6 Manga Like Eden [Recommendations]

The world is thrown into chaos after a pandemic wiped out a portion of the world's population and left even much more incapacitated. Grasping the opportunity, an organisation calling themselves the Propater usurp the power of the United Nations, therefore firmly establishing their hold on world politics. Elsewhere, two children who are seemingly immune to the effects of the virus were attacked by the Propater. Twenty years after their escape, the boy is now the most powerful drug lord in all of South America. The Propater, however, has not forgotten about him and he is still embroiled in the war with the Propater...

Eden is a manga that branches out into many other sub-plots. From philosophical, economic imbalance, drug cartel battles to terrorism, it feels like a cesspool of many different genres but everything is based on a central theme. Eden is an action-packed manga that keeps you on the edge of your toes. It is a manga ultimately based on survival. You will never know what will happen next or who will die next. So today, we are looking for 6 other manga that share certain aspects as Eden. Without further ado, let's go!

Similar Manga to Eden: It's an Endless World

1. Gantz

  • Authors: Oku, Hiroya
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Psychological, Seinen
  • Volumes: 37
  • Published: Jul 13, 2000, to Jun 20, 2013

Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato were just about to head back home from school when they saw a drunk man falling onto the train tracks. Risking their lives, they tried to save his life. Unfortunately, though, they did not get out fast enough and died due to the oncoming train. Supposedly, their lives should've ended, but they awoke to a room filled with mysterious people. Trying to find out what is going on and how they should've already been dead, a mysterious figure only known Gantz revealed themselves to them. They were told to complete missions for him. Now, these mysterious people live the lives of a hunter hunting and exterminating aliens at the behest of Gantz.

Just like Eden, Gantz shares the aspect of being an action manga that combines different aspects of human thought. There are many individuals with dynamic personalities clashing it out. All these are done in the name of survival which is the central theme surrounding both series. Further, both feature an overarching mystery that is linked to every subplot. Both are also catered to a more mature audience so expect intense violence that contributes heavily to the plot of the story so it is definitely worth a shot!

2. Pluto

  • Authors: Urusawa, Naoki
  • Genres: Action, Mystery, Mecha, Seinen
  • Volumes: 8
  • Published: Sep 9, 2003, to Apr 1, 2009

Gesicht is a robot as well as being a detective. Recently, a string of murders has been occurring. The victims were not just robots, but humans as well. The culprit was suspected to be a robot, which is alarming as the last robot murder happened eight years back. The case was made more puzzling when the targets for the murderer were all people who supported the International Robotic Laws, conferring equal rights to robots. It is up to Gesicht to uncover the truth in this kill or be killed series.

Both Eden and Pluto question the issue with humanity, bringing up much philosophical thought on the existence of humanity and their impact on each other. Via bringing up mecha as a theme to showcase just how depraved humans can be, Pluto illustrates just how far humans can go in order to survive as well as to kill. Being a mystery genre, Pluto focuses more on the foreshadowing of events and how it is a race against the clock for the protagonist. Be engrossed in the enveloping mystery which is something that Eden lacks. So, if you feel that the mystery element is not present in Eden, Pluto is the next manga to go to in order to fulfil that!

3. 20th Century Boys

  • Authors: Urusawa, Naoki
  • Genres: Action, Mystery, Drama, Seinen
  • Volumes: 22
  • Published: Sep 27, 1999, to Apr 24, 2006

As the world approaches the new century, people around the world are concerned as to how much the world will change. Amongst these people is Kenji Endo, a convenience store owner who is just trying to make a living and get by in life. Kenji heard that his friend 'Donkey' had committed suicide recently. In addition, after hearing about the uprising of a cult, his gut feeling told him something was very wrong. Investigating the clues left by his friend, he uncovered a truth that will threaten not only him, his friends, but the world itself. Now, he has to gather back his old group of friends and find out the connection between them and the mysterious cult leader known only as 'Friend' as the world moves towards the new century.

20th Century Boys has the same amount of character development as Eden. Featuring a cast of dynamic personalities, watch as these characters develop in order to adapt to the ever-changing society. Just like Eden, there is an aura of something bigger that is initially not seen until the climax of the story. Both also have a central theme of survival in which the characters struggle in order to survive amidst a chaotic world. The protagonists in both series will have to struggle through amidst turbulent times in order to unravel the biggest secret that is seemingly linked to everything happening around them.

