6 Games Like Super Robot Wars [Recommendations]

Back in the early 90s, a series called Super Robot Wars released for the first time. Players would take control of miniaturized robots and have them do battle in a tactical RPG setting. The Japanese audience loved it and more titles were released and the franchise began seeing other mecha designs come into play such as Gundam, Getter Robo and even later, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Needless to say, for those who loved mecha and anime, the Super Robot Wars series was the best type of game to play. Though as many fans of the Super Robot Wars franchise know, not many of the titles were released in the west for various reasons. That’s why finding a game here that is similar to Super Robot Wars can be a rather daunting task.

Thankfully though, you folks out there on the internet have us here at Honey’s Anime. Being long running anime and video game fans, we have found that there are quite a few games similar to the Super Robot Wars titles. That’s why together here at Honey’s Anime HQ, we have crafted a list of games that will appeal to you if you ever wanted to play a Super Robot Wars game but couldn’t somehow import it. With that being said, we happily present to you our 6 Games Like Super Robot Wars recommendations list. If you’re ready for an explosive list of games like Super Robot Wars then all you need to do is scroll on down to get the list started.

Similar Game to Super Robot Wars

1. Front Mission 3

  • System: PS, PSN
  • Publisher: Square, Square Electronic Arts, Square Europe
  • Developer: Square Product Development Division 6
  • Release Dates: Sept 2, 1999

Front Mission 3 takes place in the year 2112. During a test for new mechanized machines called Wanzers, an explosion occurs at the base causing two pilots who were visiting to get caught up in a massive conspiracy. Kazuki Takemura and Ryogo Kusama are now destined to enter a war fighting for two very different sides. However, who is fighting for the right side and is there indeed a right side in this upcoming war? Find out in Front Mission 3!

For a mech based game like Super Robot Wars, it was only natural to begin our list of games similar to it with another mech based RPG. Front Mission 3 has players choosing 2 different campaigns where they must pilot fully customizable robots and engage enemies on a tactic battlefield. With a deeply engaging story and some impressive visuals—even for a dated PS1 title—Front Mission 3 is a true gem to play. Don’t fret if you can’t find an actual physical copy of this now almost 18-year-old game as it is available on the PSN store for a rather low price. With explosive turn based combat and tons of robot action, Front Mission 3 was the perfect start we feel to our list of 6 Games Like Super Robot Wars.

2. Vanguard Bandits

  • System: PS1, PSN
  • Publisher: Working Designs, Human Entertainment (JP), SCEA (NA), HAMSTER (JP)
  • Developer: Human Entertainment
  • Release Dates: Jul 30, 1998

The continent of Eptina is both beautiful and dangerous thanks to several nations locked in a power struggle. Armed with large mechanized machines called ATACs or All-Terrain Armored Combatants, the war has been getting more dangerous as time goes on. Bastion, Puck, Milea and Bastion’s father are caught up in the battle when they rush to aid a small village under siege. It is there that fate begins to play out for Bastion and his allies. Soon, Bastion will learn the truths of this war between nations as well as his hidden lineage but can he survive against an enemy as large as the one before him?

The PS1 was a bevy of some classic titles that even today are a ton of fun despite being quite old. One of those classics was a RPG called Vanguard Bandits made by developer Human Entertainment. Here, players took control of Bastion and his allies as they piloted various ATACs. Like Super Robot Wars, players need to be smart in Vanguard Bandits as it’s all too easy to get swarmed by enemies and taken down even in the strongest of ATACs. With multiple endings based on paths taken in game, Vanguard Bandits has a lot of content for players to enjoy. That’s why if you’re looking for a great RPG mirroring Super Robot Wars you need to download or buy Vanguard Bandits as soon as you can.

3. MS Saga: A New Dawn

  • System: PS2
  • Publisher: Bandai
  • Developer: BEC
  • Release Dates: Jun 30, 2005

In a distant future, humanity creates a powerful invention known as the Glory System. No matter how complex of a design, the Glory System could recreate it. Unfortunately, not long after this revolutionary piece of technology came to be a horrible apocalyptic event reigned over Earth. Slowly, humanity began to rebuild. Our story, however, follows a young man named Tristan who lived at an orphanage until a group of robots called Mobile Suits attacked. Creating his own GM Mobile Suit, Tristan and his friend Fritz head off to find out why his home was attacked.

