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If one were to simply say how popular StarCraft has become they would be doing a dishonor to the franchise. StarCraft’s strategy-like elements, impressive lore and epic gameplay have crafted—pun not intended—a living community of not only fans but even those that take this game on a more competitive level. Blizzard—the creators of StarCraft—may have just wanted to create a fun and breathtaking game but their title did something else and even decades later is still not slowing down. That’s why in honor of this great game, we wanted to build a list that shows other titles just as groundbreaking and/or fun as StarCraft. Yes folks, we bring you—courtesy of us here at Honey’s Anime—a list of 6 Games Like StarCraft.

The list below took some time to come to fruition, but thanks to our indomitable spirit, we found games that truly capture the majesty of the StarCraft series. Maybe you want to control huge populations and or control huge armies and go to war; our list has you covered as always. These titles might not be on the same level in terms of popularity as Blizzard’s huge series but that doesn’t mean they aren’t loved in the community. We only bring the best of the best to our list of games like StarCraft so you don’t need to worry one of these titles—maybe all of them—will be right up your alley. Now then, are you ready to control the list and begin enjoying these games like StarCraft? Click down below to start the list of games like StarCraft up and prepare for war!

Similar Games to StarCraft

1. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Release Date: Jul 3, 2002

Acting as a prequel to the original Warcraft titles, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos gives is a story never explored before. Taking place several years ago, we see the Burning Legion and their plans of destruction. Thrall—an Orc leader—wakes up from his dream but realizes that it may be more of a warning than just a dream. Preparing for the worst, Thrall will have to rally his warriors if they wish to survive a threat only he saw coming. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos begins the story we know from the lore and gives players the chance of being a big part of this epic war’s origin.

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos was the perfect way to start our 6 Games Like StarCraft list. Created by the same developers responsible for StarCraft, players can expect the great RTS elements implemented in their work. With five campaigns, the single player feels deep and really fleshes out the story and world of Warcraft. Despite being so old, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos still has online functionality allowing players to do battle in 1 vs 4 settings. We here at Honey’s Anime felt Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is truly an excellent way to start our list as fans of Warcraft and StarCraft will love this title immensely.

2. Total War: Rome II

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: The Creative Assembly
  • Release Date: Sept 3, 2013

Total War: Rome II has players venturing across Europe to gain control of its lands and territories. Whether on land or engaged in naval combat, players will feel what it’s like to have control over one of the strongest forces in history. The Creative Assembly—developers for Total War: Rome II—aimed to allow players to see units as not just mindless warriors. Soldiers actually react to several things such as changes in the environment and in moments like when an ally perishes on field. With over 100 factions to ally with and a campaign that explores the deep and rich historical concepts of Rome, players can expect a long and deep campaign.

What isn’t to love about Total War: Rome II? With such a huge campaign, amazing graphics and impressive unit control, this RTS is easily one of the most robust titles we’ve seen in the genre. Players can experience battles that range from epic ocean battles to large scale territorial battles that give players much needed challenge. If you decide to jump online to face others, be prepared for the rich gameplay mechanics found in the single player to follow. Total War: Rome II is just as epic as StarCraft titles and we know you’ll get engrossed in this title from the moment you start managing your troops.

Total War: Rome 2 Announcement Trailer [HD] (Official Trailer)

3. Civilization V

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publisher: 2K Games, Aspyr
  • Developer: Firaxis Games
  • Release Date: Sept 21, 2010

Let’s step away from the RTS element and focus on a turn based strategy game in the form of Civilization V. Players take control of various nations and build up these nations from the ground up. Each turn, players must make crucial decisions for their nations. Maybe you should focus on building more armies or exploring to find new habitable land. Regardless of your choice, Civilization V gives you control to make the ultimate nation and maybe even control the world.

Civilization V may give those who can’t handle the RTS speed a break but the huge amount of stress from strategy games is still there and we adore that. Civilization V truly treats players to large world settings and has so much in terms of choice that it can be dizzying at times. Will you be a nation of peace and study or one that rules others with an iron fist? Firaxis Games give players the choice to do whatever you want with no penalty. With several expansion packs—each adding even more in terms of gameplay mechanics and features—and a huge multiplayer element that tests your speed and creativity to build strong lands, Civilization V is a truly amazing turn based title that feels right at home on our list of 6 Games Like StarCraft.

