6 Games Like Time Crisis [Recommendations]

As we step closer to the VR world of video gaming, we here at Honey’s Anime noticed something rather sad. It seems like as time progresses people forget some of the games we had that came close to allowing us to feel VR before headsets and various gaming controllers and peripheral. What we are mentioning are games that used guns and we don’t mean real ones but guns that when shot towards a screen, would actually allow players to hit enemies and various targets. These games were known as light gun games and in particular one of the best was a series known as Time Crisis. That’s why to keep games like Time Crisis from fading into a void no one remembers, we decided to create this 6 Games Like Time Crisis list.

Now, first we must state in the modern gaming world light gun games are also considered—most of the time at least—on rail shooters. The idea is that you don’t move around much but instead shoot enemies and then have your character move on towards a new area to rinse and repeat the process. Some games—namely only one here on this list—allowed a bit more freedom in movement but most light gun games were linear. However, this linear gameplay didn’t stop games like Time Crisis from being fun but made them accessible to all and gave players the means of shooting at baddies with a fake but cool plastic gun. Trust us folks, there are tons of games like Time Crisis that we could have mentioned but in the end, we found the six best we thought of and compiled this list for you out there on the internet. Now without further ado let us begin our list of 6 Games Like Time Crisis!

Similar Game to Time Crisis

1. Virtua Cop

  • System: Arcade, Sega Saturn, PC
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega AM2
  • Release Dates: Sept, 1994

A powerful crime syndicate named E.V.I.L. Inc has begun to spread their power and dominance far and wide. One brave detective was able to find and gather evidence that could destroy the syndicate but was killed off. Luckily, his evidence reached just hands and thus actions began to take place. A special task force with members like Michael Hardy and James Cools was created to destroy E.V.I.L Inc. once and for all. However, their mission won’t be simple and the number of enemies they face will be astronomical.

Let us begin our list of 6 Games Like Time Crisis with one of our personal favorites, Virtua Cop. Using the light gun—at home or the arcade—players would shoot tons of baddies and rescue civilians. While the idea of Virtua Cop was simple, the gameplay was far from it as enemies came out in massive numbers and you could only take several shots before it was game over. When arcades were still around we spent quite a lot of quarters on Virtua Cop—and a few others on this games like Time Crisis list—but thankfully were saved when a Sega Saturn copy released back in 1995. If you can find Virtua Cop for either the older systems or find it within the bundled Virtua Cop 2 title then you need to play it and see where light gun games really first started properly.

2. Vampire Night

  • System: Arcade, PS2
  • Publisher: Namco
  • Developer: Wow Entertainment
  • Release Dates: Jan 1, 2000

Vampires have existed for many years in the world but a recent reappearance means their dark days have returned once more. Michel and Albert two vampire hunters enter France to find a means of ending this resurgence of the horrible beasts. With special guns that hold special bullets that can destroy the vampire scourge, Michel and Albert set forth towards a large castle near a small village. In the process, the duo meets and saves a little girl named Caroline who now they must protect from being devoured. The clock is ticking and the duo must eliminate the vampires and their minions before time runs out.

The PS2 was home to many a light of light gun games but one of the best was the obscure Vampire Night title. Players took to shooting various vampire-like monsters and various large bosses. The story was obscenely goofy but that didn’t matter as Vampire Night was a ton of fun. What was also great about Vampire Night is that players could choose their character—Albert or Michel—and or play with a friend for some cool co-op gameplay. Vampire Night can still be played without the light gun via PS2 controllers but the beauty of it will always be using the light gun to eliminate various vampires and monsters alike. If you ever wanted to be a vampire hunter with a gun, then your best option is to track down a copy of Vampire Night today.

3. Resident Evil: Dead Aim

  • System: PS2
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Cavia
  • Release Dates: Feb 13, 2003

Several years after the Racoon City Incident, the Umbrella corporation continues experimenting with various viruses in different locations. One of the locations is an ocean liner—Spencer Rain—that Umbrella owns. However, a former member of the Umbrella named Morpheus D. Duvall has hijacked the ocean liner and with-it Umbrella’s infamous T-Virus. The US. Government takes notice of this and sends in U.S. Stratcom agent Bruce McGivern to stop Duvall before his actions cause another possible Raccoon City elsewhere in the world. Alongside Fong Ling—who is an agent for the Chinese Intelligence officer—Bruce must fight his way aboard a ship filled with zombies and other various monstrosities.

The Resident Evil series isn’t new to rail shooters but their first attempt—which was called Resident Evil Survivor—was considered poor by an overwhelming majority who played it. Though Resident Evil: Dead Aim tries to eliminate the stigma set by Resident Evil Survivor and allows players to use their light guns to eliminate zombies and beasts all while playing out like a traditional Resident Evil title. Players would explore various locations aboard the Spencer Rain and like the past Resident Evil titles, players would need to unlock doors, solve puzzles and defeat tons of enemies. While Resident Evil: Dead Aim wasn’t perfect—it had a lot of flaws thanks to the light gun’s lack of buttons—we enjoyed playing it with a PS2 controller and we usually advise most to do the same. If you want a truly fun light gun game that actually plays better without the light gun, then you’re going to want to try out Resident Evil: Dead Aim.

