6 Manhwa Like The Breaker [Recommendations]

One of the most enjoyable genres of manhwa out there are the butt kicking ones. By butt kicking we mean of course the beloved genre known as martial arts. Seeing a warrior duke it out against others for honor, pride and or to show their growth is just really fun and exciting. Add to this that most manhwaga—and artists—know not only how to make a martial arts manhwa beautiful in terms of art as well as narrative and you ultimately end up with one heck of a good manhwa read. However, there is one martial arts manhwa that stands out against the rest and that series is known as The Breaker.

The Breaker was created by manhwaga Jeon Geuk-jin alongside artist Park Jin-Hwan and easily one of the most enjoyable works we’ve ever read here at Honey’s Anime. Not only did the first story for The Breaker last 10 volumes but it even had a sequel called The Breaker: New Waves which would end after 20 volumes! It just goes to show you that The Breaker was a popular series and we weren’t alone in enjoying it. While a 3rd series for The Breaker is apparently very possible as the author once stated they wanted to do a third part, they also went to work on a new series meaning The Breaker’s story will be on a hiatus for a while. Though if you want to read some similar manhwa while you wait, that’s the idea of today’s article! Welcome to our 6 Manhwa Like The Breaker recommendation list! Don’t worry, here’s some quality series to enjoy so you don’t lose your mind waiting for more The Breaker.

Similar Manga to The Breaker

1. Girls of the Wild’s

  • Authors: Hun- Kim, Hye-Jin
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, School, Harem
  • Volumes: 260 Chapters
  • Published: Aug, 2011- Oct, 2016

There’s a school known for training powerful female students in numerous forms of martial arts. This school named Wild’s High has been around for 42 years honing females and allowing them to take place in the biggest nationalized fight known as The Wild’s League. However, this year things are going to change in a big way. Instead of being an all-female school, Wilds High is about to take in Jae Gu Song as the sole male student. While this might seem like a blessing to be surrounded by nothing but girls, Jae Gu Song is about to anger one of these beautiful ladies named In Gyi Yoon who also goes by the name Queen and is recognized as one of the strongest warriors at the school…

The Breaker series has shown a bevy of powerful warriors that were of the female persuasion but Girls of the Wild’s is basically centered on girls being tougher than the guys in the story. While our main protagonist might be Jae Gu Song, he mirrors The Breaker’s main lead—Shi-Woon Yi—as both start off their stories as weak individuals. Girls of the Wild’s shows readers girls can be powerful martial artists too and proves it within a narrative that is both action heavy and visually appealing. Liked The Breaker but needed more tough girls to love? Then we recommend Girls of the Wild’s by manhwaga Hun and artist Kim Hye-Jin.


  • Authors: Meen- Baek, Seung Hoon
  • Genres: Action, Drama, School
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published: Dec, 2012- Feb, 2014

Hyuk Kang has recently entered into a school seeking revenge for what happened to his brother Hu Kang. At school, Hu Kang was constantly abused and bullied causing his death. Now with his family in shambles, Hyuk Kang is aiming to do one thing and only one thing. With his fists, Hyuk Kang wishes to take down the delinquents that hurt his brother. Though how far will Hyuk Kang will go?

Dokgo by manhwaga Meen is 6 volumes of high octane fights and drama. Unlike The Breaker, Dokgo’s main hero starts off strong already and just gets stronger as the series progresses. Though we compare Dokgo with The Breaker because both stories are action heavy with an emphasis on martial arts and drama in equal measure. Dokgo might not be the most original narrative, but we loved it as Meen truly captures your emotions and makes you want revenge yourself for those who harmed Hu Kang. Dokgo is a great series and we know fans of The Breaker will agree with us recommending it!

3. Player Kill

  • Authors: Lee, Jong-Kyu- Park, Chul-Ho
  • Genres: Action, Martial Arts, Shounen
  • Volumes: 33
  • Published: 2001

When his teacher died, Yonggi swore to never fight again. However, that hasn’t stopped Yonggi’s sense of morals and his heroism. When someone is in need of help, Yonggi will still lend aid just without using his full power. Things change though when Yonggi is forced to enter the illegal world of prize fighting. In this world, Yonggi’s principles are going to be tested as holding back might end badly…

Player Kill might be one of the older manhwa on our list of 6 Manhwa Like The Breaker, but as we’ve proven many times before, older series can be just as impressive as the newer ones. We not only love the action and martial arts in Player Kill but equally we love the story as well. Player Kill reminds us of some of older shounen stories and that makes us love it even more. Player Kill also was insanely popular when it released way back when standing at 33 volumes! Thus, get on Player Kill if you love good long lasting manhwa just like The Breaker.

