6 Manga Like Tokyo Crazy Paradise [Recommendations]

Tokyo Crazy Paradise is a shoujo manga following the life of Tsukasa after becoming her Yakuza classmate’s bodyguard. It brings with it themes of genderbending, the Yakuza, orphans as well as crime. Set in a futuristic Tokyo, the city’s morality has degenerated and crime is at an all-time high, especially crimes against women. This sets the manga up to be extremely dark; however it has space for an aspect many of us are here for: romance. With an interesting mix of several themes, you may be looking for something similar, which brings you to this list. These are 6 manga which should satisfy the craving for more Tokyo Crazy Paradise after you finish all 111 chapters – so let’s get on it, 6 manga like Tokyo Crazy Paradise.

Similar Manga to Tokyo Crazy Paradise

1. Grand Sun

  • Mangaka: Emura
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 17
  • Published: 2007

After Japan’s law enforcement quality drops to a low the nation has never before experienced, many criminals have become opportunists and often kidnap the rich and famous in order to gain. This often goes unmitigated and so people have hired bodyguards to keep constant surveillance on their movements and interactions. Schools have been opened with the end goal of training skilled bodyguards and vigilante groups consisting of highly trained individuals handle law enforcement. Asahi is hired as a bodyguard for the heir of the rich Kisaragi family; however, she finds herself mismatched as her person of interest is cold and unsociable while she is compassionate. Can romance bloom here?

Grand Sun’s similarities to Tokyo Crazy Paradise are outright and they are at first glance very similar shows. This is due to the presence of the same plot devices and themes present in both of them. Naturally, both of them are Shoujo romance manga, which then open up the idea of romance between the two main characters. In both manga, the protagonist is a female bodyguard protecting her male person of interest who is standoffish and cold.

2. Hana no Kishi (Knight of Flower)

  • Mangaka: Nishikata Mai
  • Genres: Romance, School, Shoujo, Gender Bender
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: 2010 – 2011

Kurono Ran’s older brother was killed while protecting Otori Sei, the next head of the elite Otori family. Ever since his death, Ran has dedicated her life to one day becoming the knight of the next head of the Otori family, even if it takes discarding her very womanhood. Her family has served the Otori for generations; however, other knights are fixing their gaze upon knighthood within the Otori family as it would give them undue power. On the other hand, the next head of the family is facing a crisis of her own as her suitability for the title is tested.

Hana no Kishi’s protagonist is similar in occupation to that of Tokyo Crazy Paradise as a bodyguard to the head of a particular family group. In this case, it is Otori Sei as the next head of the Otori family, while in Tokyo Crazy Paradise it is Ryuji, the new head of the Kuryugumi Yakuza group. Both manga deal with romance blossoming between the bodyguard and the person of interest, showing proximity to be a good precursor to romantic feelings.

3. Uwasa no Midori-kun!! (The Rumoured Midori-kun!!)

  • Mangaka: Ikeyamada Go
  • Genres:
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published: August 2006 – August 2008

15-year-old Yamate Midori is what many would call a tomboy. When Hino Tsukasa visits her island on holiday, he teaches her how to play football and she quickly falls in love with the sport. She continues to play it, hoping to meet Tsukasa again one day. They eventually do meet again; however, he does something vile to Midori, earning her wrath. A vengeful Midori wishes to defeat Tsukasa on the football pitch, choosing to enroll at a boys’ high school undercover, under a new identity: Midori-kun.

Diverging from the bodyguard trope we saw in Tokyo Crazy Paradise and other titles on this list, Uwasa no Midori-kun finds its similarity to Tokyo Crazy Paradise in its genderbending. Midori choosing to enrol at an all-boys school with a male identity and play soccer is the same as Tokyo Crazy Paradise’s Tsukasa being raised as a boy and pretending to be male.

Any Manga Like Tokyo Crazy Paradise?

4. Power!! (Girl Got Game)

  • Mangaka: Seino Shizuru
  • Genres: Romance, Shoujo, Sports, Gender Bender
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published: August 1999 – 2002

Aizawa Kyo is excited because she is going to attend Seisyu Academy, a school famous for its fashionable girls’ uniforms. Unfortunately for Kyo, her uniform pack came bearing a boy’s uniform. Her father explains that the school’s basketball program is top-notch and that he wants her to live his dream of becoming an NBA star. To make things worse, Kyo also has to live in the boys’ dorms and she really does not get along with her roommate.

Like Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Power!! features a female protagonist who is forced to live as a male because of her parents’ sentiments. They are hence alike in their genderbending aspect. They also bring in a male character with whom our protagonist barely gets along, if at all. These conditions set the scene for romance in both Tokyo Crazy Paradise and Power!!.

5. Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare (You Are My Captive)

  • Mangaka: Tsuzuki Setsuri
  • Genres: Action, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: October 2007 – June 2011

Tomoe is the heir of the Fushiki Corporation and his father’s youngest child. However, Tomoe is the illegitimate child of the head of the Fushiki Corporation, but he is still the first in line to take over the company once his father no longer assumes that role. Being the heir to a massive company means constant danger as people will attempt to take his life and so his family hires a clumsy, ill-mannered maid to defend Tomoe with everything she’s got!

The biggest similarity between You Are My Captive and Tokyo Crazy Paradise lies in the presentation of female bodyguards for rich male persons of interest. In this manga, the protagonist is the heir to a large corporation while the person of interest in Tokyo Crazy Paradise is next-in-line to head a group involved in organised crime. Both manga come bearing a lot of action given that they involve the protection of an individual from harm and given their statuses, harm comes by their way quite often.

6. Oresama Teacher

  • Mangaka: Izumi Tsubaki
  • Genres: Comedy, School, Shoujo
  • Volumes: TBC
  • Published: July 2005 –

With her parents threatening to disown her, former delinquent Kurosaki Mafuyu begins a new life at Midorigaoka Academy. In addition to having to adapt to her new school, she also has to learn to live on her own as the school dormitories were full upon her arrival. With no real life skills, Mafuyu struggles with a lack of money and her dream of becoming the perfect example of a fashionable high school girl. However, her sense of style is unordinary and she is a magnet for trouble. Things become much worse with her homeroom teacher’s methods spilling over into the realm of the illegal and her first new friend, a delinquent named Hayasaka Kaori.

Much like Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Oresama Teacher draws upon genderbending tropes with Mafuyu often dressing up as a male student going by the name “Natsuo”. Both main characters deal with having a tough financial situation as a result of extenuating circumstances. Another similarity is the incredible fighting ability of both protagonists, as well as their innate sense of justice.

Final Thoughts

With so many different manga out, finding a really good one is a matter of chance, as well as research, especially when there are particular aspects you seek in the work you read. With its Shoujo tropes, genderbending and decent dose of action, Tokyo Crazy Paradise is not by any means unique; however, it is one of quite a few great manga which throw together interesting plot devices to make for a juicy romantic story. Are there other manga you’ve read similar to Tokyo Crazy Paradise? Drop a comment below and tell us all about your crazy paradise away from Tokyo Crazy Paradise!

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