Any Game Like Time Crisis ?

4. Silent Scope

  • System: Arcade, Dreamcast, PS2, Game Boy Advance, iOS
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Konami
  • Release Dates: Oct 12, 2000

A terrible incident has just occurred in the United States. The President and his family have been taken hostage! The terrorists responsible have begun to ask for demands and if they aren’t met before the allotted time the terrorists plan on executing the family and President. You play as a sniper who is assisting the police in stopping these vile terrorists. Your sniper skills will be put to the test as you must hurry against the clock and save the President as well as his family from any harm!

Silent Scope was truly a spectacular light gun game. Unlike most traditional light gun titles, Silent Scope—at least in the arcades—had players using a full-sized sniper rifle as the game’s peripheral. Players would actually need to use the sniper’s lens and thus have the game zoomed in as they eliminated various targets as quickly as possible. Later releases of Silent Scope would allow home console owners to use a purchasable sniper rifle but the backlash from the peripheral caused most stores back then to remove it from the shelves. If you have the money—or know an older arcade—then you need to try out Silent Scope as soon as you can as it is truly such a unique and exciting experience.

5. Ninja Assault

  • System: Arcade, PS2
  • Publisher: Namco, Sega
  • Developer: Namco, NOW Production
  • Release Dates: Nov 18, 2000

In feudal Japan, a war has been raging for quite some time. During the war, an evil Shogun leader named Kigai kidnapped Princess Koto. Kigai’s purpose was to use the princess as a sacrifice to resurrect himself. Two brave ninjas, Gunjo and Guren, wish to save their princess and thus, go into battle. Armed with powerful magic guns, the two ninjas must battle against Kigai’s evil forces and various monster like beings. The fate of their kingdom and possibly humanity lies on these two ninja’s shoulders.

In 2000, the light gun gaming craze caused dozens of titles to release in arcade and console format. Some were very strange and one of those was Ninja Assault. Rather than using a sword or ninja related weapons—though there were a few players could utilize—Ninja Assault had ninjas with guns. Yes it was weird but equally Ninja Assault was one of the more odd gun games that was stilltons of fun. Ninja Assault didn’t reinvent the wheel in terms of the light gun world but it played out like Time Crisis in numerous ways. Thus, we knew we had to find a spot for it our list of 6 Games Like Time Crisis.

6. The House of the Dead 2

  • System: Arcade, Dreamcast, PC, Nintendo Wii
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Wow Entertainment
  • Release Dates: Nov, 1998

Taking place several months after the horrible Curien Mansion Incident, the world has not rid itself of zombies just yet. In Venice, Italy, a zombie outbreak has occurred. Agent G—one of the famous AMS agents who stopped Curien before—has gone missing and now the AMS team must send out other members to stop this zombie outbreak. Thus, AMS agents James and Gary are dispatched alongside Amy and Harris to evacuate the populous and stop the zombie threat. Though soon they learn Curien is once again behind this outbreak and if the AMS don’t stop him, the world may soon fall into ruin.

Yes folks, we knew our 6 Games Like Time Crisis list wouldn’t be complete without The House of the Dead 2. Still regarded by some as the best light gun game—which we do agree with here at Honey’s Anime—The House of the Dead 2 has continued to have a legacy in the arcades that still run even today. Players were tasked with killing zombies, monsters and other odd creatures with a light gun…what else is more fun than that? Even today, many have found the means of buying the arcade cabinets for The House of the Dead 2 just because it was such an addicting game to play. Luckily, there are numerous ways to play The House of the Dead 2 such as buying it for the Nintendo Wii or unlocking it in The House of the Dead 3 for the Xbox. Regardless if you’re using a controller, a light gun or a keyboard—there is by the way a game called The Typing of the Dead but that’s using a keyboard to spell out words—The House of the Dead 2 is one of the best games ever made, and if you loved Time Crisis, you need to check it out as soon as humanly possible.

Final Thoughts

Oh, our memories of games like Time Crisis is both a happy and painful one. Happy because we got to enjoy some of the best on the rail games ever but painful as most can’t be played anymore thanks to changes in modern technology, namely most modern TVs don’t support the light guns anymore. Though if you’re blessed with one older TV—something before 2005—you can still find the means of being able to use the light gun and enjoy these games above. Also, don’t fret if you don’t have that; most of the titles above do have controller support but it just doesn’t feel the same. Though with modern VR headsets and accessories, we are inching closer to games that give you the same feeling and that’s a good thing indeed. Now with our nostalgia trip over what games from our list have you played? Let us know in the comments down below and stick to Honey’s Anime for more lists just like this one!

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