6 Manga Like Dogs [Recommendations]

Remember that manga you kept seeing at the bookstore under the graphic novel section? The one whose bright orange first volume caught your eye every single time and captured your imagination and every time you picked it up, you felt the weight of the potential of an unexplored story? Remember when you read it, eating up the beautiful art, the fast-paced action and kept clawing at the dark wisps of mystery which grew ever more present with every page? Remember when you read it all the way to the end, how hungry you were for more? Remember when you came to Honey’s Anime because you knew that they’d help you find something to fill that void? Yes, welcome to 6 Manga Like Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, 6 bullets in the chamber, ready to be fired onto your “to-read” lists!

Similar Manga to Dogs: Bullets and Carnage

1. Shi ga Futari wo Wakatsu made (Until Death Do Us Part)

  • Mangaka: Song Ji-Hyung (Art), Takashige Hiroshi (Story)
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Seinen
  • Volumes: 26
  • Published: June 2005 – November 2015

In a world where the power to see into the future is a well-known phenomenon, but granted only to a select few, a young girl’s life is turned upside down. When Touyama Haruka’s power of “Precog” is discovered, she is pursued by a powerful organisation wishing to use her powers to their own ends. Using her powers, Haruka comes into contact with Hijikata Mamoru, a blind swordsman, asking him to protect her – until death do them part.

The main similarities between Dogs and Until Death Do Us Part is in the story focusing on two different characters who come into each other’s companionship through strange circumstances. Both manga are action-heavy stories based in worlds that are vastly different from the reality in which we live. In both stories, certain human beings have gained abilities, either through chance like the power of Precognition, or through genetic engineering like in Dogs.

2. Jabberwocky

  • Mangaka: Hisa Misato
  • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Seinen
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: August 2006 – January 2009

Conspiracy theories are littered across human history and used to explain various historical discrepancies which are hidden in the shadows of every nation’s government. None; however, quite live up to the realisation that British-born secret agent, Lily Apricot comes to when she is dispatched to steal a certain Russian artefact. Dinosaurs live among us, and what’s even more surprising is that they’ve had an active role in the history and governance of Russia itself!

Jabberwocky is an action-packed manga featuring certain elements which also appear in Dogs, such as the existence of non-human entities in human society. Using an art style which bears similar visual impact as Dogs and action sequences just as dynamic as Dogs, Jabberwocky presents, in a very “Dogs-esque” fashion, a world distorted by events in human history which have ultimately shaped the present – in Dogs, it is the genetic engineering which has allowed human beings of great power to be manufactured, while in Jabberwocky, it is the infiltration of human social structures and structures of government by dinosaurs which have altered, for the most part, the course of human history.

3. Busta!

  • Mangaka: Iwamoto Eiri
  • Genres: Action, School
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: October 2011 – October 2012

Soga and Mukai, two high school live wires have a debt to pay to Kishita, the leader of the West Side, a delinquent gang. Things start to turn ugly for their side of town when it turns out that the East Side leader, Ordine, is planning a takeover of the West Side. Due to their debt to the West Side, and their business of taking care of some of the West Side’s dirty work, Soga and Mukai are dragged into the brewing war as well.

Like Dogs, Busta! features two main characters who are fairly strong as far as acts of physical violence are concerned. Much like the pair in Dogs, Soga and Mukai are simply errand boys of a much greater organisation. The art styles of Dogs and Busta! are fairly similar in how they make great use of shadows and darkness in contrast to backgrounds that tend to be quite clear. One, very mundane similarity in both sets of protagonists is that in both manga, one is light-haired and the other dark haired.

Any Manga Like Dogs: Bullets and Carnage ?

4. Sidooh

  • Mangaka: Takahashi Tsutomu
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, Samurai, Seinen
  • Volumes: 25
  • Published: June 2005 – October 2010

Sidooh – the righteous Path of the Warrior. A pair of orphaned brothers, Yukimura Shoutarou and Gentarou, struggle to survive in a period of social and political turmoil in 19th Century Japan. With no real worldly possessions to their name, apart from their dead father’s sword, and memories of their mother’s advice fresh in their minds, Shoutarou and Gentarou embark on a personal journey to find Sidooh.

In this story grounded in the tumultuous period before Japan’s unification, two brothers embark on a journey together – much like Heine and Badou, the majority of the manga focuses on their movements together as a pair. In both manga, the protagonists journey together in order to find something; be it information about their own pasts, or a personal reason to live, or a way to live their lives in eras that are completely different, but similar in their harshness.

5. Hitogatana

  • Mangaka: Onigunsou
  • Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Shounen
  • Volumes: TBC
  • Published: October 2009 –

In a futuristic world where technology has allowed for the production and utilisation of androids, naturally crime has advanced as well. Crimes committed using these androids known as “Katana” have become frequent and as a result, an Anti-Katana Crime unit, the Anti-Katana Crime Division, has been established. Togusa of the 8th squad of the AKCD sees himself seeing life differently due to the fact that he is a human/katana hybrid.

Hitogatana and Dogs bear similarities in plot and characters. Both manga are set in a futuristic world where humanity has gained much knowledge and technology and is capable of doing quite a lot which is currently impossible. Both manga have a main character who is not completely human; in Dogs, the situation is that he is part dog as a result of genetic engineering, and in Hitogatana, it’s in the name: he’s a human Katana, a hybrid.

6. Togainu no Chi

  • Mangaka: Chayamachi Suguro (Art), Nitropus (Story)
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Shounen Ai
  • Volumes: TBC
  • Published: March 2006 –

In the city of Toshima, a dilapidated metropolis, The Igura has commenced. The Igura is a deadly high-stakes battle game in which players bet their very lives in a post-apocalyptic Japan in order to win enormous wealth. After being convicted of murder, Akira is thrown into prison, but given a lifeline: if he can win the Igura, he can walk free. However, in order to do that, he’ll have to stake his very life!

Dogs and Togainu no Chi are both manga series based in futuristic or post-apocalyptic settings, in worlds where crime is rampant and the underworld rule over all. Togainu no Chi, being set in a futuristic Japan, has elements of science fiction much like Dogs, such as the concept of genetic engineering or experimentation which Akira has experienced as a youngster.


Finding that amazing manga in the bookstore is always an awesome rush, but being able to find several more different titles all with similar ingredients as the first makes finding new titles to read more exciting. Each new manga is a doorway to thousands more, and we at Honey’s Anime are here to help you find them, one manga recommendation at a time. Have you read any other manga like Dogs: Bullets and Carnage? Drop a comment below and tell us about it and keep sharing awesome manga!

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