6 Manga Like Angel Sanctuary [Recommendations]

Back in 2000, an anime hit screens called Angel Sanctuary that brought attention to a series that may not have been noticed otherwise. Angel Sanctuary was based on a manga series that was published in 1994 - 2000 in Japan and written by Yuki Kaori, a mangaka best known for her gothic style. Angel Sanctuary is about an angel exiled from Heaven and placed in the body of Mudo Setsuna, a teenage boy in love with his younger sister, Sara. Unfortunately for him, while Setsuna may have been exiled from Heaven, the chaos from Heaven follows him down to Earth in his new life.

Angel Sanctuary pulled in dark themes like incest and also corruption. The journey we took in Angel Sanctuary was rather tumultuous but thrilling at the same time. With the fantasy and supernatural elements at play with a rather complicated romance between Setsuna and Sara, well, we can’t say there was ever a dull moment in this fantasy manga. For those of you who love Angel Sanctuary, we have decided to come up with a list of 6 manga like Angel Sanctuary to help fill your time after you’ve completely fallen in love with Angel Sanctuary. Hang tight because some of these manga can be rather dark.

Similar Manga to Angel Sanctuary

1. Ayashi no Ceres

  • Authors: Watase Yuu
  • Genres: Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Harem, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 14
  • Published: August 1996 - January 2000

Fraternal twin siblings Aya and Aki were preparing to celebrate their birthday together with their family in their grandfather’s home. Unfortunately, something is off. A gift is given to them and it turns out to be a mummified hand. Upon being exposed to the hand, Aya’s powers awaken resulting in her injuring Aki. The Mikage patriarch has declared Aki to be the new heir while Aya will be killed. However, Aya will find two men who will risk it all and help her, Touya and Yuuhi.

We’re starting our list off right with Ayashi no Ceres, a series that is undoubtedly very similar to Angel Sanctuary. First off, our main characters, Aki and Aya, are actually reincarnations (or vessels?) or their ancestors, Mikagi and Ceres, a couple plagued by feelings of possessiveness and hatred, which adds an element of incest to Ayashi no Ceres and follows both the incest and the reincarnation themes present in Angel Sanctuary. Then, we have a fantasy and supernatural adventure as Aki and Aya have to deal with the consequences of their previous lives, the same way Setsuna does. There will be a huge war of worlds as Mikagi and Ceres fight for their desires while putting the lives of the Mikage family at stake. There’s also an element of (non-incestuous) romance involved that only add more to the story of Ayashi no Ceres culminating in a celestial adventure and romance manga like no other.

2. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (Secret Sweethearts)

  • Authors: Aoki Kotomi
  • Genres: Shoujo, Romance, Drama, School Life
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published: December 2002 - June 2005

Yori and Iku are fraternal twins and while they’ve always gotten along, Yori has changed recently. Yori is distant and cold to Iku who worries that she must have done something to make Yori hate her. Iku would do anything to be with Yori, but she may not be prepared for the feelings Yori has for her.

If you love the taboo of incestuous relationships (not judging you), Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wa Suru may float on your radar at some point. This manga, which also has been adapted into a 1 episode OVA, features a rather complicated relationship between fraternal twins Yori and Iku, who start off with different feelings of love for each other. Like Setsuna for Sara, Yori struggles with his feelings of love for Iku which go beyond the boundaries of brother and sister. While not a supernatural manga, Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wa Suru focuses more on incestuous desires and the ramifications it can have on one’s family.

3. Tsumi ni Nureta Futari (Two Soaked in Sin)

  • Authors: Kitagawa Miyuki
  • Genres: Josei, Smut, Drama, Psychological, Romance
  • Volumes: 18
  • Published: October 1998 - October 2004

Kasumi has just been dumped by her boyfriend so she has flown to Rome in hopes of coping with her broken heart. On the streets of Rome, Kasumi meets a Japanese man whom she feels a connection with. Without even knowing his name, they have sex and part ways. However, back in Japan, Kasumi will meet him one more time, but fate is a spiteful harpy. When attending a family function, Kasumi is introduced to this man she met from Rome and he’s Yoshiki, her little brother!

