6 Manga Like Trinity Blood [Recommendations]

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900 years after the Armageddon, and the war between Vampires and Humans. The war ended with losses on both sides, and a cold war that has lasted for generations. The Methuselahs –as Vampires named themselves – are still attacking Terrans –as they call humans-, so the Roman Catholic Church has become a superpower in order to protect what remains of humanity. While the Terran capital is in the Vatican, the Methuselah live in Byzantium, that is surrounded by a field that filters out solar light. Sister Esther Blanchet is an agent of the Church, and she’s paired up with Father Abel Nightroad in a delicate mission to help humanity. Problem is, Abel is not quite human.

Trinity Blood is one complicated franchise to talk about. It began as a series of Light Novels, that were later adapted into anime and manga, written by Sunao Yoshida ( 1969 -2004), and Kentaro Yasui after Yoshida’s untimely passing; with slight differences between the three universes. The manga, drawn and adapted by Kiyo Kyujyo, became widely popular thanks to the amazing and detailed art that, frankly, made everything look like if it had come out of a baroque painting. And after 12 volumes of gorgeous art and complex intrigue, it’s normal to wish for something similar, especially if we know that there will never be more Trinity Blood for our pleasure.

Because of this, we gave ourselves the task of finding six great manga that you will love if you enjoyed Trinity Blood.

Similar Manga to Trinity Blood

1. Yougen no Chi (Yougen’s Blood)

  • Mangaka: Akayoshi, Junichirou
  • Genre: Action, Demons, Drama, Horror, Vampire, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 4
  • Published Date: 2001 – 2004 (Hiatus)

Ryuunosuke tries not to complain about his lot in life. Despite being descendant of an old and very powerful family, he was thrown out of his home and left to live like a researcher, doing terrible experiments in the name of curing disease and staying alive. However, his life changes completely when he comes into possession of a vampire doll that comes to life thanks to his blood. Not long after that, he also ends up taking care of a meat-eating girl with a mysterious past. And together, they help him to control the hunger that lurks within his own blood, and help him as he stars questioning the results of their work.

Yougen no Chi is a very intriguing manga that has a very curious and unique view of vampirism. If science so advanced that could be seen as magic was your favorite part of Trinity Blood, you are going to love Yougen no Chi. However, this is not the only similarity. Both series also have a lot of similar questions about what it means to be human, what makes a monster. It also has very stylized art, so if your personal taste runs towards goreish scenes, this is the manga for you.

2. Meteor Methuselah (Immortal Rain)

  • Mangaka: Ozaki Kaori
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance Shoujo
  • Volumes: 11
  • Published Date: 1999 - 2011

Machika Balfatin is a young assassin who has sworn to get the one bounty her grandfather wasn’t able to: the head of a man rumored to be immortal, named Methuselah. However, once she actually finds him, she discovers that he is not as the legends said, but instead a kind, young-looking man named Rain Jewlitt. Rain, for his part, doesn’t want to be immortal, and is actually looking for the man who cursed him with such a long life. Intrigued, Machika decides to follow him, and together they face those who still are trying to get Rain’s secret for themselves.

Meteor Methuselah revolves around the mystery of Methuselah’s immortality, as well as the secrets behind the beings called Angels. But, just as Trinity Blood focuses a lot on the friendship between Esther and Abel, Meteor Methuselah takes the relationship between Machika and Rain a step further, and that’s the real star of the story, as this is a shoujo. It also has some amazing art, and enough intrigue to keep you hooked even if romance isn’t your number one priority.

3. Illegal Rare

  • Mangaka: Shiibashi, Hiroshi
  • Genre: Action, Mystery, Fantasy, Shounen
  • Volumes: 4
  • Published Date: 2014- 2014

In a world where Supernatural beings are not the threat, but the endangered species, an organization has been created to protect these “rares” and let them live their lives in peace, away from the hunters who have killed most of their kin. The Black Vampyr King AxL is the leader of this organization, and also the last one of his own kind. Unfortunately for him, he can’t protect the other supernaturals alone. This is why he created the Illegal Rare Counter-Protection Unit, with the help of others like himself.

In many senses, Illegal Rare can be seen as the opposite of the story that Trinity Blood gives us. It’s still a fight between humans and supernatural creatures that don’t hide what they are from normal people. It also gives us a chilling view of what it’s like to be the last of their kind, and how that can affect someone’s personality , as well as a good dose of mystery and action as we follow the Illegal Rare Counter-Protection Unit in their missions. If supernatural action was what you liked in Trinity Blood, you are going to love Illegal Rare

Any Manga Like Trinity Blood?

