6 Manhwa Like The Bride of the Water God [Recommendations]

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Warning: Some of the content in this manhwa is not suitable for youngsters. If you are a minor, you can choose another of our articles instead.

Imagine being chosen to become a human sacrifice! Many societies in the past did this to please the gods, especially if they wanted good crops and the like. However, Soah does not die. Instead, she becomes the bride of a handsome God. Of course, Habaek at first is not particularly enthusiastic about her, but just give him some time. With the right amount of epicness, romance and a little bit of confusion and comedy, The Bride of The Water God captures attention from its very first illustrations. Mi Kyung Yoon surely knows how to draw the most exquisite ladies and gentlemen in the most beautiful outfits! But wait, there have been several manhwa that tell us epic tales of love in exotic settings like The Bride of The Water God. Let’s review a few of them in this article!

Similar Manga to The Bride of The Water God

1. The Red Soul

  • Authors: Jong Kyu Lee and Jae Sin Kang
  • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Seinen
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published: Apr 15, 2008 to Present

Jong Kyu Lee has some experience writing for seinen manhwa, particularly in the heroic and epic department. As for Jae Sin Kang, he illustrated another fantasy manhwa before working in The Red Soul. This story imagines the gods as cruel creatures. When a girl is offered in sacrifice to the wind god, a tribe leader called Kiron goes on a journey to try to save her, defying the gods’ will.

Did anyone mention a human sacrifice? Yes, The Red Soul and The Bride of The Water God start in a similar fashion. For a seinen manhwa, this one is full of detail and pretty shots, which of course, reminds us of the style of Mi Kyung Soon. Fantasy, romance and a bit of comedy and confusion. What else can you ask for? The main difference between the stories is that the gods are more merciful and relaxed in The Bride of the Water God. The only bad thing about The Red Soul is that it is not finished yet 🙁

2. Bride

  • Authors: Aivan
  • Genres: Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: 2010

Bride was the debut work of Aivan, who only has another work under their talented manhwaka sleeve. The story was published in Sunaebo, a collection of one shot manhwa by several authors. Bride tells us the story of Sou, a 20 year old divorcee who can not have babies. She is married a second time to a 16 year old. This guy is the son of a prestigious family, but he has always had a weak health, so it is up to question how long will such a strange marriage last. It is even more mysterious if such a love will be happy or tragic...

If what you liked about The Bride of The Water God was the superb illustrations, you have to give a look to Bride. The protagonists are forced into marriages and end up paired with minors. There is also a bit of drama in their interactions. The main difference is that Bride is way shorter than The Bride of the Water God, but if you are in the mood for a quick read, this manhwa is perfect.

3. Land of Silver Rain

  • Authors: Mira Lee
  • Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: 2004 to 2007

Mira Lee only has another manhwa under her name. In Land of Silver Rain, we meet Misty Rain, who was abandoned in a cabbage patch. A witch raises her among the Dokebi, a race of magical people according to Korean myths. However, when she loses the trust of the witch, she is cast away to the human world. Now Misty Rain will have to learn to survive among those who abandoned her in the first place.

The mythical world in which Soah lives with Habaek is one of the most fascinating points in The Bride of The Water World. We always want more and more of it, right? You will get similar vibes from the place where the Dokebi live in Land of Silver Rain. We also have a human protagonist and supernatural beings in both manhwa. The main difference is that Soah and company are a bit more mature. Therefore, if you wonder how would a more lightheaded Bride of the Water God look and act, look no further. Read Land of Silver Rain!

Any Manga Like The Bride of The Water God ?

4. Evyione

  • Authors: Young Hee Kim
  • Genres: Romance
  • Volumes: 12
  • Published: 2007 to 2013

Young Hee Kim has several stories about romance in historical environments, or that are inspired in folk tales or legends. In Evyione, she reimagines the tale of the Little Mermaid with the gender roles reversed. King Laedonti falls in love with the human princess Evyione, so he leaves his life under the sea to try to conquer her. Of course that he will have many obstacles!

Did anyone say they wanted to read a romantic fantasy? Evyione might not be set in an Asian country, but it has all the charm of a fairy tale, just like The Bride of The Water God. There are intrigues in both stories, and many characters are treated with depth and mystery. The protagonists, although pretty, cannot be considered very bright, as they are not aware that their male counterparts are hiding something. Plus, the female “evil” characters are superb… and did we mention the awesome and detailed illustrations? If you are into fairy tales for adults, you cannot miss Evyione!

5. Crazy Girl Shin Bia Ah

  • Authors: Mi Ri Hwang
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Harem, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 19
  • Published: 2008

Mi Ri Hwang is probably the most famous manhwaga among the ones we are reviewing in this article. With around a hundred works under her sleeve, she is the right person to tell us a story about romance rooted in Korean traditions. Crazy Girl Shin Bia Ah starts with a high school student called Shin Bia who travels to an ancient time period. Tough and lazy, she will have to adapt in order to survive in this era!

If what you liked about The Bride of The Water God was that the female lead moved out to a different world and became the bride of a, well, god… we have the same premise in Shin Bia’s story. The male leads have interesting personalities and are clouded in mystery, which only add points to their attractiveness. Both manhwa have elaborated plots and some unexpected twists. And well, the rich detail of clothes and environments is simply superb.

6. Masca: The Tale of the Great Mage of Hessed

  • Authors: Young Hee Kim
  • Genres: Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 12
  • Published: 1997 to 2004

For the grand finale, we could not resist mentioning another work by Young Hee Kim. It is probably her most famous manhwa, as she released a prequel and a sequel after it. Anyway, the action of Masca happens in the Devil’s Castle. Our protagonist is Asarella, who is bound in a blood pact with the Devil himself. However, an apocalyptic battle is coming. Add to this a love triangle and we are set to an epic tale of romance and tragedy.

Ok, so maybe this is not your conventional marriage, but the fantasy and romance are strong in both Masca and The Bride of the Water God. Both protagonists are rather naive, but they encounter male counterparts that are far from what they expected at the beginning. The manhwa are drawn with care and full of details. However, if you like more rounded and softer characters, you might like The Bride of The Water God better. Masca is what you would get of the same characters but in an even more adult and sexier setting. So, if you want a darker Water God, you now know which manhwa to read!

Final Thoughts

Modern fantasy feeds from folk legends, fairy tales and old traditions that have not been lost. Close to history but with ample room for creativity, manhwa like The Bride of the Water God take us to different worlds and situations full of uncertainty but also, with romance waiting in a hidden corner. What other manhwa like The Bride of the Water God have you read? Do not forget that we are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

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