aimed at making run and hide the only means for Miles to survive. As you begin to explore the asylum, you’ll find not only clues but meet characters that will reveal the lore of Outlast and what is happening in its confines. Prepare for not only a great horror game, but plenty of jump scares like Slender Man games. Overall, Outlast will blow your mind and make you truly feel what true fear means when it gathers all around you.

Outlast- Official Trailer from Red Barrels (Full Version) (Official Trailer)

2. Among the Sleep

  • System/Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Krillbite Studio
  • Developer: Krillbite Studio
  • Release Date: May 29th, 2014

A toddler is haunted by what seems to be large tall creatures who lurk at night. Deciding to crawl out of his crib, the toddler alongside his Teddy Bear companion decide to explore his home for some means of escape. While the world for adults may be easy to explore, for this young boy barely able to walk, every door poses a puzzle. Can this toddler survive the horrors in his home? Find out in Among the Sleep, and venture into a story seen through a very different set of eyes.

What’s amazing about Among the Sleep is it poses a scenario few other titles have ever shown, what would survival be like for a young child? Very similar to Slender Man games, Among the Sleep by Krillbite Studio aims to be an exploration title with puzzle-like elements. The toddler can’t open most doors and can barely run, making the player use their wits to both solve puzzles and escape from dangers. Thanks to an impressive narrative and amazing score, Among the Sleep grips players and truly makes them want to continue exploring to learn of what is really going on. Slender Man games have an essence of originality and creativity to them and we feel that Among the Sleep incorporates those elements and more.

Among the Sleep- Release Trailer (Official Trailer)

3. Penumbra: Black Plague

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Developer: Frictional Games
  • Release Date: Feb 12, 2008

Acting as a sequel to Penumbra: Overture, Penumbra: Black Plague has us once again following the story of Philip. Contacting a friend, Philip explains that he needs his friend to accomplish what he couldn’t do. We then shift back to Philip waking up after having been knocked out in the previous title. Philips battle against the enemies from before once against starts anew. However, obviously Philip is destined to fail, what leads to this failure? Find out by playing Penumbra: Black Plague.

You may wonder why we didn’t include Penumbra: Overture in our list of games like Slender Man. The simple answer is that Penumbra: Black Plague plays more akin to a first person survival horror game with players now required to sneak around rather than fight like in the previous title. Penumbra: Black Plague looks incredible to thanks to Frictional Games clearly learning what worked and didn’t in Penumbra: Overture. With plenty of exploration, interesting lore and of course impressive graphics, Penumbra: Black Plague will definitely be a horror game like Slender Man you’ll enjoy. We here at Honey’s Anime give this a solid thumbs up meaning you won’t regret putting playing for even a second.

Penumbra: Black Plague PC Games Trailer- Penumbra (Official Trailer)

Any Games Like Slender Man ?

4. The Forest

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Endnight Games
  • Developer: Endnight Games
  • Release Date: May 30, 2014

Heading towards an unknown location, Eric Leblanc is traveling with his son Timmy on an airplane. As the plane flies towards its destination suddenly it loses altitude and crashes into a strange island. Eric and his son are the fortunate few to survive and it seems like luck is on their side. However, the father and son’s luck ends abruptly when Timmy is abducted right in front of Eric leaving the father with only one option, to search for his son. This island as Eric will soon learn isn’t normal and holds deadly creatures who wish for nothing more to kill him.

Slender Man games may be simple adventures, but like The Forest, both titles contain horror that seems to hunt the player down with no end. The Forest has players surviving by building tools and shelter to protect themselves from savages as well as odd mutated beings. Also similar to Slender Man, the player will need to continue to move forward to advance the plot and see what await Eric and Timmy. With plenty of horror around every corner, you’ll almost wonder if the enemies have the same ability to transport as Slender Man. Overall, if you love Slender Man you’ll definitely want to try out The Forest.

The Forest- Official Trailer (Official Trailer)

5. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • System/Platform: PS4, PC
  • Publisher: Frictional Games
  • Developer: Frictional Games
  • Release Date: Sept 8th, 2010

Fear doesn’t always have to be something you can just simply explain. Daniel wakes up in the month of August, 1893 with no memories of who he is besides his name. Scanning his environment Daniel realizes he is in a castle of some sorts. Deciding to explore in search of an escape and some clue to awakening his memories, Daniel soon realizes this castle holds not only a means to his missing past but also holds a dark being with an unknown intent. Why and what will be questions Daniel will be asking, as well as the player controlling his fate in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Slender Man games are usually a mixture of piecing together elements of lore all while surviving the evil Slender Man. In many ways Amnesia the Dark Descent clearly mirrors this theme having players navigate the odd castle in search of Daniels memories all while escaping the various threats that seem to haunt Daniel. As the player will learn unlike most first person titles where survival is key, Daniel has no health bar but has an icon showing his heart. If Daniel is scared too much by various factors he will have a heart attack and that will be a game over for the player. If you loved games like Slender Man: The Eight Pages, then you’ll really love Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent- Teaser (Official Trailer)

6. Slender: The Arrival

  • System/Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U
  • Publisher: Blue Isle Studios, Majesco Entertainment
  • Developer: Blue Isle Studios, Parsec Productions
  • Release Date: Mar 26th, 2013

Kate continues to sink into madness. Everywhere Kate goes, she feels him near. Then without warning, Kate suddenly disappears. Lauren, Kate’s friend, wants to know what happened and decides to follow the trail of maddening clues in search of Kate. However, quickly Lauren will learn that Kate was far from losing her mind when Lauren’s search leads her towards the being known as Slender Man. Now Lauren has another mission, to somehow survive the night…

We end our list with the best Slender Man game to not only fans but us here at Honey’s Anime, Slender: The Arrival. In many ways Slender: The Arrival feels like an upgraded Slender Man: The Eight Pages title. Players control Lauren as she visits various locations in search of not only her friend Kate but a means to escape her nonhuman pursuer. There are several homages from Slender Man: The Eight Pages, such as a level that has Lauren looking for eight pages just like the previous titles. Blue Isle Studios incorporated many other new threats and puzzles to make sure players didn’t feel like Slender: The Arrival was too simple like its predecessor. If you have never played this amazing first person exploration title and you love Slender Man, then we will just say now is the time to see one of the best uses of the Slender Man lore in a game.

Final Thoughts

Horror games with exploration elements have been a very successful genre. Players love that adrenaline boost from jump scares or being on the edge with anxiety all while having to explore interesting locals. Its why with our list we wanted to find the sweet spot of a game that can accomplish these elements without just launching barrages of jump scares or are too easy. Anyways, with that we here at Honey’s Anime are done with our list. Let us know in the comments down below what your thoughts are and be sure to continue looking out for our sight as we continue to upload great articles.

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