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It was 1999 when Demon Diary began its serialization, and step by step, it became popular thanks to an interesting plot, and hints of BL between the two main protagonists. In a world where gods and demons face a never ending battle, Raenef V is the heir of the demon royalty. Not only that, Raenef could also be the one able to restore harmony between gods and demons. The problem is that he isn't ready to become the next Demon Lord just yet. Therefore, the demon king chooses a tutor for him: Eclipse, a powerful demon with the important duty of making Raenef a proper, full-fledged demon. Raenef and Eclipse begin their journey together, meeting other comrades along the way, and trying to put an end to the everlasting battle between gods and demons.

If you enjoyed reading Demon Diary, then we are pretty sure you're left craving for more. The purpose of this list is to mention six other manhwa similar to it, in one way or the other. Stick with us until the end, to discover six stories that share with Demon Diary some important trait, and the same good vibes!

Similar Manhwa to Mawang Ilgi / Similar Manhwa to Demon Diary

1. Royal Servant

  • Mangaka: MasterGin (story), Chungnyun (art)
  • Genres: Drama, Supernatural, Slice of life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 67 chapters
  • Published: July 2016 – ongoing

The Royal Blood are the aristocrats who are noble by births. Their lifespan is longer than normal, and they wield mystic powers. Every member of this cast can choose servants, mark them, and control their movements. Lucaon Selvior is a Royal Blood, the only member – and the head – of the Selvior family. Kyon is a boy who lost both his parents, and decides to work as a butler in the Selvior's mansion. With only one glance at Lucaon, Kyon immediately recalls something about his past, even though he has only hazy memories. Lucaon, though, is spiteful, mean, and cynical: almost impossible to approach. How will Kyon's life turn out, when he falls in love with his master?

Royal Servant and Demon Diary share the main concept of otherworldly creatures wreaking havoc for supremacy. Kyon and Raenef share a somewhat similar personality, not to mention their cuteness. At the same time, Lucaon and Eclipse's feelings toward their counterpart develops throughout the series. Initially, both Lucaon and Eclipse are annoyed and exasperated by Kyon and Raenef; step by step, though, they grow fond of them. The main difference is that Demon Diary stays within the limits of shoujo/shounen-ai, while Royal Servant is a full-fledged yaoi!

2. H&H Roman Company

  • Mangaka: Mum
  • Genres: Comedy, Action, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 52 chapters
  • Published: October 2016 – April 2018

H&H Roman Company revolves around angels and devils, and their deeds. With human civilization developing, the need for God and angels drastically decreased. This caused the rate of unemployment to rise, and God had to find a solution to solve the crisis. That's how he created a company able to decrease unemployment in both, Heaven and Hell, the H&H Roman Company. Protagonists of this story are two childhood friends, Ginger and Rum, two devils secretly in love with each other!

Even if by the premises these two manhwa may seem very different, they actually share a lot. Firstly, because in both Demon Diary and H&H Roman Company the plot revolves around demons/devils; secondly, because both these works are full of gags, so they share the same funny vibes. If you enjoyed Demon Diary for the comedy parts and the strong bond between Raenef and Eclipse, H&H Roman Company won't fail you!

3. Blood Bank

  • Mangaka: Silb
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 61 chapters
  • Published: September 2016 – April 2017

Blood Banks are those places where vampires go to buy human blood. Shell is a vampire in charge of the bank where One – a human banker – works, and so the two of them keep meeting. At a first glance, Shell looks like your typical rich, spoiled young master, but he is actually on the opposite side of what he seems. In fact, falling in love with One will be the starting point for his true nature to pop up. One, on the other hand, will have to reconsider his opinions about Shell, and vampires. Facing numerous hardships, their relationship will deepen... but will it be enough for them to remain together?

Demon Diary and Blood Bank are both supernatural manhwa involving otherworldly creatures, and an everlasting battle – the difference is that Demon Diary features gods and demons, while Blood Bank humans and vampires. Both the couples are similar: Shell is easy-going, cute and sweet, just like Raenef; One, similarly to Eclipse, is easily annoyed by Shell's behavior, but later on he comes to like him. Both the couples begin a journey to discover important details about their past, and both will come to know numerous people that will help them, or hinder them. All in all, you can consider Blood Bank as the yaoi, and more dramatic version of Demon Diary!

