6 Manga Like Hitorijime My Hero [Recommendations]

Hitorijime My Hero is a popular BL manga, written and illustrated by Memeco Arii. Its serialization started in 2012 on the magazine “gateau”, and it's still ongoing. Hitorijime My Hero has a prequel – Hitorijime Boyfriend – and both these series had an anime adaption for this current season.

Memeco Arii's stories are characterized by comedy and absurd situations, plus an art style which is cute and adorable. Hitorijime My Hero revolves around Masahiro Setagawa, a high school boy who stopped believing in the existence of heroes, as he was left alone by his parents. In fact, he joined a gang and was used as an errand boy by deliquents. At least, his life was like that until the day he was saved by the so-called “Bear Killer”, aka Kousuke Ooshiba. Kousuke is the older brother of Masahiro's best friend – Kensuke, and Hitorijime Boyfriend's protagonist – and some time after, he becomes their homeroom teacher.

Kousuke and Masahiro's relationship is ambiguous. When Kousuke saved Masahiro from the delinquents, he declared him his “underling” and swore to protect him. Their feelings toward each other are deeper than a boss/underling's relationship. Will these two clumsy guys manage to be honest for once and admit their love?

Until we'll discover it, here we give you a list of six manga that share with Hitorijime My Hero some traits. If you crave for the same good vibes you felt while reading it, this is the list meant for you. Stick with us until the end, then!

Similar Manga to Hitorijime My Hero / Similar Manga to My Very Own Hero

1. Ibérico Buta Series (Ibérico Pork Series)

  • Authors: Shoowa
  • Genres: Drama, School life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published: May 2009 – July 2016

Let's get this list started with Ibérico Buta Series, a funny story revolving around Irie “Iberiko”, who is the leader of the Pigs Raging Clean Up Crew. This gang means no harm toward other people, on the contrary they just collect the garbage. Yet, rumors say that Irie is like a mad dog, a guy who likes beating the surrounding people to a pulp. Tsubaki's friends litter around Irie's high school, but he doesn't get mad and invites Tsubaki to dinner. What is the meaning behind Irie's behavior? Later, Tsubaki will discover the truth!

Hitorijime My Hero and Ibérico Buta have a lot in common. For starters, they share the same vibes in a school setting. In both these series we can find gangs, and the main protagonists – Kousuke and Irie – who are depicted as ruthless persons who randomly go hitting people, while it's untrue. Kousuke and Masahiro's relationship develops slowly, but when it does the two of them starts having an interaction where Masahiro is meek, because of the admiration toward Kousuke. Irie and Tsubaki's relationship is faster – their story is just a one-volume – but it's on the same wavelength. If you like a story full of gags and comedy, in a school setting, Ibérico Buta Series won't fail you!

2. Hinekure Chaser

  • Authors: Panco.
  • Genres: Romance, School life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1 + sequel
  • Published: November 2013 – ongoing

Let's go on with Hinekure Chaser and another “hero”! Yamato Odajima saved Hozumi Hirokawa in the past, when he was being bullied. That event, resulted in Hirokawa falling madly in love with Yamato, to the extent that he decided to change schools in order to follow him. There's a problem, though: since Misaki – Yamato's best friend – is always around, Hirokawa bullies him, until the day Yamato gets angry. In order to protect Misaki, Yamato punishes Hirokawa. His punishment is one of a kind, in fact he bites Hirokawa's lips! Is that a real punishment, or the beginning of something else?

Hitorijime My Hero and Hinekure Chaser are two cute love stories about a person falling in love with someone, out of admiration, after being saved from a dangerous situation. Exactly like Hitorijime My Hero, the setting in Hinekure Chaser is the high school. Masahiro and Hirokawa have different ways to show their admiration towards their saviors, but they're both submissive. The relationship between Yamato and Hirokawa develops slowly, like Kousuke and Masahiro's one, so don't expect immediately boy-on-boy action. The spicy moments will come but, like in Hitorijime My Hero, a bit later on... And they'll be worth it!

3. Blue Sky Complex

  • Authors: Ichikawa, Kei
  • Genres: School life, Slice of life, Drama, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published: September 2013 – 2017

Natsuki Terashima is the well-known delinquent of the school, always picking fights with whoever. Motochika Narasaki is a quiet boy, who comes from a noisy family leaving him hardly any time alone to even think. One day, Narasaki's teacher asks a favor to him: that he manages the school library in the evenings. Narasaki is reluctant, but he accepts, thinking that he may have some time alone to spend reading in peace. But here's the treat: Terashima has been asked the same, so the two of them start spending time together, while reading. Is that the beginning of something else?

