6 Games Like The Oregon Trail [Recommendations]


Players love to be able to craft their own stories in video games. The ability to manipulate a character’s fate is addictive and enjoyable. Then when you get to witness your actions and how they play out you’re either left extremely happy or wanting to restart to redo it again, sometimes even if everything goes your way. That’s why The Oregon Trail games were so enjoyable to gamers. With a mixture of smart choices and sometimes random outcomes, The Oregon Trail franchise has always been an enjoyable adventure game series.

As video games get more advanced, a lot of video games are stepping away from the gameplay mechanics that The Oregon Trail used. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some developers who remember the beauty of The Oregon Trail and decided to incorporate in their games a similar nature in a number of different ways. Whether you’re leading a caravan in an attempt at surviving the harsh wild or surviving in a zombie infested world, these games will remind you of The Oregon Trail in some shape or form. With that folks, we welcome you to our 6 Games Like The Oregon Trail recommendations list. Now if you would please scroll down to begin this adventurous list.

Similar Games to The Oregon Trail

1. Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

  • System/Platform: PS4, iOS, PC, PS Vita
  • Publisher: The Men Who Wear Many Hats
  • Developer: The Men Who Wear Many Hats
  • Release Date: 2010

In Organ Trail: Director’s Cut players assume the role of one of three survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. The survivors—a cop, lawyer and Clerk—must take a wagon and travel across the United States. Their goal is to hopefully reach an area free from the zombies that roam the world. Along the way they will need to survive various trials and tribulations that will derail their journey. Will they survive the journey or join the zombie army?

Coming in at the first slot on our list of games like The Oregon Trail is Organ Trail: Director’s Cut. Meant to parody The Oregon Trail—this won’t be the only title on our list that does this—Organ Trail: Director's’ Cut aims to deliver an almost clone like experience but in an interesting way. Players choose one of the three beginning classes each with different starting perks and traits. As you travel in the game, you’ll have to manage supplies by searching various areas and visiting towns to trade with NPCs. However, like The Oregon Trail, players will need to be careful as not only do they have to worry about diseases—like the famous dysentery known all too well in The Oregon Trail—as well the ever present undead menace. If you’re looking for a game like The Oregon Trail but with a zombie-like aesthetic then you’ll fall in love with Organ Trail: Director’s Cut.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut Official Trailer [Updated] (Official Trailer)

2. The Banner Saga

  • System/Platform: Android, iOS, PC, OS X, PS4, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Versus Evil
  • Developer: Stoic
  • Release Date: Jan 14, 2014

In a Viking inspired world two characters are facing an odd world event. With the sun having been stuck in the same place creating an odd twilight has enveloped the land and with that an odd ancient race called the Dredge have returned to kill both the humans and the giant race known as the Varls. Now the two souls must venture forth on their own quests that will inevitably join them together. Can they save their world or will destruction befall them all?

Let us shift away from the western environment and enter into a Viking inspired world with The Banner Saga from developer Stoic. Players will choose one of two main characters and witness different perspectives based on their choice. The main crux of The Banner Saga comes in two forms one, being a tactical RPG-like game as well as branching narrative similar to The Oregon Trail. Players will need to be mindful of every decision as each choice alters the story in dramatic ways leading to very different outcomes as the story of The Banner Saga plays out. With impressive visuals and fun gameplay, The Banner Saga is a game like The Oregon Trail we here at Honey’s Anime absolutely loved.

The Banner Saga- Launch Trailer | PS4 (Official Trailer)

3. NEO Scavenger

  • System/Platform: PC, OS X
  • Publisher: Blue Bottle Games
  • Developer: Blue Bottle Games
  • Release Date: Dec 15, 2014

You awaken in an odd cryogenic pod. You first notice you’re almost nude, you need to find clothing. Your stomach aches and you need food as well so you leave the strange lab and head out. However, you notice the world is nothing like you remember and something seems to be lurking near you. Facing this post-apocalyptic world to survive you will need to be smart and be ready for anything.

NEO Scavenger is a turn based survival game like The Oregon Trail courtesy of Blue Bottle Games. Players will enter a hexagonal map where every turn players can choose to move or take an action at the cost of a turn which is considered 1 in game hour. NEO Scavenger is on our 6 Games Like The Oregon Trail list because of the various environmental hazards players will have to face such as hypothermia—if not properly equipped—or illnesses like diarrhea. As with The Oregon Trail titles, NEO Scavenger is a title you’ll need to ready for anything to occur and we love that random element that makes every playthrough feel unique. If you don’t want to die a quick death in NEO Scavenger then choose your actions wisely.