Any Manhwa Like Demon Diary / Any Manhwa Like Mawang Ilgi ?

4. Prince Bari

  • Mangaka: Solanine (Story) Maki (Art)
  • Genres: Supernatural, Shounen-ai
  • Volumes: 49 chapters
  • Published: 2016 – ongoing

Prince Bari revolves around Yohan, a famous and popular shaman whose lazy spirit took the form of a boy – Donga. One day, a strange client – Yoonsung Baek – appears before his eyes, together with a spirit following him around. At first, the client doesn't want to admit that he sees the spirit; later on, he asks Yohan to find a way to get rid of it. The spirit, named Chunho, is a mischievous one causing a lot of trouble. Yohan's life as a shaman is turned upside down!

Both Demon Diary and Prince Bari are shounen-ai manhwa, featuring supernatural elements. Even though the plot may differ, what these two works share is the comedy trait making them lighthearted readings when you just want to relax, yet with a solid plot which is very captivating. What's more, the relationship between the two main characters build up step by step, slowly but surely, to give the readers unforgettable moments of sweetness! Pick Prince Bari, it gives off the same good vibes as Demon Diary!

5. To Take An Enemy's Heart

  • Mangaka: Yusa
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 9
  • Published: 2014 – 2016

In order to avenge his family, the bloody tyrant Igen massacred the Azukun clan. Kasan, the only survivor, becomes Igen's bath servant, and day after day the two of them get to know each other better. While they begin to develop a deeper feeling, Kasan still doesn't know that Igen was the one who orchestrated his family's massacre. At the same time, he doesn't know that his father betrayed Igen's family years prior. Both of them will be lured into the enemy's heart, only to discover a bloody past full of betrayals and revenge...

Even if it's true that To Take An Enemy's Heart lacks the supernatural element altogether, it's actually true that these two manhwa share some similarities anyway. In fact, both Raenef and Igen share a difficult past that pops up eventually, with consequences. Raenef shares similarities with Kasan, too, what with their cute personalities and the way they interact with others. Even if not actually a demon, Igen can act like one, and exactly like Eclipse, he is initially reluctant toward Kasan; yet, their relationship will build up in a slow-paced manner, just like the one between Raenef and Eclipse. If you want to read something similar to Demon Diary, but with a darker atmosphere, To Take An Enemy's Heart is a must-read!

6. I'm Yours, Blood and Soul

  • Mangaka: GyaGa
  • Genres: Adult, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 24 chapters
  • Published: March 2018 – September 2018

Bokhee is a vampire who likes clubbing in the night, and find casual partners to share some love. As a vampire, though, he doesn't merely look for sex: he craves his meal, meaning that he needs blood from a living human. One night, after a wild night of sex after clubbing, when he is about to have his meal, he realizes that he hooked up with an undead demon – his name is Mariam. What happens when a demon and a vampire start a relationship, though?

Demon Diary and I'm Yours, Blood and Soul share supernatural elements, and both feature demons. The plot is different, but the main protagonists are strangely similar: Raenef and Mariam are both cute and easy-going, while Eclipse and Bokhee in the beginning appear to be almost cynical and selfish. You can consider I'm Yours, Blood and Soul as the hardcore version of Demon Diary; if you enjoyed the shounen-ai sub-plot, but wished to see more, I'm Yours, Blood and Soul will leave you satisfied!

Final Thoughts

I'm Yours, Blood and Soul put an end to our list of six manhwa like Demon Diary. We really hope you enjoyed it, and found it useful somehow. Finding shounen-ai manhwa with the same themes as Demon Diary proved to be a hard task, yet we tried to mention all those sharing with it the main supernatural trait, a non-conventional romance full of hardships, and even comedy parts. Now it's your turn: don't forget to let us know what you think in the comments below, and what other manhwa could have fit this list. See you next time!

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