Just Because! - Fall 2017

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justbecauseSentaicapture-300x179 Just Because! - Fall 2017

justbecauseSentaicapture-300x179 Just Because! - Fall 2017

Just Because!

Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Airing Date:
October 5, 2017


Honey’s Highlights

justbecauseSentaicapture-300x179 Just Because! - Fall 2017
Is it me, or does this scream Orange to anyone? Everyone seems a little younger, but the slghtly forced dramatic romance feels as if it is there.
justbecauseSentaicapture-300x179 Just Because! - Fall 2017
Now that you mention it, I was going to say this is looking just like another Tsuki ga Kirei.
justbecauseSentaicapture-300x179 Just Because! - Fall 2017
I think I have a cavity from seeing how sweet this show looks. Ugh. Do you think it is going to go that cookie cutter romance path?
justbecauseSentaicapture-300x179 Just Because! - Fall 2017
This is all about the high school students who are about to graduate high school and then a transfer student appears. It's a trope in Shoujo. It is an original anime, but with this setup, we know what is going to happen.

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justbecauseSentaicapture-300x179 Just Because! - Fall 2017

Key Visual

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Winter, the third year of high school. Not long until high-school life is over. Everyone thought that at this rate, they would graduate somehow. That was, until he came back home… A boy from the same school year who had moved to a faraway town in middle school.

Their reunion, due to his off-season school transfer, signals the start of something small for their feelings, which were beginning to end ‘somehow.’

Characters & Voice Actors List

Ena Komiya

Voice Actor: Lynn

A second-year student and member of the photography club, which only has three members and is about to be disbanded. She happens to witness Eita and Haruto’s reunion when trying to shoot her best photograph yet, in an attempt to make a comeback in a competition and revive the club.

Eita Izumi

Voice Actor: Aoi Ichikawa

An off-season transfer student that has moved back to this town after four years away. He was best friends with Haruto in middle school, but they lost all contact once he moved away. When he transfers to his new high school, he is reunited with his old-time friend.

Mio Natsume

Voice Actor: Karin Isobe

A classmate of Eita and Haruto from middle school. Now, she’s studying hard for her university entrance exams. She still has the same one-sided crush as when she was in middle school.

Hazuki Morikawa

Voice Actor: Yuna Yoshino

A former wind instrument club member who has already got into a university by referral. His family home has been a farm since his grandmother’s generation. He doesn’t stand out in class and had no interest in romance… Or so he thought.

Haruto Souma

Voice Actor: Taishi Murata

A third-year student and former baseball club member who has decided to start working once he graduates high school. Even after retiring from the club, he still comes to the grounds and swings a bat around. He has someone who he wants to confess his feelings to once he hits the home run he was unable to at the summer tournament.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: over and over by Nagi Yanagi
  • Ending Song: behind by Ena Komiya (Lynn), Mio Natsume (Karin Isobe), Hazuki Morikawa (Yuna Yoshino)

Main Staff
  • Director: Atsushi Kobayashi
  • Script: Hajime Kamoshida
  • Series Composition: Hajime Kamoshida
  • Character Design: Hiroyuki Yoshii
  • Original Illustrator: Kiseki Himura
  • Music: Nagi Yanagi

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