4. Blood Soul

  • Mangaka: Fujisawa, Naoyuki
  • Genre: Vampires, Shounen
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: 2010 - 2010

The Church of Van Helsing has taken over the world by exterminating anyone that has been deemed “impure” or “demonic” under the pretense of defending humanity. If at this point you are thinking that there’s no way this can’t end up in a very corrupted state where the higher authorities of the church would take advantage of this to get rid of your enemies, you are absolutely right. Red, Ash, and Haruka are rebels who are trying to take down the Church leader, Azure. And they can’t give themselves the chance to hesitate, given how it all started when Azure tried to kill Red in the very headquarters of the church.

Unlike other manga in this list, Blood Soul is incredibly short. But precisely for that, Naoyuki doesn’t use fillers nor tries to make arcs longer than they need to be. It’s a very satisfying read, as all the questions that the first chapters make, are answered by the last and we’re not left hanging. If what you loved from Trinity Blood were the fights between humans and vampires, but weren’t that happy with the power that the Church had, then Blood Soul is precisely for you.

5. Vampire Princess Miyu (Kyuuketsuhime Miyu)

  • Mangaka: Kakinouchi Narumi
  • Genre: Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Shoujo, Vampire, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published Date: 1989- 2002

Shinma are very dangerous demons, who feed on human souls and blood. They latch onto their victims and don’t let them go until they’re completely dead. The only one who can punish those Shinma and send them back to the darkness is Miyu, a true vampire, who hunts them with the help of her enslaved shinma companion, the masked Larva. She also feeds on humans, but unlike her evil prey, she gives them the chance to live the rest of their lives in their happy world, after receiving her bite.

A perfect example of “Our vampires are different”, and one of the most emblematic supernatural horror manga from the late eighties, Vampire Princess Miyu has ethereal art and a very complex story, as we learn with Miyu about her mission, the Shinma, and more importantly, about the loneliness that every immortal has to face. Like Abel, Miyu is not quite the last of her kind, but the only one who sides with humanity. So both are lonely, and both have companions that don’t quite share their same burden. And thus, if you loved Trinity Blood, we are sure you will love Vampire Princess Miyu.

6. Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no Juunin)

  • Mangaka: Samura Hiroaki
  • Genre: Action, adventure, Drama, Historical, Martial Arts, Samurai, Seinen
  • Volumes: 30
  • Published Date: 1993 – 2012

Immortality has never been a blessing, at least not for Manji, a swordsman who just can’t die. Without any skills other than martial arts, he decides to follow a legend to regain his mortality: He will hunt and kill a hundred evil men for every single good life he took. On his journey looking for death, he crosses paths with a young girl named Rin who is trying to avenge her family, all of them killed by members of a particularly vicious sword school. Together, they will face many enemies, as Manji tries to make Rin understand that revenge is not the best way to spend a short life, and Rin makes Manji realize that there’s more to his life than just searching for death.

Blade of the Immortal is a gorgeous manga. Hiroaki Samura’s art is breathtaking, not in the detailed and ethereal way that Kyujyo’s art is, but in a strong, almost sketched-out way. Every shot is dynamic, and the narrative is a rollercoaster of emotion. And just like Trinity Blood, at the end, the main focus is what does an immortal do with their life once they realize that they can’t die? Both Abel and Manji could be called protectors of humanity, but as both stories advance –in particular the Blade of the Immortal manga, which is longer than the anime adaptation- we see that it’s not as simple as “I realized killing people was wrong, I want to atone”. If you love long stories, full of action, that will challenge you as a reader by asking hard questions, Blade of the Immortal is just for you.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, most of these manga deal with a very interesting question and it is “What do you do with immortality, once you find yourself bored with it”. The others also ask “what do you do with absolute power?” and unfortunately, humans on these mangas show that corruption begins not with something supernatural, but with the very human greed for more power. This makes every single one of the manga in our list an interesting exercise on seeing how each author answers those questions in a different and unique way.

So the question here is simple: Which answer do you prefer? Of this list, which one is your favorite manga if you have already read them? Or, if you haven’t read them all, which one draws your attention most? Please let us know in the comments below, and in the meantime, we can assure you that every one of them will be able to fill a little bit of the Trinity Blood shaped hole in your reading schedule.

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