Civilization V Trailer (Official Trailer)

Any Games Like StarCraft ?

4. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

  • System/Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: EA Lost Angeles
  • Release Date: Oct 28, 2008

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 gives players an alternative look at World War II’s situation. Facing utter defeat from the Allied Nation, Soviet General Nikolai Krukov and Colonel Anatoly Cherdenko do something that will hopefully change their fate. Both men acquire a time machine and alter history which in turn alters their fate but not necessarily for the better. Now the war has branched into a new power rising—in this case the Empire of the Rising Sun—causing a three way battle to unfold. Who will win between the Soviet Union, the Allies and the Empire? Choose a side in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Three super powers, three different wars and all of this in one game, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 indeed offers a lot in its title. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 really caters to creating a rich story all while giving fans of the RTS genre tons to do in terms of building units and making choices in combat. The story is presented in live action cutscenes—akin to a TV show—with actors such as David Hasselhoff leading the charge to give Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 some truly strong narration like StarCraft. Unfortunately, the multiplayer—while fun and frantic—has been shut down but you can still fully enjoy the large single player campaign and choose a side to align with. We here at Honey’s Anime poured time into playing Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 as it was such an exciting game and even now thanks to EA Los Angeles, the graphics and story still impress us greatly.

Red Alert 3- Launch Trailer (Game Trailer HD) (Official Trailer)

5. Age of Empires II HD Edition

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Developer: Ensemble Studios
  • Release Date: Apr 9, 2013

Enter the medieval fray in Age of Empires II HD Edition where players can choose one of five campaigns focused on several warriors such as Joan of Arc or the deadly and fierce Genghis Khan. Each campaign focuses on the story of the warrior as they lead their respective armies to battle with various others who they deem as threats. Build your armies via creating new resources and upgrading your income flow to find success in this bloody war. Pick an army and get ready for Age of Empires II HD Edition!

Age of Empires II HD Edition is such a fun and exciting RTS for those who want some history behind their gameplay. Players can choose between five campaigns in single player but they all boil down to the player making smart choices in terms of micromanagement. Ensemble Studios truly put in a lot of effort to make a very immersive world even going as far as to add sounds from the various cultures you assume giving you that feeling you’re truly in charge of that specific countries warrior. The HD remastered Age of Empires really brings with it an improvement in terms of graphics and overall fluidity of the games systems that fans of the original will truly appreciate. If you have never played Age of Empires II HD Edition you are missing out on a game worth your time and money.

Age of Empires II HD Edition Announcement Trailer (Official Trailer)

6. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II

  • System/Platform: PC
  • Publisher: THQ, Sega
  • Developer: Relic Entertainment, Feral Interactive
  • Release Date: Feb 19, 2009

Once more enter the world of the Space Marines as they engage in a new threat. Our story begins focusing on Captain Davian Thule and his team as they have just once more drove away the Ork menace on Calderis. After a large struggle and even a rescue mission Davian learns of an Orc attack on two locations that seems to be planned out by another force. Arming up Davian and his group once more prepare for deadly combat with their seemingly lifelong enemy. However, this battle will be one of the biggest ever faced in the history of the Space Marines and it will take all of their legendary skill to have a chance at survival.

Our list ends with Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II which once more brings back the classic RTS elements fans are all too familiar with. Players once more can either play single player campaign, which focuses on the narrative of the Space Marines and or they can hop online to fight others in tactical warfare. Like StarCraft, the focus of the game is combat and players will need to tactically command their troops if they seek glorious victory. Some players may not like that base creation was removed but the more combat orientated gameplay makes it faster and more frantic in gameplay than ever before. Full recommendations go to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II as it truly is a great title that mirrors the greatness of StarCraft in many excellent ways.

Final Thoughts

StarCraft has become an explosive hit in the world of gaming and there’s no stopping it. Even if Blizzard wasn’t to release another StarCraft title ever again—which we highly doubt—StarCraft has created a legacy that will be remembered forever more as bringing E-Sports and even RTS to a whole new platform. Our list has come to an end unfortunately but we here at Honey’s Anime hope you enjoyed you it. Make sure to tell us by sounding off in the comments below. Also make sure not to venture to far as we here at Honey’s Anime are working night and day to bring you readers even more enjoyable content.

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