A Century! – 100 Episodes of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Boku-noHero-Academia-Movie-World-Heroes-Mission-My-Hero-Academia-700x394 A Century! – 100 Episodes of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Very recently, Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) Season 5 aired the episode that is the series’ 100th overall! After the drawn-out training arc that ran for the first part of this season, we’re finally getting right back into the action and intensity of the main storyline, while also celebrating Boku no Hero Academia’s achievement in having 100 episodes air. So, how was the 100th episode, and where does it leave us when it comes to shifting into the storyline? Read more to find out!

Episode 100

The 100th episode of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) begins in the aftermath of the fifth and final team battle training match, with both sets of students looking back on their own performances. After a quick debrief, focus shifts to Deku’s individual training with Bakugo, the objective being getting Deku to be more comfortable with the second Quirk that has manifested within him: Blackwhip. Bakugo is fully in the know about the origin of Deku’s abilities and is now committed to helping him achieve his potential, albeit for his own reasons. At this point, Deku is still unable to use his new power. Later that night, classes 1-A and 1-B get together at the dorms for a little social gathering.

The next day, Midoriya and Monoma Neito (Hero Name: Phantom Thief; Quirk: Copy) are summoned by Aizawa to visit Togata Mirio (Hero Name: Lemillion; Quirk: Permeation) and Eri (Quirk: Rewind). Aizawa intends to help Eri learn how to use her ability by having Monoma copy it and teach her how to use it, but this plan fails. Meanwhile, Bakugo and Todoroki face their final assessment in their pursuit to get their provisional hero licenses. Their test is off-screened. We’re then shown the entrance of a band of criminals sweeping through the city by means of some kind of water manipulation Quirk. As people’s belongings are stolen from them, we hear All Might’s voice as he notices the carnage unfold. Bakugo immediately decides he’s going to intervene, and Shoto calmly adds that they’ll fight on the retired hero’s behalf as the camera shows us a closeup of the provisional license card in Shoto’s hand. This introduces the Bakugo-Todoroki tag-team we’ve been itching to see since the tournament arc in season 2, giving the two new provisional heroes a chance to hop into the fray less than 30 minutes after acing their test.

The two dazzle us with a combination of flashy moves and heroism when the main villain unleashes a barrage of razor-sharp jets of pressurized carbonated water that cut through steel like butter, endangering the civilians present. The former Number 1 Hero, All Might, shows that he’s still got it when he tries to save a civilian from a falling streetlight, but his effort isn’t enough and he has to be helped out by an indignant Bakugo who barks, “If you’re trying to commit suicide, do it somewhere else!” Meanwhile, Todoroki is engaged against the enemy, unleashing a move that is the improved version of the massive explosive attack he unleashed against Midoriya during the tournament arc: the Flashfreeze Heatwave. This devastating attack incinerates a curtain of ice Shoto created out of the water the criminals were producing. The result was a small eruption that immobilized the villain. The outcome? Bakugo and Todoroki managed to stop the bad guys and retrieve all of the stuff they stole – a perfect performance that earned them both high praise, but never mind all that! The animation and soundtrack came together beautifully and a great voice acting performance by Kaji Yuki gave Todoroki’s Borei Neppa (Flashfreeze Heatwave) an epic reintroduction.

Episode 101

We’re thrown right back into the more serious part of the series. The episode begins with the complete destruction of a city. We’re shown a bloodied and naked white-haired man laughing with delight, surrounded by the collapsing landscape of a once-thriving city. This ominous opening served to introduce the new arc, which is centered on the total destruction of Deika City and the resulting carnage that arose from that incident. After that, it’s straight to an interview of Bakugo and Todoroki in the aftermath of their extremely professional take-down of the villains in the previous episode. Bakugo’s aggressive responses juxtaposed with Todoroki’s straightforward and stoic media-friendly responses made for a funny scene; however, we’re perhaps seeing the seeds of Bakugo’s personal growth being sown.

The students of class 1-A are introduced to a special instructor – Mt. Lady, who is there to teach them something about the importance of being able to handle media attention as a hero. A part of this is signature moves, self-introductions, and more. We also finally get to see the fruits of Deku’s training with regards to the Blackwhip Quirk he inherited from one of the vestiges of One For All. It was a comical anti-climax as Deku’s training with Bakugo hasn’t really granted him mastery of the move, but at least he’s capable of summoning wisps of the new power.

Given that this part of the series is set at the end of the year, the young heroes of U.A. High celebrate Christmas and the New Year. In the meantime, Principal Nezu decides to announce the reinstatement of the work studies program because the heroes can’t deal with increased villain activity with their current numbers. Deku finds himself unable to locate a hero to do his work-study assignment with and with Best Jeanist (Quirk: Fibre Master) missing, Bakugo also finds himself unsure of his work-study too; however, Shoto suggests that the two of them all work under Endeavor for the duration of the work-study assignment.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, the 100th and 101st episodes of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) were steps in the direction of the main arc of the 5th season, and we’re beyond excited for what’s going to happen next. With all this movement regarding Deku’s Quirk, Hawks’s double agent assignment and the destruction of Deika City, it seems like we’re in for something epic in this next cour! What did you think of the 100th and 101st episodes of My Hero Academia? Drop a comment below and tell us your thoughts!

Boku-noHero-Academia-Movie-World-Heroes-Mission-My-Hero-Academia-700x394 A Century! – 100 Episodes of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)


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