Any Manga Like Eden: It's an Endless World ?

4. Akira

  • Authors: Otomo, Katsuhiro
  • Genres: Action, Sci-fi, Seinen
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published: Dec 6, 1982, to Jun 11, 1990

The year is 1988, and Japan had just entered World War III after a young boy with mysterious esper powers sets off an explosion that will leave the city of Tokyo in ruins. Refusing to allow any of such instances to occur again, this boy was captured and erased from any records. Now in the year 2019, we see a neo-Tokyo built upon the ruins of the previous Tokyo. Two friends, Tetsuo Shima and Shoutarou Kaneda are two bikers and best friends. As Tetsuo tries to best Shoutarou during one of their 'competitions', he unknowingly sets off a chain of events that threatens the release of a government secret known simply as Akira. What is this secret that is can once again bring Tokyo to ruins and does it have a connection to the incident back in 1988?

Both Akira and Eden takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which characters fight in order to survive. In the world that they exist in respectively, death is not unknown to them and there could just be a murder at every corner. It is hard to anticipate who will die off next, allowing the thrill of suspense to captivate the readers. The protagonists in both series are also alike in a numerous way. The character development in both eventually has them start killing in order to protect what truly mattered to them.

5. Jisatsutou

  • Authors: Mori, Kouji
  • Genres: Mystery, Drama, Seinen, Psychological
  • Volumes: 17
  • Published: Nov 14, 2008, to Aug 26, 2016

Due to the rising numbers of suicide in Japan, the government has decided to not put any more resources and funds into unsuccessful suicide attempts. Instead, these individuals have been cast away to an unknown island where anything is possible and there are no rules with the exception of a prohibition on escaping the island. Sei is one such person who failed in his suicide attempt and awoke on this strange new island. There, he finds other individuals who no longer wished to live. They found out that they were legally declared dead by their government and they were left to simply... die on this new island. Trying to find out what was going on, will they find meaning in the life once more or will the succumb to the island?

Jisatsutou is a series in which individuals were left to die even though they originally opted to die in the first place. However, due to the new situation that they are in, these people eventually find renewed motivation in order to keep on living. Similarly to Eden, both focus on the concept of survival, whereas Jisatsutou took a little longer for their protagonist to reach that level of motivation, the both of them are essentially the same. Both series also feature a bigger mastermind that operates behind the scenes, their decisions having a direct impact on the protagonists. Jisatsutou is an interesting take on the renewed motivation for surviving and is definitely a manga that is recommended to read, not just because it is similar to Eden, but because it is exceptional as well.

6. Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa

  • Authors: Miyazaki, Hayao
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Volumes: 17
  • Published: Oct 9, 1982, to Feb 10, 1994

Humanity was close to the brink of extinction after a devastating war almost decimated the whole species. Known as the Seven Days of Fire, the survivors of the war are not scattered in different kingdoms while trying their best to avoid the Sea of Corruption, a gigantic forest filled with mutated insects and foliage that will kill anything in its path. Nausicaa, the heiress to the Valley of the Wind, was faced with the conundrum of entering into war with the Dorok Empire. With no experience in war, Nausicaa gets the first taste of war and how horrific it truly was. Battling to survive in the war while at the same time avoiding the Sea of Corruption, Nausicaa saw just how the effects of war alongside with the Sea of Corruption could eventually lead humanity into total annihilation.

On the surface level, both Eden and Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa may appear to be very different manga. However, as the plot goes deeper, fundamentally, both series discuss the same thing. Amidst a world of turmoil, the very limits of humanity are tested and the ugly side of it, exposed. Both manga illustrate the significance of life and delve into many philosophical aspects of the existence of humanity. Both feature protagonists that have much to learn and showcases their journey towards finding their answer. If there is ever a manga that appears unsimilar but yet the same, it would definitely have to be these manga!


So that's the end of our selection. What is it about Eden that makes you want to read the series all the way to the end? Do share with us your much-loved events that occurred within Eden that made you re-evaluate your thinking. Did you read any of the listed manga? If so, do tell us how'd you find them and whether there are any more manga that you would like to recommend. Until next time, we will see you then!

EDEN-18- 6 Manga Like Eden [Recommendations]


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