As with many of the Super Robot Wars games the idea is to usually add original robots and popular ones like from the Gundam franchise. MS Saga: A New Dawn does something similar by giving players the means of creating various Gundams and Mobile Suits in game. Players would then take their robots—which can be an amalgam of different parts—and engage various enemies. There’s nothing cooler to having a Gundam that looked like a fusion of Wing Gundam and have parts from the White Doll from Turn A Gundam. That’s why we think fans of Super Robot Wars will really enjoy playing MS Saga: A New Dawn. Even after 12 years, MS Saga: A New Dawn still offers up a smile with some great RPG turn based gameplay.

Any Game Like Super Robot Wars ?

4. Final Fantasy Tactics

  • System: PS1, PSN
  • Publisher: Square (JP), Sony Computer Entertainment (NA)
  • Developer: Squaresoft
  • Release Dates: Jun 20, 1997

In the kingdom of Ivalice, the various factions that have tried to have peace are beginning to go to war. After a long-fought series of battles and skirmishes two of the nations finally end their bloody conflict. Known now as the Fifty Years War, political issues and funding have become commonplace in the two nations. During this time, powers begin to arise corrupting the landscape and making the situations worse as time goes on. Our story focuses on a young mercenary called Ramza and how his actions begin to change the landscape of Ivalice forever more…

Stepping away from robot based titles for a moment, we now look look at Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1. Regarded by many as one of the best Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy Tactics goes for turn based combat on a more tactical level. Take control of Ramza and various other characters and use them by changing their skills via a lengthy job system to survive various battles. Final Fantasy Tactics is a ton of fun but can be brutally tough at times so you’ll need to get acquainted with the various systems in game to win some of the tougher battles as you progress in the game. That’s why we knew Final Fantasy Tactics would be a perfect title for our list of 6 Games Like Super Robot Wars.

5. Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars

  • System: GBA
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Sunrise Interactive
  • Release Dates: Sept 27, 2001

17-year-old Cage Midwell, alongside his good friend Ares Enduwa, are workers aboard the spaceship Bonaparte III. During a voyage, Cage spots an odd woman inside the cargo hold and immediately goes to confront her. However, before Cage can even talk to the mystery woman, the Bonaparte III is attacked by an unknown black Orbital Frame. Cage and the girl who names herself as Myona Alderan, find a LEV and use it to escape the ship. Crashing on Mars the two are quickly caught and are blamed for the incident upon the Bonaparte III. This is just the beginning for Cage as he enters a war he can’t escape from.

Many gamers out there know of the great Zone of the Enders games on the PS2 and PS3. However, very few have ever played Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars for the GBA. Instead of the fast-paced action gameplay, players of Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars played battles out via a turn based title with a twist. When you engaged enemies, you would have to actually aim at them in a first-person perspective to do damage. Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars was a truly fun title with some tough missions just like Super Robot Wars. If you can find a copy, we 100% recommend playing Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars which is a canon entry in the lore of the series.

6. XCOM 2

  • System: PC, OS X, PS4, Xbox One
  • Publisher: 2K Games
  • Developer: Firaxis Games
  • Release Dates: Feb 5, 2016

20 Years ago, Earth was invaded by an unknown alien race. While the governments of the world relied on a group known as XCOM to stop the invaders they were ultimately unable to and the Earth was overrun by the alien race. However, humanity has not stopped fighting against their alien invaders despite the world being overrun by them. Once more, a resistance has formed under the XCOM group and together they begin to make their moves to defeat the aliens once and for all. Will they be successful or will the aliens become our new leaders? Enter the world of XCOM 2 to see the faith of humanity.

We bring our 6 Games Like Super Robot Wars list to a close with XCOM 2. Created by Firaxis Games, XCOM 2 delivers a lot of what fans loved about the original title but with updated visuals and even better gameplay than before. Control your soldiers and make every action count as if a soldier dies they can never be bought back in XCOM 2. While XCOM 2 might not feature robots from popular games and anime, the strategic turn based combat will be what makes those who love Super Robot Wars enjoy it even more. Plus, aliens versus humans always makes for a great theme in any game wouldn’t you agree?

Official XCOM 2 “Retaliation” Trailer (Official Trailer)

Final Thoughts

Out of the now dozens of Super Robot Wars games, we have only ever seen a few hit stateside. While this does indeed sting, there are actually a few titles that can be played with English subtitles—such as Super Robot Wars V—which means you do have a few titles to enjoy. Though if importing isn’t your thing—which it can be expensive so we don’t blame you—then we really do recommend checking out the titles above which are all playable regardless of whether you’re in Japan or America. Comment down below what games from our list of 6 Games Like Super Robot Wars most have you excited to try out and or if you’ve played any of them before. If you want more amazing lists like this one well you’re in luck as we here at Honey’s Anime have hundreds more for your enjoyment right here on our site.

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