Here’s yet another addition to the incestuous manga pile, but it has an element of surprise as these two strangers appear to fall in love for but a night without knowing each other and then dealing with the consequences of their unfortunate meeting. Kasumi is constantly feeling guilt and sordid regarding her romantic feelings for Yoshiki, a man who knows what he wants and does not care what the consequences are. There are a lot of psychological elements at play here as they attempt to fool the people around them but find that Yoshiki or Kasumi are popular with rather dangerous people. While Tsumi ni Nureta Futari may focus mainly on the incestuous aspect than Angel Sanctuary, they both deal with their own flurries of drama and complicated situations that can be figuratively earth shattering.

Any Manga Like Angel Sanctuary ?

4. Jou-sama no Inu (Her Majesty’s Dog)

  • Authors: Takeuchi Mick
  • Genres: Comedy, Horror, Romance, School, Shoujo, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 11
  • Published: July 2000 - May 2006

Kamori Amane is a girl with great supernatural power as a medium who is guarded by a demon dog, Inugami Hyoue. With a single kiss from Amane, Hyoue can use great power. Together, Hyoue and Amane will work together to protect the humans from the supernatural force and the spirits of the dead. However, Amane’s family is moving to Tokyo and her powers will not help her with her new school. Amane comes off cold and distant from her classmates while Hyoue’s good looks makes him popular amongst the girls, but Hyoue is completely loyal to Amane and no one understands why.

If you’re sick of us talking about incest and want to hear more about the supernatural, then we have the perfect one for you with Jou-sama no Inu (Her Majesty’s Dog). This manga works off the rather complicated relationship between Amane and Hyoue as they fight against supernatural creatures to keep humankind safe. However, what happens when their relationship becomes muddled with romance? It’s more than a little complicated, and we suggest reading on to find out exactly what happens between Amane and Hyoue. Will they continue being master and dog or will mankind find danger amongst the spirits? Read to find out!

5. The Flowers of Evil

  • Authors: Lee, Hyeon-Sook
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Psychological
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: 2006 - 2008

Se-Joon and Se-Wa are brother and sister who have a rather difficult and complex relationship compared to other siblings. Se-Wa is deemed as scary and rather psychotic so she sticks to her brother. Se-Wa is actually a bit too attached as she only cares about See-Joon and no one else. Does Se-Joon need a little sister who is so attached?

Sorry, we had to include one more incestuous story but this time, it’s a manhwa! The Flowers of Evil is a rather dark and psychological story of Se-Joon and Se-Wa filled with manipulation and feelings of possessiveness. As the line between sibling love and romantic love become muddled, many people are pulled into the torrent of hell that exists between Se-Joon and Se-wa. While one is torn between their desire to keep their sibling relationship and appeasing the other’s feelings, the other fights their own selfish desires and possessiveness. If you want a heart wrenching and rather distressing story with complicated romances and twists and turns just like Angel Sanctuary, The Flowers of Evil shall not disappoint you in the slightest..

6. Ao no Fuuin (Blue Seal)

  • Authors: Shinohara Chie
  • Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 11
  • Published: May 1992 - May 1994

Soko has recently moved to a new city, but in this new city, she has felt very….off. She feels sick and is continually bothered by guys. At one point, Kashi attempts to rape Soko, but disappears. Later, someone comes in and takes Kashi’s place, but no one seems to notice that he’s not the actual Kashi! This new boy states he is Akira and he is also the Byakko. Akira tells Soko that she is the reincarnation of Souryo of the East and that she must be destroyed as the queen of demons. Soko doesn’t know anything about that, but is this really her fate?

If you are looking for yet another amazing supernatural shoujo manga, then you will not be disappointed by Ao no Fuuin, a rather complicated manga due to the main character’s necessary death and her feelings towards Akira. Much like Angel Sanctuary, you will find that the main character’s life is made complicated thanks to an identity she had no idea about which can make or break the world (mostly break). While the romance is not incest (thank goodness), there is still plenty of drama awaiting you in this manga. Written by Shinohara Chie, a great shoujo mangaka, you are sure to enjoy yourself through this supernatural romance.

Final Thoughts

There were a lot of reasons why we loved Angel Sanctuary, and while nothing will ever take its place in our hearts, there are still a few manga that might just fill our time and remind us of the greatness that is Angel Sanctuary. After looking through this list, we hope you found a few new manga to read in your spare time. If you have read any of them, how do you think they compare to Angel Sanctuary? Are there any that you are excited to check out? What was your favorite part of Angel Sanctuary? Please feel free to let us know in the comments down below!

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