NEO Scavenger Trailer (Official Trailer)

Any Games Like The Oregon Trail ?

4. The Flame in the Flood

  • System/Platform: PC, OS X, Xbox One, PS4
  • Publisher: The Molasses Flood
  • Developer: The Molasses Flood
  • Release Date: Feb 24, 2016

After a terrible flood Scout—our young protagonist—now must travel on a raft with her dog named Aesop. America is now a series of islands thanks to the flood and Scout must navigate around in search of food and resources to keep her and Aesop alive. With terrible weather and the risk of hunger, Scout’s adventure will be on of pure survival. Can these two friends make it in such a harsh world? Find out in The Flame in the Flood.

Survival games are a dime a dozen in this day and age. So many titles try to create unique survival mechanics and most just tend to fall flat or end up being a clone of another title. However, developer The Molasses Flood truly made something unique with The Flame in the Flood. Players will need to rely on their doggy companion to find resources as well as create various tools to help Scout and Aesop survive. If the player should die they will have to rely on checkpoints scattered throughout The Flame in the Flood. If you enjoyed the more survival oriented elements of The Oregon Trail games then The Flame in the Flood is a game like The Oregon Trail that will be right up your alley.

The Flame in the Flood- Launch Trailer (Official Trailer)

5. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut

  • System/Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, PS Vita, PS4
  • Publisher: Superflat Games
  • Developer: Jasper Byrne
  • Release Date: Oct 31, 2013

At one time your apartment was a true sanctuary. Then when days went by and supplies began to dwindle your apartment was now a prison where death seems imminent. You know you must go outside and search for supplies, it needs to be done. However, those things…they wait outside and they want to kill you. You only have two options: die in your apartment as you run out of food or die outside from those things…

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut by developer Jasper Byrne is an interesting 2D horror adventure title. Players will have to navigate a hellish landscape filled with zombie-like creatures as well as odd creatures that lurk around every corner. However, what makes Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut so similar to The Oregon Trail is the choices you make and the consequences of said choices. Do you sleep and lose a day of progress or take pills that could affect your mind but will keep you alive? These different choices affect the character’s ending as well as his in game environment in numerous ways. If you want a horror driven adventure title with plenty of depth similar to The Oregon Trail, we highly recommend Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut.

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (Launch Trailer)(Official Trailer)

6. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

  • System/Platform: PC, Xbox 360
  • Publisher: sparsevector
  • Developer: sparsevector
  • Release Date: Jul 6, 2012

Three travelers on are traveling the in the west. Relying on their trust wagon, these three souls must fight against the harsh wilderness as best as they can. Armed with various guns and with possible means to get stronger, the three survivors may be able to survive their journey. However, as with any journey there are always unknown variables that can impede progress. Can these travelers survive and make it to their destination?

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure basically took The Oregon Trail and made it similar but also as one giant joke. Despite that though, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure still aims to be similar to The Oregon Trail and thus why we end our list with this game like The Oregon Trail. Players will travel on a 2D plane—sometimes 3D depending on some of the events—where different choices affect the adventure. Equally, if players don’t perform certain tasks correctly they can possibly lose one of the adventurers which will alter later events. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure may be a parody of The Oregon Trail but ironically it really echoes the awesome gameplay we loved from The Oregon Trail. Also let us mention be prepared for your journey in Super Amazing Wagon Adventure to sometimes get very…bizarre.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure- Dream Build Play 2012 Trailer (Official Trailer)

Final Thoughts

Games don’t always need to be extremely complex and overly deep to be epic. The ability to forge your own story and or find different endings in a title really give games a sense of greatness that even the biggest titles sometimes can’t mimic. We here at Honey’s Anime love The Oregon Trail—as well as the games like The Oregon Trail above—thus why we knew we had to craft this list to keep the memory of this adventurous title alive even in the year 2017. Ironically enough some of the games like The Oregon Trail above have done the same thing with clever ideals and mechanics that harken to The Oregon Trail franchise in the best possible way. As always folks we now must bid you all a farewell however don’t cry or weep as we will return soon. When our paths cross once more we will have more articles waiting your reading pleasure.

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