Once again, we can easily understand what Hitorijime My Hero and Blue Sky Complex share. For starters, we have a school setting in both these stories, and a slow romance. Terashima is like Kousuke; he is known as an infamous delinquent, but that's just a facade. In fact, exactly like Kousuke, he is just a boy who answers with fists, when fists are thrown at him. The admiration that Terashima has toward Narasaki is a bit different from the admiration Masahiro has toward Kousuke, but still it's the starting point for their relationship. If you enjoyed that particular trait in Hitorijime My Hero, and like slow romance with many cute moments, give Blue Sky Complex a try as well!

Any Manga Like Hitorijime My Hero / Similar Manga to My Very Own Hero ?

4. Okosama Star

  • Authors: Aomiya, Kara
  • Genres: Comedy, School life, Slice of life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published: July 2014 – 2017

Ryou Kaido is an infamous delinquent: with his piercings, his dyed-blonde hair and his connections to some yakuza clan, he makes each of his classmates scared of him. Kyousuke Honda, on the other side, is friendly, open and effusive. Just like his classmates, he fears Kaido “the delinquent”. One day, by chance, Honda meets Kaido to a children's live action event. In that moment, the truth about Kaido is out; he is not as scary as he seems, and moreover, he's not a delinquent. Honda, on the other side, will reveal a hidden side of his character as well!

Hitorijime My Hero and Okosama Star share basically the same premises: we meet a character who is feared by his surroundings, because of some rumors that are totally untrue. Kaido and Kousuke are scary, mysterious characters that turn out to be the polar opposite than what people think. Kaido shares some attitudes with Masahiro, as well. In fact, he is submissive, and he admires Honda, whom he considers his savior. Once again, the setting is the school and Kaido and Honda's romance is very slow, exactly like Kousuke and Masahiro's. It's not a stretch to say that while reading Okosama Star, you'll have the same good vibes you had with Hitorijime My Hero!

5. Starlike Words

  • Authors: Junko
  • Genres: School life, Comedy, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: April 2010 – June 2010

Let's head toward the end with a sweet story by Junko! Our protagonist is Subaru, a high school student who really enjoys having sex with whoever, but doesn't want to date anyone. The reason behind his behavior is that he cannot date anyone, unless he is in love. While walking around the school, he notices a beautiful painting leaving him astonished. Subaru feels like it is love at first sight: he has to meet the artist. But it turns out that the artist is Shizuka, an antisocial, unapproachable guy. Will Subaru manage to breach in Shizuka's heart?

Hitorijime My Hero and Starlike Words share a lighthearted atmosphere and cute protagonists. Even though the plot may differ, what is really similar is the admiration that Masahiro and Subaru have toward the person they like. That same admiration leads them to act all meek and submissive and, of course, very obedient. Exactly like in Hitorijime My Hero, in Starlike Words we find a character – Shizuka – who is rumored to be different from who he actually is. In fact, he is not antisocial or unapproachable, he is just shy and introverted. With these two stories we can guarantee you readers a lot of moments full of pure cuteness, and some spicy ones, as well!

6. Sensei nante Kirai desu. (Sensei, I Really Hate You)

  • Authors: Hinako
  • Genres: School life, Romance, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: January 2015 – March 2016

Let's end this list with another teacher/student relationship! Our protagonist is Aoi Ikuta, a high school boy with a crush on a girl who is his classmate. Mustering the courage to confess, Aoi's nervousness results in him insulting the girl he had a crush on. His love story ends before it even began and what's worse, Shizu, their teacher, was enjoying that lame scene from afar. When Aoi speaks rudely to Shizu-sensei, he forces him to become his errands boy. One thing will lead to another and their relationship will evolve into something deeper...

Hitorijime My Hero and Sensei nante Kirai desu. may have different premises and plot, but scratching a bit of the surface, their similarities pop up. Firstly, we have a student/teacher relationship which develops slowly; secondly, we have an admiration – even though for very different reasons – of the uke toward the seme. Aoi admires Shizu for his skills with women, and realizes that he would like to be like him; Masahiro was saved by Kousuke, and he is grateful for this. Both these couples are clumsy and a bit green at dealing with a serious relationship involving love and dating, but their interactions will give you readers laughter and sweetness, so brace yourselves!

Final Thoughts

This is it! Our list of six manga like Hitorijime My Hero came to and end, and we hope you found it useful, somehow. We tried to find those series sharing with it the student/teacher relationship, or the main theme of the admiration towards someone who saves you from trouble, or an uke who is insecure but meek. So, if you crave for more Hitorijime My Hero chapters, but are tired to wait, and if you want to know other good series which are similar, you should give one of this manga a try. We can guarantee happy endings and very sweet moments – and spicy ones, too – between two beautiful guys! As always, if you know other manga that belong to this list, don't forget to let us know in the comments below!

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