Any Manga Like The Breaker ?

4. Zen Martial Arts Academy

  • Authors: Kim, Jun Hyeong- Taibogi
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Martial Arts, School
  • Volumes: 4
  • Published: 2010

The inner power of Zen is famous in the martial arts world for being what gives a warrior strength. How much Zen a person has within differs from person to person but ultimately is found in most who considers themselves warriors. Mingyum wishes to be the best fighter in the world but has absolutely no Zen inside of his body. However, that doesn’t stop Mingyum from trying to save a girl who is surrounded by guys who all have Zen. Though he gets beat up, the girl who Mingyum tried to save approaches hum and claims he’s her fiancé! What’s in store next for Mingyum!?

One of the less known manhwa called Zen Martial Arts Academy might not be as realistic as The Breaker but don’t think for a moment it isn’t as enjoyable. Watching Mingyum battle others and slowly get stronger might not be the most creative story but thanks to solid art—with some ecchi mixed in—and a slew of cool characters, Zen Martial Arts Academy is truly a treat to read. Now go check out Zen Martial Arts Academy if you liked The Breaker and need a similar story to it. We do wonder who would win a fight with one another, Mingyum or Shi-Woon Yi?

5. Fist of Legend (Legendary Fist)

  • Authors: Lee, Jong-Kyu- Lee, Yoon-Kyoon
  • Genres: Action, Drama, Martial Arts, Sports
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published: Dec, 2010- Dec, 2011

Lim Duk Gue isn’t going to win any father of the year awards. As someone who has endured a divorce and is basically out of money, Lim just makes due by working at a construction site. One day though someone asks Lim to take part in a new TV program called Fist of Legend where older men fight one another for pride, honor and fame. Lim, at first, turns down the offer immediately as he doesn’t want to participate in any weird show like Fist of Legend. However, due to his daughter getting involved in some rather dangerous things, Lim is forced to enter Fist of Legend and earn enough money to keep his daughter in school. Can this down on his luck father truly rise back up once more?

Martial arts manhwa about those starting from nothing and rising back up are some of the most enjoyable stories to read in the manhwa world. In many ways these types of manhwa are comparable to shounen manga as they just explore growth and show to never give up. This theme is shown obviously in The Breaker but also in the manhwa known as Fist of Legend. Created by manhwaga Lee Jong-Kyu and Lee Yoon-Kyoon, Fist of Legend might be short—as it’s only 2 volumes long—but it’s chock full of intense fighting and a gripping story. Needless to say, if you fancied The Breaker then you’re going to like Fist of Legend.

6. Dear Boy

  • Authors: Sgt.
  • Genres: Action, Drama, School
  • Volumes: 75 Chapters
  • Published: Dec, 2014- Jul, 2016

Dear Boy by manhwaga Sgt. tells the story of a young man named Yongju who has been bullied non-stop. No matter what Yongju does, the bullying doesn’t stop leading him to think of a plan to stop it. Unfortunately, Yongju’s plans backfire and causes something terrible to transpire. That’s why Yong Jin—brother to Yongju—steps in to get revenge. What will Yong Jin do to those who caused his brother so much torment?

Dear Boy by manhwaga Sgt. is very similar to both Dokgo and The Breaker, which makes it a nice wrap up for our 6 Manhwa Like The Breaker List. Dear Boy is a truly drama filled story with a bit more realism than Dokgo but the same amount of action and epicness found in The Breaker. Manhwaga Sgt. amazed us with Dear Boy as not only was the story excellent, but the art was just as incredible and make this manhwa a story you don’t want to miss out on. We can’t recommend Dear Boy any harder folks. You’re going to want to check out this story if you loved The Breaker but want a bit more of a realistic tale.

Final Thoughts

The Breaker was a roller coaster ride of martial arts, drama and some romance to boot. Though as good as The Breaker was, there are a plethora of other manhwa out there that will appeal to you if you liked what it did so well. That’s why we strongly suggest checking out some of the manhwa above as the manhwaga did an excellent job creating some truly amazing series themselves. Have you read any of the manhwa series above? Let us know in the comments down below and share your opinion on them! For more recommendation lists for manhwa, manga and or anime, be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

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